How to Reheat a Burrito in Microwave [Easy and Quick]

How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveLet’s be honest; nothing beats a freshly made burrito. The juicy meat, creamy guacamole, and tangy salsa all wrapped up in a delicious tortilla can make for one tasty treat.

But sometimes, life gets in the way, and you find yourself with cold leftovers on your hands. Or maybe you don’t have time to sit down at your favorite restaurant and enjoy a piping hot burrito.

Either way, don’t fret! There is no need to let that perfect burrito go to waste when you can quickly reheat it in a microwave.

Here’s how to reheat a burrito in microwave.

First, remove the foil from the burrito and drape it in a damp paper towel. Next, set it on a microwave-safe plate and nuke for 2-3 minutes on high. After 30 seconds, check it, flip it over, and continue heating in 30-second bursts until your burrito is steaming hot or 165 °F.

And that’s how you achieve a tender, delicious burrito.

In today’s post, we’ll detail how to reheat a burrito in the microwave and share some tips. We’ll also address critical questions around the topic. Finally, we’ll look at various types of burritos and advise how to reheat them in a microwave.

Let’s begin.

Is it Safe to Reheat a Burrito in the microwave?

How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveDue to the rising lifestyle diseases, people are becoming more health-conscious. It’s no surprise that many individuals would like to know the safest way to reheat their foods. For some, it is a matter of life and death. For others, it is about maintaining good health for as long as possible.

A burrito is a typical Mexican dish consisting of a flour tortilla wrapped around various ingredients such as rice, beans, meat, and vegetables. The dish is usually served with salsa or guacamole. It can be eaten as an entrée or as a snack.

If you have leftover burritos from your last party, you may want to know whether it’s safe to reheat them in a microwave. The answer is yes; you can safely reheat your burritos using a microwave. Even better, it’s quick and easy, saving you hours of waiting over an oven or stovetop.

However, there are certain precautions you need to take when reheating your burritos. It’s not enough just to pop them into a microwave and expect them to taste as good as they did when they were freshly made.

Precaution to Take When Reheating Burritos in Microwave


  • First, as tasty as burritos are, they can become contaminated with bacteria if not prepared and stored properly. This is especially true for meat-based fillings that may have been sitting out at room temperature for hours.
  • So when reheating your burritos, make sure you heat them thoroughly until steaming hot. The U .S. Department of Agriculture advises heating food until it reaches an internal temperature of 74 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit). This is enough to kill any bacteria that may have contaminated your food.
  • Second, because microwaves tend to dry out foods, you need to add extra moisture back into your burritos before reheating them. This you can do by wrapping them in damp paper towels and heating them in a microwave in short bursts of 30 seconds or less.
  • Third, as with most foods cooked using high heat methods such as grilling or frying, it’s best not to reheat burritos more than once. Doing so can cause them to lose their flavor and texture.
  • Finally, let your burritos cool down before storing them in an airtight container. This will help keep them fresh for more extended periods.

How Long to Reheat a Burrito in Microwave

How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveBurrito enthusiasts will tell you that time is of the essence when it comes to reheating burritos. This is especially true if you’re using a microwave, which tends to dry out foods if left for too long.

If you want your burrito to retain its original taste and texture and not come out soggy or rubbery, nuke it for a short period. Generally, it will take between 2 and 3 minutes to reheat your burrito to a temperature that’s safe for consumption.

However, the time can vary depending on various factors. They include your microwave’s wattage, the number of burritos reheating at once, and whether they are frozen or not.

If you have multiple burritos to reheat at once, it’s best to nuke them separately. This will ensure that each is heated evenly and doesn’t come out soggy or rubbery. Also, if your microwave has more than 1000 watts of power, it may take less time for your burrito to reach an edible temperature.

Similarly, if you’re using frozen burritos, thaw them first before reheating. Otherwise, they might take too long to heat and become soggy or rubbery.

