How to Toast Pine Nuts in Microwave

Even though pine nuts can be eaten raw, their texture and taste improve when they are toasted.

Apart from microwaving, toasting pine nuts can also be done in a skillet or oven.

However, Microwaving is the fastest known method of toasting pine nuts.

How to Toast Pine Nuts in Microwave

Below is how to toast pine nuts in microwave.

Pour some pine nuts on a microwavable glass plate. Add a few drops of oil to the pine nuts and stir. Spread them evenly on a single layer to allow the heat to spread to every piece.

Place the glass plate in the microwave and heat for a minute. Keep tossing and microwaving the pine nuts at an interval of 1 minute until they turn golden brown.

This article is perfect for those seeking knowledge on toasting pine nuts in the microwave. It has provided a detailed procedure, helpful tips, and assurance of the safety of microwaving pine nuts. Frequently asked questions on toasting pine nuts have also been answered.

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The Best Method of Toasting Pine Nuts

Microwaving is the best and the fastest method of toasting pine nuts. Compared to other toasting methods, it only takes 1 to 3 minutes. Below is a detailed step-by-step procedure of using a microwave to toast pine nuts.


  • Pine nuts
  • Some cooking oil
  • A microwavable glass plate

Step one: Pour Some Pine Nuts on a Microwavable Glass Plate

Ensure the pine nuts are evenly spread on the plate and in a single layer. The spreading will allow heat to reach each pine nut piece equally.

Step two: Add a Sprinkle of Cooking Oil to the Nuts and Stir

Oil isn’t necessary at this point since the pine nuts are always equipped with their own natural oil. Those who do not require the oil can proceed to the next step. However, extra cooking oil adds to the pine nuts’ flavor and aids in the fast toasting of the nuts. Remember to stir after adding the oil to ensure all the nuts have been covered in it.

Step three: Heat the Pine Nuts to Toast them

Place the microwavable plate containing the pine nuts in the microwave and heat at high power for a minute. Toss the pine nuts and return them to the microwave for an extra minute; tossing the nuts causes them to flip over for easy access to heat. Repeat the process until the pine nuts turn goldish.

Step four: Serve the Pine Nuts

Allow the pine nuts to cool down before serving. Cooling allows pine nuts to have a crunchy texture taste in your mouth.

How Safe is it to Toast Pine Nuts in a Microwave?

How to toast sesame seeds in a microwaveIt is absolutely safe to toast pine nuts in the microwave. There is no harm linked to it. The only thing that might cause harm to toasting pine nuts in the microwave is heating them for too long, and instead of turning goldish, they begin to darken.

Pine nuts that are no longer brownish or goldish and are black have already burnt. Pine nuts can easily get burnt in the microwave because of their small size. Once burnt, They can be harmful to your health, and therefore they are not suitable for human consumption.

To avoid such a situation that might prevent you from enjoying your toasted pine nuts, use a microwavable bowl, spread the pine nuts evenly and on a single layer on the bowl and microwave at an interval of 1 minute until they are a brownish colour. For a crunchier taste, allow the nuts to cool for a few minutes before serving.

Why You Should Consider Toasting Pine Nuts

Toasting pine nuts is usually unnecessary since they can be eaten while raw. Toasting is just an invention that came up to enhance the pine nuts’ texture and taste. However, when it comes to using pine nuts for baking purposes, there is no option but to toast them.

The addition of oil while toasting is also not necessary since the nuts are naturally oily. It is the natural oil within the pine nuts that are heated to intensify the taste of the pine nuts.

Toasting in the microwave only takes a few minutes. The microwave is the best and fastest method to toast pine nuts. All you need is to be keen while heating in the microwave so that they don’t turn out black instead of goldish.

Helpful Tips to Guide you Through Toasting Pine Nuts in the Microwave

As much as microwaving is the fastest toasting method for pine nuts, it can also be the quickest to ruin the nuts by quickly burning them. Below are helpful tips that you may refer to while toasting pine nuts in the microwave.

  • Arrange the Pine Nuts on a Single Layer

When pouring or tossing pine nuts on a microwavable plate preparing for toasting, ensure the nuts are not overcrowded. Let them sit on a single layer allowing each piece to face the heat directly. That way, all pine nuts will equally be cooked, unlike where pine nuts are piled with some never having access to direct heat.

