How To Reheat Bread In Microwave Quickly

How To Reheat Bread In MicrowaveDo you feel like you can’t deal with rock-hard bread anymore? Do you no longer enjoy reheating bread for breakfast because each time you try, it gets rocky-hard? Now relax!

Use a microwave instead of repeating those underhanded methods you’ve been using for reheating bread. It’s critical to know how to reheat bread without it becoming chewing and gummy. And by using the right technique, you’ll know how to effortlessly reheat bread in the microwave.

Put your wrapped bread in a microwave oven alongside a cup of water. Heat for ten seconds using low power. Flip and heat the other side of the bread, excluding the paper towel wrapper but cover it again, then heat on micro-low power for ten seconds.

How To Reheat Bread In The Microwave [Step By Step]

If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest approach to reheat bread, the microwave is the best alternative. Here are the steps to ensure you do them right:

Step 1: Take a small microwavable bowl and add roughly three tablespoons of water to enhance the moisture content in the microwave.

Step 2: Place the bowl inside the microwave and heat for approximately one minute on high power.

Step 3: Layer a microwave-safe plate with two sheets of paper towels and spread your bread on the plate.

Step 4: Partially cover the bread using a somewhat moist paper towel.

Step 5: Place your bread inside the microwave.

Step 6: Turn on low power and microwave for ten seconds.

Step 7: Flip the bread and heat it for ten more seconds.

Step 8: Get the loaf from the microwave and serve while hot.

Secrets of Reheat Bread Without It Getting Hard

How To Reheat Bread In MicrowaveAttempting to bite into recently heated bread has never been an easy task. After reheating bread, it tends to get rocky-tough and almost difficult to eat. Fortunately, there are various ways you can avoid this headache and enjoy it.

1. Wrap the bread

To prevent your bread from becoming crusty, wrap your soft bread with aluminum foil before heating it in the microwave. It’s a good way of preserving moisture inside the aluminum foil without the soft bread turning rock-hard.

When heating with the microwave, you can also consider wrapping the bread using a wet paper towel. And this is a great way of using water and wrapper to lock moisture. It is a recommendable method to use when reheating to get softer bread.

2. Choose the Right Temperature and Time

Another way to ensure your bread doesn’t get hard when reheating is by using the right temperature and time. It’s effortless; hence you should avoid reheating your bread using high temperatures. Apart from the temperature, the time should not exceed ten seconds when reheating bread in the microwave. Note that anything beyond that will definitely make your bread crispy and tough. And indeed, that is not something you’d like to experience with your bread as you wouldn’t want to take burnt bread.

Ensure you use the correct time and temperature that will work perfectly. Slow and low is the way to go. Therefore a heat of roughly 300℉ to 315℉ is the right temperature while reheating any bread. Choose average power if using the stove and select the lowest setting if using a microwave.

3. Use Water

The third way of ensuring your bread remains soft when reheating is by using water. Thus water should be your companion when it entails reheating. You will need water whether you’re using the microwave, a stove, or an oven.

But how do you use it? Well, the best approach is to sprinkle some water in your whole bread or slice before warming. You can also put a water container in your apparatus, which should evaporate on your bread when heating.

Best Tips On How To Store Bread

You now know how to reheat bread, but what about storing it appropriately? These tips will guide you on the right way to store bread:

  • Avoid using plastic. Bread is better if stored in a paper bag. It will prevent mold from forming and ensure your bread remains fresh for long.
  • Would you like your bread to last for more than three days? Store it in the freezer. Avoid keeping bread in the refrigerator for too long if you want it to last longer.




  • If you’re planning to freeze bread, buy an unsliced loaf. Uncut loaves freeze better than bread slices. Furthermore, it makes reheating bread easy.
  • Buy a bread box. It is an exciting way of storing bread to ensure it remains fresh, and it also makes your kitchen look stylish.
  • Bread is best stored in a cool, dry place, though not in the refrigerator, as it might dry it faster. Place the bread on the counter or keep it in a drawer or cabinet to maintain its freshness.

Faqs On How To Reheat Bread in the Microwave

How Do You Reheat Baked Bread?