However, to be safe, always start with 30 seconds and go from there. If your burrito isn’t hot enough after one minute, give it another 10-15 seconds and rotate halfway through. Repeat until your burrito reaches a temperature that’s suitable for consumption (165 °F)

Tips for Reheating a Burrito in Microwave

How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveIf you want to reheat your burrito in the microwave without ruining it, a few tips can help. Here we lay it out all for you so that next time you have some burrito leftovers, you know exactly what to do.

  • Burritos come wrapped in aluminum foil, which can cause fires or explosions when heated in the microwave. Before you put your burrito in for a reheat, please remove it from its original wrapping and instead wrap it in paper towels. This will prevent any sparks that might occur during heating.
  • Wrapping your burrito in a moist paper towel will help keep it from drying out during reheating. Microwaves tend to dry food out, so adding moisture helps counteract that effect.
  • If frozen, you’ll want to defrost your burrito before reheating it in the microwave. An excellent way to do that is by leaving it out on your counter for about an hour or less. But if pressed for time, zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until defrosted.
  • If you don’t want the fillings too hot, remove them from your burrito before reheating. You can put them back once it’s heated through. However, this step is optional and will depend on how you like your burrito.
  • Use only microwave-safe containers for reheating your burrito. Avoid plastic, which can melt and leach harmful chemicals into your food. Instead, use glass or ceramic dishes that are safe to heat in your microwave.
  • Don’t reheat your burrito for too long, or it will become soggy and lose flavor. You’re advised to heat your burrito on high in 30-second intervals while flipping it over each time. This should take no more than two-three minutes total.
  • Make sure your burrito is piping hot before serving. You can do so by using an instant-read thermometer to check that the center of your burrito has reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Reheat a Burrito in Microwave (Step by Step)


How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveReheating a burrito in the microwave is a quick and easy way to get your meal back on track. Follow these steps to ensure you don’t end up with a soggy mess of tortillas, beans, and cheese.


Step 1: Remove the Burrito’s Foil

Remove your burrito from its foil packaging and wrap it loosely in a moist paper towel. The moisture will help keep your tortilla from getting soggy while reheating it.

Step 2: Set Your Burrito on a Microwavable Platter

Wrapped in a moist paper towel, place your burrito on a microwave-safe plate.

Step 3: Nuke Your Burrito 2-3 Minutes at High Power

Put your plate of burritos in the microwave and press start. Start with 30 seconds on high power, then remove it from the microwave and check the progress.

Step 4: Flip Your Burrito Over and Nuke in 30-Second Increments

If your microwave has a turntable, turn it on. Then, using tongs or an oven mitt, flip your burrito onto its other side. Next, return it to the microwave and nuke it in 30-second bursts until it’s extensively heated.

Step 5: Remove Your Burrito from Microwave and Let it Sit

Ensure your burrito is thoroughly heated to 165 degrees F. If not, continue microwaving in 30-second increments until it reaches that temperature.

Once you’ve reached that point, remove your burrito from the microwave and let it sit for at least 2 minutes before eating. This will give all of its ingredients time to heat through evenly.

Final Step: Unwrap the Paper Towel and Enjoy

Once your burrito has cooled for at least 2 minutes, unwrap it from its paper towel and enjoy.

How to Reheat Different Types of Burritos

Although burritos are originally from Mexico, they have become increasingly popular worldwide. There are many different types of burritos, and each one is unique in its way.

Here’s how to reheat some of your favorite varieties.

  1. California Burrito: This burrito is made with carne asada, guacamole, sour cream, and French fries. The fries are what make them unique from other burritos. Since they are massive in size, you’ll want to reheat them in the oven instead of a microwave.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place your California burrito on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet. Heat for about 30 minutes or until it reaches your desired temperature.

  1. Breakfast burritos: If you’re looking for an easy way to start your day, breakfast burritos are just what you need. They’re typically made with cheese, potatoes, and eggs being the main ingredient.

Since they dry out quickly, it’s best to reheat them using a microwave. Sprinkle some water or wrap these tasty treats in damp paper towels before reheating.

