How to Steam Buns in the Microwave [Step By Step]

How to Steam Buns in the MicrowaveYou can steam your buns very easily with the microwave. But there are different ways on how to steam buns in the microwave. You can choose to steam using a paper towel, a small cup of water, or a microwave steamer.

To use the microwave to steam buns, add two or three glasses of water to a plastic container. Then put the buns in a steamer basket and cover with a lid. Once you’re done setting it, insert the microwave steamer inside the microwave and turn on the microwave. Likewise, you can warm your frozen or cold buns with the microwave if you don’t like them crispy.

How to Steam Buns in the Microwave: Step-by-Step Guide

You can easily steam buns using a microwave oven. To steam your buns effectively, you can use different techniques. Among them are using a small cup of water, a paper towel, or a microwave steamer.

However, using the microwave to steam is the quickest method, though not the most effective since using the microwave usually results in soggy and gummy buns. Most culinary literature will recommend that you steam buns using bamboo steamers because it is definitely the best technique for steaming baozi.

1. Using a Microwave Steamer

A microwave steamer is the most reliable method for making warm, soft steamed buns of quality texture using the microwave. The method takes approximately one minute from start to completion. To do this, add about two to three cups of water to your microwave steamer.

Ensure to cover your buns with a lid so they don’t dry after putting them in the microwave steamer. Check that the buns don’t touch each other. After you’re done preparing, microwave your buns for 20 seconds on moderate heat.

2. Using a Damp Paper Towel

How to Steam Buns in the MicrowaveAnother method to steam bao buns is using a wet paper towel, which ensures they don’t become extremely crispy. Slightly dampen your paper towel with water and use it to steam.

Then cover your buns with a paper towel to protect them. You can warm your buns by wrapping them using paper towels and spreading them in a microwavable dish. Warm it on high heat for 20 seconds or until it boils completely and is well-cooked. Once 20 seconds is over, check whether your buns are ready and add time if necessary.

3. Using a Mug Filled With Water

You can try this method to steam buns in the microwave since it’s fast and effective. Although it’s the easiest, one outstanding feature of using this method is that your buns will be incredibly moist and impeccably steamed compared to that cooked with a bamboo steamer.

You can accomplish this by filling a microwave-safe glass bowl with an inch of water. Put your buns above it and steam for one minute or until it heats thoroughly. Eject it from the oven after one minute and check if it’s completely cooked.

4. Using a Small Cup of Water

Apart from using a microwave steamer, another way to reheat your buns in the microwave is by using a small cup of water. Here you put your buns on a microwave-friendly plate and insert them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Take water in a small cup and put it beside it, and microwave for one minute until the water starts to boil. Your buns are ready after baking for one minute.

How Do You Know When Buns Are Done?

After knowing how to steam buns in the microwave by different means, it’s good to know how to tell if your buns are ready.

You can easily tell if your buns are ready by touching them gently and seeing whether it’s soft and well-heated. If you want to be sure, stick a fork in the bun and remove it. If you touch the fork and it feels hot, know that the bun is ready for eating.

Are Steamed Buns Healthy?

How to Steam Buns in the MicrowaveThere are different ways of cooking buns using different ingredients. Therefore their health factor mostly depends on individuals and what is used in making them. You can consider some traditional dessert methods like the chocolate bun. You may decide to create a vegetarian bun recipe, and the choice depends on you.

Steamed buns are basically not the healthiest snacks around, considering how many calories they contain. However, if you control your consumption, you shouldn’t face any issues. The dough used in making buns combines sugar, oil, milk, flour, yeast, and baking powder.

From these ingredients, you can tell that they’ll be pretty sweet. But the idea is to use them to balance your diet. So avoid using them in every meal because you may consume excess calories.

Why Do My Steamed Buns Collapse?

Many reasons may cause steamed buns to collapse. The main reason is to unlock the lid straightaway after steaming. It’s better not to open the lid, wait for roughly two to three minutes, and then open it. If you open the lid immediately after steaming, the temperature change will be fast, making your buns collapse.

The second reason why your steamed burns may flop is condensation. If using an electric steamer to steam, you must wrap the steamer’s lid with a towel. The towel will prevent condensation and stop it from dripping and affecting your bun’s exterior surface.

Faqs on How to Steam Buns in the Microwave

Can you Cook Steamed Buns in The Microwave?

You can cook steamed buns in the microwave by first wetting your paper towels and using them to wrap your burns. Then put them on a microwavable plate and heat on high for between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of buns you have. Allow them to rest in the microwave for 20 more seconds to absorb the steam, then serve.

How do You Steam a Bun without a Steamer?

If you can’t access a steamer, you can use a covered roaster or a wok. Just ensure that the steaming plate is always above the heating water.

Can I Microwave Frozen Buns?

Yes, you can use the microwave to defrost your buns. Microwave the buns for five to ten seconds on low to medium heat to defrost them and make them edible.

How Do You Steam Frozen Buns?

Put the frozen buns in a microwavable container and cover it. Heat on high for about 60 seconds, and once the buns are ready, you’ll notice the meat steaming hot.

How Do You Microwave Bao Buns?

How to Steam Buns in the MicrowaveTo microwave bao buns Put them on a microwavable plate. Then put a small cup containing water adjacent to the plate. Nuke for approximately one minute until it gets hot. If needed, add more time and avoid adding much to prevent the buns from drying out.

How Do You Steam Buns at Home?

Use high heat to boil 70mm of water in a container. Then place the steaming basket some inches above the boiling water. Insert two buns in the steamer for one to two minutes but don’t cover. Remove the buns and slice, then serve.

What Can I Use If I Don’t have a Steamer Basket?

The method is pretty easy, so start by filling ½ inch of water in a medium pot. Place three small-sized balls of aluminum foils inside the watered pot. Lay a heat-friendly plate above the foil balls and cover the pot as the water starts boiling. Add your buns to the plate, then cover and steam until it’s soft.

How Do You Steam Frozen Pork Burns in The Microwave?

Dampen your paper towel with water and remove the excess. Use the paper towel to wrap your buns and place them on a microwave-safe plate. Lightly wet a bowl by rinsing it with tap water, then put it over the wrapped buns on a plate. Microwave it for one minute until the burns are cooked.

Can You Steam Buns in a Rice Cooker?

If you fancy Asian cuisine, you should not miss a rice cooker in your kitchen. Rice cookers come in handy. Apart from cooking rice, other things you can cook with it include; cake, chilli, porridge, and oatmeal. Now you can even make soft, steamy buns from it.

How Do You Soften Frozen Buns?

How to Steam Buns in the MicrowaveBy steaming buns, they become warm and fluffy though over steaming them makes them gummy and mushy. So to soften buns, wrap them in wet paper and nuke for approximately ten seconds. For frozen buns, microwave for 30 seconds. The correct time varies with variance in microwave temperatures.

How Do You Steam Hot Dog Buns Without a Steamer?

Spray a paper towel or cloth with clean water, spread your buns in it, and wrap. Adjust the microwave and steam on high heat for approximately one minute.


There are other ways to steam buns apart from the microwave. Your microwave buns will taste the same as those made from the bamboo steamer if you use the latest innovative ways. You can use the methods described above and see which one you like best.

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