How to Toast Bread in the Microwave [5 Quick Steps]

How to Toast Bread in the MicrowaveMost people enjoy taking breakfast bread that’s tasty, crispy, and browner. It makes it easy for you to spread fruit jam, butter, cheese, and others. What if you don’t have a toaster?

Can you use the microwave to make toast? The purpose of the microwave is to warm cold foods fast and effortlessly by generating heat from the equipment’s heating system.

It’s, however, essential to note that wherever you’re toasting using the microwave, never overcook the bread.

Let’s look at how to toast bread in the microwave.

Take three bread slices and apply butter on both sides. Place your bread slices on the microwave grill rack. Place the grill rack on the microwave plate and press the grill button on the microwave menu. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes remove the rack and turn over the bread slices. Microwave for another 3 minutes to toast the other side. Serve your toasted bread.

Can You Toast Bread In a Microwave?

You can toast your bread using a microwave if you can’t access a toaster. Your bread will be crispy but not similar to if you used a toaster to toast it.

Microwaves don’t function like toasters because of the way they generate heat. However, toasters use radiant heat to dehydrate bread and give it a crispy appearance.

Furthermore, microwaves use radiation which transfers to food and cooks it. Basically, microwaves make the water molecules from the food shake and generate heat to cook the food. The technique prevents water molecules from escaping as they would with a toaster.

Because microwaves don’t heat similarly to toasters, they will produce toasts of different qualities. But with the correct gear and steps, it’s possible to toast bread using the microwave.

Steps by Step on How to Toast Bread in the Microwave

Some people may not believe that microwaves can toast bread because they believe that the toaster or toaster oven is the best alternative for microwaving bread. Whereas these two apparatuses are the best alternative, there are other options. Here are some steps you can follow to microwave bread in the microwave effectively.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Start by gathering all your materials. You only need three things to toast your bread using the microwave successfully.

How to Toast Bread in the Microwave

  • Butter or margarine
  • Butter knife
  • A microwave


Step 2: Apply butter on the bread slices

How to Toast Bread in the Microwave

Take a butter knife along with your favorite butter and apply it on both sides of the bread slices.

Follow by placing the paper towel above the turntable (or at the lower part of the microwave if your microwave doesn’t comprise a turntable). Continue by placing your bread on the top of the paper towel.

It’s advisable to place one piece of bread each time. That’s because you may not get the desired evenness with numerous pieces of bread. Since microwaves are known for uneven heating, they might cause crispiness on one piece and sagginess on the other piece.

Step 3: Place buttered bread on the microwave grill rack


How to Toast Bread in the MicrowaveLifting the bread is advisable.Though this is not the most essential step of microwaving the toast using the microwave, it will enable your toast to come out perfect, like how a freshly made toast tastes and feels.

Step 4: Cook for 3 Minutes using the grill option on the microwave menu

It doesn’t require a lot to toast using the microwave. You are only required to press the grill button on the microwave and set the time at 3 minutes in your microwave. Then allow the microwave to do its work. You can set the turntable to rotate if this option is available in your microwave.

After 3 minutes remove the rack and turn your bread slice so as to toast on the other side. Microwave it for another 3 minutes,

Step 5: Check for Doneness

How to Toast Bread in the MicrowaveOnce the microwave alarm turns off, assess doneness. Poking the top of your microwave is an effective way to do so. Is it crispy enough? If perfect, get the bread out with a paper towel since the bread will probably be hot.

Once your toast is ready, it will acquire a crispy texture like bread that has just been dashed from the toaster. Though it won’t have the same exterior as typical toast, thus you can’t equate doneness mainly depending on the bread’s appearance.

Also, note that microwaved toast will not be the same as toast made using a toaster. Most likely, it won’t have similar crispiness and taste, but it will be almost mainly if you use things like avocado, butter, peanut butter, and others to top it.

Convection Microwave Toasting vs. Non-Convection Microwave Toasting

The oven toaster or a convection oven meant to broil can lead to an effective reaction compared to the microwave. However, some convectional microwaves may not toast perfectly. The chances are that your bread may burn before it fully toasts.

Literally, good convection microwaves are like oven toasters and conventional ovens since they can roast, toast, steam, bake, broil, cook, crisp, and defrost food. But not all convection microwaves are made the same.

Convection Microwave Toasting

Most convection microwaves can only bake and roast rather than grill and toast. Others need grill installation to enable your bread to have the toasted grill designs. The majority produce excess steam that runs throughout your microwave, and instead of producing toasted bread, they produce soggy bread.

Most convection microwaves can slightly toast bread with some particular instructions, like toasting the bread after warming it. Another requirement is laying a paper towel to absorb any water or liquid that might evaporate from it.

Non-Convection Microwave Toasting

Radiation from your standard microwave or non-convection microwave usually cooks bread with its liquid or water molecules. Instead, toasting ensues via exterior radiant heat. Some non-convection ovens can produce radiant heat more than others.

Basically, it’s best to use a grill or toaster microwave oven if you plan to toast something in the microwave. It’s more understandable to cook chicken in a convection microwave than use it to toast bread.

Faqs on How to Toast Bread in the Microwave

How do you Toast Bread in a Normal Microwave?

Get your preferable bread and a paper towel. Put the paper towel underneath the bread and insert it into the microwave. Microwave the bread for thirty seconds, then remove it. You can then serve it.

How do I Make Bread in the Microwave Crispy?  

You may need to use a microwave to toast bread instead of a toaster at times. For the best outcome, elevate the bread using a paper towel. You shouldn’t overcook it. The bread will likely crisps up from 30 to 60 seconds.

Can I Put Bread in the Microwave and Make it Toast?

How to Toast Bread in the MicrowaveBecause of how the microwave functions, it’s hard to toast using it. Toasting the bread in the microwave requires radiant heat to allow the bread to dry completely. The microwave produces waves that make water molecules shake and vibrate. Meaning the water won’t escape and make the bread dry out, causing a rubbery texture.

Can you Toast Bread without a Toaster?

You can toast bread without using a toaster by placing a non-stick skillet on moderate heat for one minute. But first, apply butter to one part of the bread and put it on a hot skillet, the buttered side facing down. Finish by covering the skillet with a thick lead and allow the bread to toast for two minutes.

What Happens When you Microwave Bread?

When you microwave bread, you won’t spoil your microwave; instead, you’ll ruin your bread. After being in the microwave for more than ten minutes, ample moisture escapes from the bread, making it tough, flat, and gummy. The best approach to revive stale bread is by placing it in the microwave for some minutes.

What Foods Should not be Microwaved?

Some foods can blow, smoke, or cause a mess when microwaved. They are processed meats, boiled eggs, hot peppers, frozen meat, breast milk, seafood, chilies, etc.

Why Does Bread Get Tough in the Microwave?

Bread can smash in the microwave because starch contains two sugar molecules. And bread is usually fluffy and soft immediately you remove it from the microwave. But after cooling down, the molecules harden due to recrystallization and make the bread rubbery and tough.

Can I Toast Bread in a Conventional Microwave?

Definitely, you can toast bread using a conventional microwave. A microwave with a conventional oven combo is perfect generally because of the traditional section. Start by warming or defrosting your bread in the microwave and place it on a metal rack for approximately ten minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.


Toast is a common breakfast accomplishment. You can use your microwave to toast bread when you don’t have an alternative option. Simply grab a paper towel and lift the bread for the best outcome. Bread usually crisps between thirty to sixty seconds, so don’t overcook it.

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