  1. A wet burrito: It’s eaten with a fork and knife, as it’s so messy that you can’t pick it up. Wet burritos are typically made with red or green sauce, but they can also have other ingredients. You don’t have to drape your wet burrito in moist paper towels while reheating.
  2. Chipotle burrito: It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular burritos. It includes your choice of meat, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. This makes it massive enough that you’ll need to reheat it in the microwave or oven.
  3. El Monterey Burritos: Last but not least, is the El Monterey burrito. It’s filled with beef, beans, cheese, and enchilada sauce. To reheat it safely, you should wrap it in damp paper towels and nuke it for about two minutes on high or until it reaches your desired temperature.

Faqs On How to Reheat a Burrito in Microwave

Can you eat a burrito the next day?

Yes, if you’re planning on eating your burrito later that day, it’s best to refrigerate within 2 hours of serving. If you can’t eat your burrito immediately, wrap it tightly in an airtight container or zip-top bag and refrigerate. It should be good for up to 3 days.

What is the best way to reheat a Chipotle burrito?


You can reheat your Chipotle burrito either in a microwave, oven, or stovetop. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.


For example, a microwave will heat your food quickly, while you’ll get a crispier tortilla with the oven. A stovetop will give you more control over how hot you want your food.

How do you reheat a Chipotle burrito in the oven?


How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowavePreheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Once the oven is preheated, place your Chipotle burrito on a cookie sheet and heat for 10-12 minutes. Make sure it reaches 165 degrees F before removing it from the oven. Serve with hot sauce if desired.


How do you reheat a Taco Bell Burrito?


You can reheat a Taco bell burrito using either your microwave or conventional oven. The method you choose depends on your preference and how quickly you want it done.

A microwave will take between 30 and 45 seconds, while an oven takes around 10 minutes. Regardless of which method you use, make sure that your burrito reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before eating.

Why do microwave burritos explode?

The explosion of burritos in microwaves is caused by their high water content. The water molecule is strongly polarized and has a positively and negatively charged end.

When you heat water, it boils at 100 degrees Celsius and turns into steam. This process requires energy, but when there’s not enough energy (as when you microwave food), some of that energy is released as heat. This causes pressure inside your burrito and makes it explode.

Why are my burritos soggy?

The main reason for soggy burritos is your ingredient temperature. All ingredients must be hot when you put them into your tortilla. If they are too cold, they will steam and turn soggy when reheated.

How do you keep a burrito warm without getting soggy?

The trick is to wrap it tightly in moist paper towels if you want it warm or foil if you want it hot. This will help keep moisture inside and prevent sogginess. It’s also essential not to over-microwave your burrito, as that can cause it to dry out quickly.

 How do you heat a burrito wrap?

How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveTo reheat your burrito wrap, place it on a microwave-safe plate and microwave in 30-second intervals until warm. You can sprinkle some water over your wrap before microwaving it so that it doesn’t become dry or brittle.


Alternatively, you can heat your wrap by wrapping it in foil and placing it in an oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.


Is it okay to heat a burrito with sour cream in the microwave?

How to Reheat a Burrito in MicrowaveYes, it is okay to microwave a burrito with sour cream in it. Sour cream is made from dairy products, which are relatively heat-resistant and should not curdle when heated in a microwave.

Ensure you heat your burrito on high until hot or to an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you can enjoy your burrito without worrying about food poisoning.


Final Thoughts

Reheating burritos is one of those things that seem simple but can be tricky. It’s all about getting it right to avoid soggy or burnt tortillas and cold fillings. While microwaves are handy for reheating food, they tend to dry out foods (like burritos) due to their intense heat.

It is, therefore, best to wrap your burrito in damp paper towels before reheating it in a microwave. This will help retain moisture while allowing your burrito to heat through evenly.

And don’t forget to remove any foil from around your burrito first. Otherwise, you risk an explosion, which could result in a fire.

Follow the steps in our guide to perfectly reheat your burrito every time.

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