  • Remember to Stir the Pine Nuts

Once the pine nuts are heated in the microwave for the first 1-minute interval, use a wooden spoon to stir through the nuts gently. This helps them flip so that they toast evenly on both sides. Stirring also stops the nuts from darkening due to heat concentrating on a single part of the piece of nuts without being flipped over.

  • Toast Pine Nuts with a Microwave in Short Intervals

One-minute toasting intervals in the microwave allow you to stir and observe the doneness of the pine nuts. The heat in the microwave is too much, especially if you are toasting at high power. If keenness is not involved, the pine nuts will burn and darken in minutes. Also, despite the time set on the microwave, once you notice the pine nuts are goldish in colour, stop the microwave and remove them from the microwave.

  • Make use of Kitchen Gloves

When removing the pine nuts from the microwave, ensure to use kitchen gloves. Both the plate holding these nuts and the pine nuts themselves are usually scorching. Once out of the microwave, allow the nuts to cool at room temperature for two minutes before serving.

Faqs On How to Toast Pine Nuts in Microwave

1. What is the proper way to toast the pine nuts?

The appropriate way to toast pine nuts is the use of a microwave. Spread the pine nuts in a microwavable bowl. Add a drop of cooking oil and stir to ensure they are on a single layer.

Place them in the microwave and toast for one minute. Stir the pine nuts to flip them, then return to the microwave and heat again for one more minute. Repeat until the pine nuts are golden brown in colour.

2. Can pine nuts be toasted?

Yes, they can. There are several methods of toasting pine nuts. They include the use of a frying pan on a stove and an oven, and a microwave.

3. Do you use oil when toasting pine nuts

Yes, oil and a pinch of salt go a long way in enhancing the taste of pine nuts. Add a few drops of oil to the pine nuts, and gently stir the nuts so that at least each piece will be covered in it before microwaving.

However, oil is not usually a must. Pine nuts have their natural oil that can still be useful when toasting them.

4. How long do pine nuts take to roast?

When roasting in a microwave, it takes 1 to 3 minutes. The time may vary depending on the quantity of the pine nuts and the microwave used. The main reason why roasting nuts in the microwave might take up to 3 minutes is the need to stir them after every 1-minute interval to ensure they have been evenly roasted.

5. How common is pine nut syndrome?

Pine nut syndrome is not common. Though from 2009, the pine nut syndrome was heard of again rising across the globe in countries like the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom.

6. Can you eat raw pine nuts?

Yes, you can. Pine nuts have their own natural tasty taste that can be enjoyed even without toasting. Raw pine nuts can also be blended into a paste and added to pesto. However, toasting enhances the natural taste even further.

7. Should I toast pine nuts for pesto?

It’s not a must to toast pine nuts to be able to use them for pesto. You can still blend them raw and make a pesto sauce. Toasting pine nuts for pesto is a personal choice, depending on how you like them to taste.

8. How long do pine nuts last?

How to toast sesame seeds in a microwavePine nuts can last up to 2 months when stored in an air-tight container and kept in the fridge. They can last even longer when stored in the freezer.

Transfer the pine nuts to an air-tight, sealable freezer bag and place them in the freezer. Pine nuts can last up to six months when stored appropriately in the freezer.

9. How do you toast pine nuts for a salad?

Apart from microwaving, the other method of toasting is an oven. You first preheat an oven to 375ºF. Toss the pine nuts on the baking sheet and place them in an oven. Bake the pine nuts for 5 to 10 minutes.

Ensure to stir the nuts after every 2 minutes until they turn goldish. Transfer the nuts from the baking sheet to a plate to disrupt the continual heating of the nuts.

10. Do pine nuts come from pine cones?

Yes, they do. They can also be harvested a few days before the opening of the green cone.

To separate the pine nuts from their cone, the green cone needs to be dried in burlap for three weeks and then smashed. The pine nuts from the cone chuffs are separated by hand.

11. Can you toast pine nuts in air fryer?

Yes, you can set the air fryer’s temperature to 300 °F (150 °C) and heat the pine nuts in the air fryer for 4 to 6 minutes or until they turn golden brown.


In conclusion, it is correct to say Pine nuts can be toasted in the microwave so quickly. Microwaving is the fastest method and the most efficient for those in a hurry.

While toasting pine nuts in the microwave, a few precautions like a keen observation, stirring, and not overheating are required.

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