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This Privacy Policy describes how this website gathers, uses, and safeguards your private information associated with the use of our products and services and your rights and how we protect them. This Policy may not apply to all situations where personal information is collected and used. We may complement it with specific product or service privacy policies or otherwise warn you when we gather your information. A particular privacy policy may apply to a specific product or Service, collecting additional personal data. Any aspect of the product or service not covered by the product or service’s privacy policy is subject to the terms of this Policy.

Before using our products or services, read and comprehend this policy to safeguard your privacy. You should only use our products or services after double-checking that you have thoroughly read and understood the Policy. If you have questions concerning the Policy, please temporarily pause using the services or products from this website and contact us using the information on our website. By using our services, you agree that your private information will be gathered, processed, stored, used, and safeguarded as in this Policy.

Personal Information

Regardless matter where you live, we believe that fundamental privacy rights should be the same. Any information connected to an identifiable person, in particularly by references to the individual’s location data, name, identity number, or one or various factors certain to the natural person’s physical, genetic, or physiological state, will be treated as “Personal Information” by our website, regardless of where that natural person lives.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The information and data we collect have a variety of applications:

We may invite you to participate in product enhancement and user experience-related programs or interactive activities so that we can continue to provide you with improved products and services.  After joining our programs or activities, we may collect necessary personal information such as mobile phone numbers, device information, operation behavior data, location information, and log information for statistical analysis to improve and optimize products and provide a better user experience.

To offer individualized services and information, such as adverts. We utilize a unique identifier instead of your name, email, or even other data that can be used to directly identify you to provide you with customized products, services, advertising, and other activities. We can develop profiles by analyzing the previously mentioned data and creating segments. Targeted advertising will be done with your permission, only to the degree applicable laws require it.

To give information services tailored to your specific requirements or interests. For example, a third party or we may use your location information to provide you with geographic location navigation and other related information services; we may use your data, analyze your usage habits and behavior preferences, and provide you with notification or content push services based on your consent.

 Cookie and Similar Technologies

On this website, we employ cookies since the most effective use of cookies is to maintain a user signed in as they move from one page to another. This allows the website to keep track of the user’s viewing history in a website that it uses to improve the users’ experiences. As our website is an Ecommerce site, we may use a combination of cookies to offer a pleasant shopping experience. The cookies record the products put in the user’s shopping cart; if a user leaves a cart, persistent cookies shall retrieve their picks from the website the next time they visit, or you can make targeted adverts to bring them back to the cart. This has a significant impact on conversion rates. Cookies are required for the functioning of the Internet; websites would be far less helpful and interactive if not for them. Without the internet, it would be hard to conduct business. They make it possible for websites to remember their visitors and improve their performance.

Like pixel tags and web beacons, other similar technologies may be used with Cookie on our website. For instance, an email we send you may have an address link to our website’s you click on that link, we may track your click to help us understand more about your service or product preferences to give better customer care. Web beacons are little transparent images that can be seen on websites and email messages. We can tell whether emails have been opened by using pixel tags. You can unsubscribe from our email list at any moment if you do not want your activities to be logged in this way.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

Although there is no such thing as a secure website, we will do everything possible to keep your personal information safe. Following the occurrences of a data security incident, we shall promptly notify you of the following: basic information about the security incident and its potential impact, handling strategies we will undertake, suggestions for you to shield and limit risks independently, and remedial plans for you, as required by laws and regulations. As soon as we get more information on the incident, we will send you an email, a letter, a phone call, or a push notification. We shall announce effectively and efficiently where it would be tough to predict information units piece by piece.

Personal data acquired with your permission will be stored in line with the rules and regulations of the countries concerned with personal privacy data protection. We may keep gathered private information in countries or areas not within the country where the business is located, to the extent that local laws and regulations do not prohibit it. We will maintain personal information in compliance with applicable data storage rules and regulations, whether we store it in the nation where the business is situated or in other countries or regions to the extent that doing so does not contravene laws and regulations.

Simultaneously, we will analyze the features, scope, and aim of personal data processing, the dangers faced in the processing, and the significant repercussions of damage, and apply the required security measures. As previously established, the online ecosystem is insecure. We will do everything we can to protect any information you provide. Suppose our technological, physical, administrative, or security facilities are destroyed, public disclosure, unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction of data and information, as well as destruction to your legal interests and rights. In that case, we will take the necessary legal responsibility.


We may send emails or text messages to users who have subscribed to our services occasionally. We might use your email to confirm your requests, send you payment notifications, inform you of service and product changes, and send you notices and other information as needed by law. Although you choose to opt-out of receiving marketing messages, please bear in mind that it is in your best interests for us to be able to give you non-marketing messages like payment notices and that we may be required by law to send you specific warnings. Furthermore, we may send you marketing-related messages with your approval.

If you do not wish to receive other types of contact from us, like emails or announcements about additional services and commodities offered on the Sites, or if you would not want us to disclose your information to third parties, we provide you with the option to opt-out. You may exercise your right to opt-out by ticking or unchecking the appropriate box at the point where data is collected or by contacting us using the information on our website. We will take care of your subscription as quickly as we can, but you could get a few more emails until it is finished in some situations. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from similar mailings by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in the email’s content.

Supplement and Update of the Policy

As our organization, technology, and relevant legislation and practice evolve, we retain the right to revise or modify this Policy. If we make any modifications to this Policy, we will let you know through the official website. Please visit our official website for the most current information on this Privacy Policy. Regardless of whether or not this Privacy Policy is altered, your rights under it will not be impaired unless you expressly consent.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Privacy Policy Statement.

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