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This website reminds you to read and understand these Terms of Service, referred to as “this Agreement” in this document. This is a legal agreement between you and our website that regulates your use of our website’s products, services, and all of its features and functionalities, as well as any other linked website or online offering, whether accessed by computer, mobile device, or any other technology, method or means. Please read the copyright, disclaimers, Limitation of Liabilities, Privacy Policy, Usage Rules, Applicable Law, Dispute Resolution, and other portions of this Agreement carefully and thoroughly before using a product or service mentioned in this Agreement.


Using our website, you agree to be governed by the terms outlined in the Agreement. Furthermore, without previous notice to you, our company may amend or update this Agreement at any moment. When new terms and conditions are posted on our website, they become effective immediately. Using our Service, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the revised Agreement. Unless otherwise noted, all future upgrades, modifications, additions, or changes to the Service, as well as any new functions that enhance our services, will be a topic to this Agreement. You have complete control over whether or if you use the Service. Other than in writing and signed through an authorized employee of our organization, this Agreement may not be changed in any way.

Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability

The material on this website is provided “as is,” with no guarantees as to its correctness, reliability, fullness, or appropriateness for any use. The website explicitly disclaims liability about any mistakes and errors, as well as any damage resulting out of or in conjunction with your use, relying on, or action or forbearing to act on every information on this site, even if the website has information of the likelihood of occurrence of such like damages.

This section only applies to the degree permitted by existing legislation. Our website reserves the right to modify and alter this website’s components and suspend or immediately cease the services offered through this website, at any time and without warning. The site is not liable for any damages incurred because of any alteration or change in the contents of this website or as a result of its inability to use it.

Data Protection


Our website may contain links to other websites; however, our company has no control over the content of those websites or the resources they provide. Please read such sites’ terms and privacy policies carefully before using them. Our firm neither endorses nor is aware of the accuracy of any material, service, advertising, information, or products on the linked sites. You agree that our firm is not liable indirectly or directly for any damages or losses instigated by any material, service advertising information, or product available on the linked sites.


The Site’s integrity and security are protected by softwares that we maintain.  However, we cannot promise that the website will be completely secure, comprehensive, or accurate or that access to the Site will be available at all times.

Registration; Usernames and Passwords

One may be notified to create an account and get a password to use certain parts of the Site. Your username or password is strictly for your private usage and, therefore, should be kept a secret. Any abuse or misuse of the username and password is your responsibility. Any unlawful use of your user name, password, or account on the Site must be reported immediately.


You agree to hold our website and company, such as its officials, managers, shareholders, agents, and staff, harmless from any third-party claim or demand emanating from or connected to your use of our firm’s Offer Board or Product Directory. The infringement of property rights or other rights of someone or entity by you or another user of the Offer Board or Product Directory using your computer in violation of these terms and conditions. Our firm holds the right to assume the full defense and total control of any situation that would otherwise be subjected to your indemnity and management at your expense.

Termination and Breach of Contract

Our firm has the authority to determine whether your actions are by the conditions of this contract. Suppose you are found to have violated applicable laws and regulations or failure to comply with any terms and conditions of this Agreement or related rules. In that case, the company and its licensors shall have the right, depending on the severity of your violation, to delete the content in violation, limit, suspend, or terminate your use of our product and Service without notice, and to take other measures that our website deems appropriate. You will also be held accountable for your noncompliance. You must stop using this website after your contract has been canceled.

The Data Policy

We must collect and use your information to provide our service. The Data Policy defines how the website acquires, use, and exchange data. It also teaches how to manage your information in various ways, such as through privacy and security settings. To use our website, you must accept our Data Policy.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise noted, the Website and its Content and all trademarks, service marks, and graphic elements, are our property and are copyright, trademark, patent, and other intellectual property rights and laws. Third-party names, trademarks, and service marks may appear on the site and its contents. You are given a non-transferable, non-exclusive, and renewable license to have access and utilize the Site mainly for your private, non-commercial reasons and in compliance with these Terms.

This license can be terminated at any moment, and you have no other rights to the Site or its contents. All other rights belong to our website. For public or commercial purposes, you may not alter, modify, or replace any content or redistribute, distribute, transfer, recycle, re-post, reprogram, or disassemble any Content, including text, photos, audio, or video. Except as permitted in these Terms, you may not use any Content without our written permission.

Therefore, you may only use the content of this website for individual reasons, and you cannot copy, modify, or publish it in part or the whole for any other reasons without our prior written permission. Our website trade marks include our name and logos. Any use, download, copying, or distribution of the logos is strictly prohibited. The proprietors of the other trademarks and trade names are responsible for them.

Governing Laws and Dispute Resolution

Any disagreement or problem between you and our website arising from this Agreement will be handled first via courteous communication. If no settlement can be reached through friendly negotiation, you unconditionally consent and agree that any claim, dispute, or controversy you may have against any of our website entities, including their directors, agents, and employees, arising out of, relating to, or connected in any way with our website Services will be submitted to authorities of a specified country.


Cookies assist us in better understanding how users interact with our site and how we can improve the content and services we provide. These cookies do not collect any personally-identifying information. Users can choose their browsers to accept all cookies, be notified when cookies are sent or refuse cookies at any time. If you have any questions about how we use cookies or safeguard your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

Updating These Terms

We can implement alterations to our Services and Policy, and these Terms may have to be brought up to date those modifications. Except as otherwise legally required, we shall inform you through our Service before making updates to these Terms and give you the chance to evaluate them when they take effect. The updated Terms will cover you if you choose to use the Service after that.

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