How To Reheat Fries in Microwave Correctly

How To Reheat Fries in Microwave CorrectlyThere’s no doubt that Americans are obsessed with French fries. Research indicates that a typical American consumes 29 pounds annually.

And there’s a high probability that the majority are microwave or leftover French fries.

And when you’re in a hurry, you may have to use the quickest method to reheat your fries. Using the microwave to reheat the fries is the best way to give them an appealing second life.

Let’s look at how to reheat fries in microwave?

Take the number of fries you’d like to reheat and ensure it’s at room temperature. Arrange them in a microwavable plate layered with a paper towel, or opt for a microwave crisper pan. Drizzle some water or olive oil if necessary to moisturize them as they heat. Nuke at high heat for 20-second pauses until the fires become crunchy and crispy.

Step to Step Process on How to Reheat Fries in Microwave

Step 1: Spread the fries

Spread the fries on a microwave-proof oven tray or plate.

Step 2: Use Paper Towel

Take a dry paper towel and coat it on the tray or plate. The paper towel will help in absorbing extra oil and moisture from fries.

Step 3: Add oil

Sprinkle vegetable oil on the fries. Sprinkle enough since the paper towel underneath will absorb some. The fires will become soggy if you don’t use oil.

Step 4: Heat the Fries

Nuke the fries in the microwave. To get the most from your fries, you may have to try different heat modes and times in the microwave.

Step 5: Remove the Tray

Take out the tray from the microwave and pull out the paper towel. Let the fries aerate for two to three minutes to become crunchy after aeration.

NB: You can decide to use water which steams your fries to reheat in the microwave.

If your fries are totally dry and flaky, you can reheat them by placing a cup of water alongside the fries. The hot water will release steam which will soften the fries and improve their texture.

How Long Does Fries Reheat In The Microwave?

How To Reheat Fries in Microwave CorrectlyThe cooking time will depend on the number of fries and the method used for storing. Literally, one single serving of fries can take less than a minute to warm in the microwave on high power.

But always heat on 20-seconds breaks instead of microwaving for one complete minute. The short heat bursts enable you to effortlessly regulate the process and attain the desired temperature.

It is best to defrost the fries or leave them on the counter at room temperature to thaw fast and evenly to lessen the cooking time. Ensure you don’t overcook the fries since they might become soggy and won’t be redeemable.

How Long Can You Keep Fries Before Reheating Them?

Like most dishes, you can only keep fries in the fridge for some days before they spoil. If stored in the fridge, use a wide airtight container. Otherwise, you can wrap them tightly in a plastic bag or aluminum foil.

If you store them this way, they can stay in the fridge for approximately three to five days. After reheating fires once, don’t reheat them again. They may be at risk of bacterial attack regardless of how hot you microwave them to warm them.

For safety purposes, store the fries in the refrigerator for five days max and reheat them only once.

Can You Reheat Fries In The Microwave?

How To Reheat Fries in Microwave CorrectlyYes, it’s okay to microwave fries using the microwave. And it basically takes less time than the oven.

If you want your fries extra crispy, you should consider using a crisper tray. It is a unique pan that heats the tray and uses a hot plate for browning.

When using a crisper pan to heat fries, air pockets are the ones that transport heat to the fries rather than heating from the center. Hence this will restore the fries’ crispiness, and they won’t be soggy.

How to Reheat Fries with a Crisper Tray

If you have a crisping tray, you can use it to reheat fries in the microwave.

The crisping tray literary converts your microwave into a little grill. The thick base of the crisping pan highly absorbs heat and dispenses it to the food, including the lid traps to enable the food to cook evenly.

It is an approach that’s ideal for reheating French fries, but you can also use it for cooking fresh fries. The grill-shaped base provides sufficient room for the fries to sweat without absorbing the steam.

So, if you’re looking for a better alternative to an air fryer or skillet, then a crisper pan is the best option.

What you’ll require:

  • One to two tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil

How To Reheat Fries in Microwave Correctly

  • A huge bowl
  • A microwave crisping or grilling pan
  • Salt

Here are the steps you should follow when using the crisping tray to reheat fries. However, the time may differ subject to your microwave’s power, though anything above 1000W is acceptable.

  1. Take your fries from the refrigerator and let them rest for 15 minutes. However, note that the longer they stay at room temperature, the more toxic they get, don’t let them exceed 15 minutes.
  2. Bring your fries and oil in a container and mix to coat, ensuring all the fries are thoroughly coated and use enough oil.
  3. Arrange the greasy fries on the grill’s tray or pan and if they can’t fit at once, do several batches.
  4. If you have one batch of fries, use the included lid to cover them and put them in the oven. If the crisper tray doesn’t have a lid, spread a paper towel over the fries.
  5. Microwave the entire tray on high power for 10 minutes, stirring when halfway done, and check the fries’ crust for the right doneness.
  6. If you feel the doneness is still demanding, return them to the microwave and nuke for two to three extra minutes.
  7. Add salt to your tray or pan and toss to mix.
  8. Take your fries from the tray or pan and put them in a dish, but let them rest for two minutes before consuming.

