How To Reheat Chicken Soup In Microwave [Easiest Way]

How To Reheat Chicken Soup In MicrowaveSoup is among some of the most affordable meals.  It’s true, particularly if you prepare it in large amounts and stock some to reheat it for future use.

According to USDA, soup can stay fresh for roughly three to four days if stored in the refrigerator or three to four months if kept in the freezer at 0℉.

Microwaving works for any soup, whether meat, vegetable, chicken or others.  So, what happens if you would like to reheat your soup for meals?

Let’s look at how to reheat chicken soup in microwave?

Put the amount of soup you want into a microwavable container.  Cover the bowl partially with a plastic cup, a microwave-proof lid, and a wet paper towel.  Leave a small outlet to use as a vent.  The outlet enables the soup to warm effectively and prevents the soup from splashing.

So, How Do You Best Reheat Chicken Soup In The Microwave

Step 1: Select The Right Container to Use

Take your soup and pour it into a deep microwave-safe bowl.  The microwave can heat the soup to boiling point.

Step 2: Cover It Loosely

Cover the container with a plastic wrap or a microwave-proof lid.  Ensure you leave a tiny opening on one side to act as an outlet.

Step 3: Heat, Stir, Heat

Microwave the soup on maximum heat for roughly 20 to 30 seconds.  Remove the soup from the microwave, stir thoroughly, and continue heating it for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Check Temperature

Continue heating the soup in pauses while stirring until the soup’s interior is approximately 165℉.  Allow the soup to rest for two minutes upon heating.  Then measure the temperature of the food chunks and broth using a food thermometer.

Is it ok to reheat chicken soup in a microwave?

How To Reheat Chicken Soup In MicrowaveYes, you can safely warm chicken soup in the microwave.  Chicken soup is highly perishable and provided it is fresh and well-heated and has an internal temperature of 165℉, know that it is suitable for consumption.

Actually, there are different ways of reheating chicken soup, and among them is using the stove, oven or microwave.  But using the microwave is the fastest and most effective than the other methods.

Warming soup is the best way of encouraging healthy eating habits since it contains fiber, minerals, vegetables, and vitamins.  Reheating chicken soup using the other methods is also safe and effective.

The disadvantage is that they need more time and cooking apparatus.  The stove, for example, requires a pot and requires more time for the soup to reheat perfectly.

For safety reasons, never reheat chicken soup more than once and only reheat the quantity you’d want to use at a time.  You can preserve the rest in the freezer or the refrigerator.

Tips For Reheating Chicken Soup

Here are some microwaving tips for reheating chicken soup quickly:

  • It’s best to use a microwave-safe container when warming soup. You can use a mug but for the best outcome, use a microwavable bowl.
  • Partially cover the soup with a microwave-proof lid, a wet paper towel, or a microwavable plastic wrap to prevent the soup from splashing and heat the soup evenly.
  • When reheating soup, ensure it reaches 165℉ or 74℃ to kill any latent bacteria in your broth thoroughly.
  • Only rewarm leftover soup once. Reheat only the quantity you’d like to use immediately, and store the surplus in a covered container somewhere cold.  Reheating soup many times will minimize its nutritional value and spoil it.
  • Always stir soup at 30-second intervals to enable it to heat evenly, and heat for a total of two or three minutes.

How to Keep Chicken Soup For Longer?

How To Reheat Chicken Soup In MicrowaveIf you intend to keep your chicken soup fresh for longer, you should use a vacuum sealer.  Of course, you might be questioning how the two can work.  Well, all you need is to start by freezing the soup.

Therefore put it in a container of your choice and insert it in the freezer for some hours till it slightly solidifies, then cover it with a vacuum sealer.  It’s a good way of eliminating any excess air from the container, and it seals it well.  Thus it will ensure your broth lasts for longer.

How To Freeze Chicken Soup

How To Reheat Chicken Soup In MicrowaveThe best way to effectively freeze chicken soup is to ensure your soup is as fresh as possible.