Warm your oven to 350℉. Don’t use high heat because high temperatures will burn your loaf. Use a foil to wrap your loaf as it’s good for ensuring the coating is soft throughout and the bread heats to the core. Bake for approximately 15 minutes and if ready, get from the oven and serve.

What happens if you microwave bread?

If you put bread in a microwave, you won’t end up with a ruined microwave, just a ruined piece of bread. After more than ten seconds in a microwave, enough moisture leaves the bread to make it a hard, stale, and chewy mess. The best way to bring back stale bread is to toss it in the oven for some minutes at 350℉.

Is It Safe To Reheat Bread In Microwave?

How To Reheat Bread In MicrowaveIf you put bread in the microwave to reheat, it won’t damage your microwave, but it will spoil your bread. After staying for approximately ten seconds in the microwave, your bread will be dehydrated and become tough and chewy. The best way to reheat decayed bread is to put it in the oven for some minutes.

Why Does Bread Get Hard After Microwave?

Bread will soften when the sugar molecules melt after reaching 212℉. That’s why it is soft and fluffy immediately after it comes from the microwave. But upon cooling, the particles recrystallize and toughen, resulting in gummy and tough bread.

How Do You Reheat Dry Bread?

Firmly wrap your bread with aluminum foil and put it at the center of a cold oven rack, and adjust the heat to 300 degrees. Let it bake for roughly 30 minutes or 20 minutes for small and thin loaves of bread like baguettes. Remove the wrapper and return the bread to the oven for five more minutes until the crust gets crispy.

How Do You Reheat Sliced Bread?

How To Reheat Bread In MicrowaveLet the slices thaw and toss in the oven at 350 degrees for ten to fifteen minutes. It’s not good to store bread in the refrigerator, which can interfere with the arrangement of the molecules, which makes bread decay.

How Do You Keep Bread Warm For Hours?

Though bread warmers are available in stores, you can design an affordable one in your way. Use a towel to wrap some dried beans and nuke them in the microwave. Take a bread basket and place it on the bundled beans. Your bread will remain warm for many hours.

How do You Soften Bread Again?

Cover your bread with a slightly moist towel and put it on a microwavable plate. Heat for 10 seconds on high and check if soft enough. If not, repeat the process. Always be careful to prevent the bread from overcooking and the towel from causing a fire.

How Do I Make Crispy Bread In The Microwave?

Wrap your bread and put it on a microwave-safe plate. Lift the bread a bit using a paper towel for the best outcome. Don’t overheat the bread, as it will crisp after 30 to 60 seconds.

How Do Restaurants Keep Bread Warm?

Some restaurants have warming drawers for storing bread situated in the waiters’ stations where they can control temperature and humidity. It’s a good way of ensuring bread remains warm and doesn’t dry out.

Can You Use Crockpot To Keep Bread Warm?

You can use a slow cooker to keep your bread warm, awaiting serving. Alternatively, you can use it to reheat your bread the following day if you want to bake them for an upcoming celebration.

How Do You Reheat Rolls Without Drying Them Out?

If using the oven, use a foil to wrap your dinner rolls and put them on a baking sheet. Heat the rolls at 350℉ for ten to fifteen minutes, till it is warm enough. The foil will prevent them from drying out.

How Long Does It Take To Warm Bread In The Oven?

Various bread warm perfectly at 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. If reheating, simply cover the bread with aluminum foil and bake it for ten to fifteen minutes in a 350 degrees preheated oven.

How Do You Keep Baked Goods Warm?

How To Reheat Bread In MicrowaveIf you want to keep your baked munchies warm, the best strategy is to wrap them with aluminum foil. It’s worth remembering that aluminum foil can only retain heat for about 30 minutes.

How Do You Make a Bread-Warming Blanket?

The secret lies in the detachable flax-full packaging. Microwave it and put it in the blanket’s pocket together with your bread, and wrap them together. Decide between a basket design and a simple white for extra charm on your table or a matchless hostess present that indicates “fresh from the oven” for the long dinner ahead.


After reheating, your bread has been getting hard, but your agony has now ended. Using water, a damp towel, the right temperature, and heat to reheat your bread will be soft and fluffy. By utilizing the steps above to reheat your leftover bread, you don’t have to worry about unpleasant texture or spoilage.

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