Why Reheating French Fries is Essential

Knowing how to reheat French fries correctly is essential, and it has different uses. Here’s how it can be helpful to us:

Consume Leftover

French fries are prepared in huge volumes for kids and adults. You can easily prepare them at home or order them alongside delicacies like pizza or burgers.

You can munch or snack on leftovers from your children when watching movies, which brings fun, especially when you’re alone.

Perfect for parties

French fries bring complete fun during kid’s birthday parties. They are affordable and easy to prepare. Therefore, if you’re planning to prepare French fries during your children’s birthday parties, playdates, or sleepovers, frying them at the last minute can be troublesome.

You can have the French fries pre-made and reheat in batches before eating. It will save you a lot of inconveniences during the events.

Ideal for snacking at odd hours

Everyone, including kids, teens, and adults, love something to bite during odd hours. You can prepare for these odd-time bites by making batches of fries before. You can choose to freeze them and reheat them easily when everyone is hungry for a snack.

Saves Time

Since parents always have a busy schedule, nifty cooking methods are the best option to save time. Fries are ideal for lunch or a snack. You prepare them before and reheat them later, which saves time.

What Is The Best Way To Reheat Fries?

How To Reheat Fries in Microwave CorrectlyThe oven is definitely the best way to reheat fries though it takes much longer. The time it takes to preheat the oven is enough to reheat and eat your fries if you were to use the microwave. If you want your fries crispier as they would with the oven, use a crisper tray since they heat evenly but with less time.

How Do You Microwave French Fries Without Getting Soggy?

Sprinkle some vegetable oil in the fries and arrange them gently on a dry paper towel. Put the fries on a microwavable plate and microwave them for 10 minutes. Take out the fries from the microwave and remove the paper towel. Put the fries on a plate and let them rest for two to three minutes, then eat.

How Do You Make Soggy Fries Crispy Again?

Dip the French fries in a pan of hot oil and cook them for roughly five to ten minutes while stirring until the fries start regaining their crispiness. After they are ready, put them on a plate layered with a paper towel to remove the surplus oil, then season if necessary and serve straightaway.

Faqs on How to Reheat French Fries in Microwave

How Long Do You Put Fries in The microwave?

Nuke your fries for roughly two to three minutes using a microwave-safe plate. Remember to keep turning them to cook evenly. Keep doing this for consistently about eight to ten minutes, depending on your microwave’s power.

Why Are Reheated Fries Nasty?

The microwave may be the issue. Because of the impulses and unevenness common in most microwaves, they usually make fries to be soggy with burnt ends after reheating. The oil also ends up turning into a sour taste. That’s why most people end up throwing away leftover fries.

How Long To Air Fry Reheat Fries?

Set your air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit if you’d like to reheat your fries. Then spread the fries in one layer in the basket and cook for three to five minutes. You’ll have your fries crispy if reheating them using the air fryer instead of the microwaving.

How Do I Make Crispy Fries In The Microwave?

Nuke your fries on high power for five minutes. After the time is up, take the fries from the microwave, remove the soiled paper towels, and throw them. Serve your fries on a dry plate, add salt, and they are ready to eat.

Can You Make French Fries In Microwave?

Sprinkle some vegetable oil on the fries, then arrange the fries on a dry paper towel. Place the fries on a microwave-safe platter and nuke for ten minutes.

How Do You Reheat Crispy Fries In The Oven?

Set your oven extremely hot by preheating it at 450 or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the fries on a baking sheet and arrange them on one layer on the tray. Put them in the oven and roast between three to five minutes, contingent on their thickness. Remove when done.

Can You Reheat Frozen Fries In The Microwave?

Let your fries thaw to room temperature, then wet some paper towel pieces with water. Arrange your fries on a plate and cover them with wet paper towels. Nuke for 20 seconds and check if ready.

Can You Reheat Oven Chips In Microwave?     

Suppose you’re planning to reheat oven chips in the microwave, do not. If you microwave them, they’ll be soggy and unattractive. To rewarm chips to ensure they remain crispy and adorable, use the oven.

Can Mccain Fries Be Baked?

Yes, heat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Arrange your fries in one layer on a dark, stick-free baking pan. Bake for three minutes, turn them over, keep baking for roughly two to three more minutes, and then serve straight away.

Are Frozen French Fries Already Cooked?

According to research, frozen French fries have been pre-cooked twice. After production, they are slightly boiled in hot water and then fried using cooking oil.

What Is A Microwave Crisper Pan?

The microwave crisper pan functions by first preheating it, then after arranging fries in the tray, the heat gets into the fries and crisps them. As this happens, the microwave keeps reheating the fires normally. Some crisper pans contain holes, grooves, and also grill shapes.

How Does A Microwave Crisper Work?

The crisper works by preventing the food from becoming soft and watery, as it happens when you use the microwave.

If you use a microwave crisper tray, your fries will be crispy; hence they’ll be much tastier. Because the tray heats food from underneath, it makes them crispier.

Distinctive microwave crisper trays come with instructions on how they should be used for better results though they mostly work the same.


You can use a crisper tray to reheat fries in the microwave to retain the snack’s crispiness. However, if you don’t have a crisper pan, you can use the microwave, vegetable oil, and paper towels to reheat fries.

By using this simple method, you can reheat your fries quickly without the headache of preheating equipment, and your fries will be hot within no time.`

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