  • Choose a recipe and cook your soup accordingly, then remove any foam that has settled on the top.
  • Remove all the vegetables in the soup to remain with clear liquid.
  • Let the soup reach room temperature.
  • For a less oily chicken soup, put the soup in the refrigerator to cool, and the oil will settle at the top.
  • Then separate the oil from the soup.
  • To use freezer bags to store, put the freezer bag in a huge container.
  • Fold the bag’s edges over the top of the container, so it’s easy to fill.
  • Empty your soup into the freezer bags and seal it but leave some space at the edge for expansion.
  • When freezing, using the same amount of soup will enable you to defrost the right amount later.
  • Mark and date the bags, and write the quantity each bag contains.
  • Finally, place the bags flat in the freezer and pile them for better. Yes, and only reheat the amount you want to use and preserve the surplus in a cold place.  When reheating chicken soup or meat broth, let it boil for three minutes so that it can kill any dangerous bacteria that can be destroyed.

Faqs On How to Reheat Chicken Soup in Microwave

Can You Reheat Chicken Soup?

Yes, and only reheat the amount you want to use and preserve the surplus in a cold place.  When reheating chicken soup or meat broth, let it boil for three minutes so that it can kill any dangerous bacteria that can be destroyed.

How Do I Reheat Chicken Soup?

Reheat your chicken soup on medium heat while stirring regularly until it is hot.

Use low heat when reheating thick soups comprising milk, eggs, cheese, or cream while stirring consistently.  Boiling might separate the ingredients.  Defrost soup in the refrigerator and use it immediately.

How Do You Keep Soup From Exploding in the microwave?

To minimize the chances of soup exploding in the microwave, place anything non-metallic in the soup.

It’s good to heat the soup at one-minute intervals and constantly tap the soup container to assess overheating.

Can You Microwave Chicken Soup?

Yes, you can safely reheat chicken soup using the microwave.  Basically, using the microwave to reheat chicken soup is the most effective and fastest way to warm soup.

Can I Reheat Chicken Soup Three Times?

How To Reheat Chicken Soup In MicrowaveOnly reheat leftovers once.  If you have plenty of soup, it’s best to reheat only what you’ll use and store the rest in the freezer.

The many times you reheat and cool food or soups, the more it is likely to get food poisoning.

How Long Does It Take To Reheat Chicken In The Microwave?

It usually takes about two minutes to reheat one pound of chicken in the microwave if you’re using a well-covered container.

Can You Reheat Chicken And Rice Soup?

Yes, just nuke your soup for 30-second intervals until it is evenly heated.  Alternatively, you can reheat over the stovetop on medium heat.

If the rice is too watery and the soup is excessively thick, add more water or chicken soup.

How Many Times Can You Reheat Soup?

Avoid reheating soup more than once, and only take what you’ll use and store the rest somewhere cold.  Never forget that when reheating any soup, let it simmer for three minutes so that any harmful bacteria can be destroyed.

Can I Reheat Pret Soup?

You can stir soups based on broth over medium heat or microwave them after warming them.  The separation of ingredients can occur as a result of boiling.  Frozen soups can be used quickly.  Chops should be frozen and then handled immediately.

How Do You Reheat Chicken Noodle Soup On The Stove?

How To Reheat Chicken Soup In MicrowaveChoose the pot you’d like to use and empty the soup you want to reheat inside the pot.  Ensure the pot is big enough to prevent the soup from spilling over.

Choose the right heat temperature and heat while stirring.  Let the chicken noodles boil until it simmers and ejects from the heat.  Check if the temperature is fine and serve.

Can You Reheat Chicken And Corn Soup?

Yes.  Chicken and corn soup can stay in the fridge for three to four days if kept in an airtight container.  To reheat the soup from frozen, let it defrost in the microwave or refrigerator and reheat until thoroughly hot.

How Do I Microwave Soup Without Making a Mess?

To prevent food from spilling and promote even cooking, cover your bowl of soup with a microwavable plate or a plastic wrap.

If warming canned food, read the packaging instructions and home-prepared soup, heat for a maximum of one minute to prevent the soup from over boiling and pouring in the microwave.


Chicken soup is a tasty, healthy and satisfying dish.  And since you may not have time to prepare it from scratch, you might want to save the soup’s preparation time by preparing huge batches and storing them for future use.

Using the microwave makes reheating chicken soup faster and more effective without altering the taste.  Nonetheless, you should only reheat your soup once and never store warmed chicken soup because of bacterial formation and the risk of alternating the taste.

Using a microwave-safe lid will, when reheating will, prevent it from splashing and will also ensure the heat is equally distributed.  When the internal temperature of soup reaches 74℃ or 165℉, know that it’s perfectly heated.

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