5 Easy Steps On How to Microwave Popcorn Without a Bag

How to Microwave Popcorn Without a BagPopcorn is a ceremonial way of watching movies. However, you don’t need to indulge in a whole bucket of popcorn while in the theater.

Just toss a bag in the microwave and wait shortly for the fleecy buds to pop up. But can you still enjoy this favorite snack without microwaving it in a bag? How to microwave popcorn without a bag

Definitely, it is safe to microwave popcorn without using a bag. Essentially, disregarding these packaging bags will prevent numerous microwave popcorn risks like cancer and lung diseases.

To pop kernels without a plastic bag, take a microwavable bowl and pour your popcorn in it. Cover the container using a vented lid and microwave on high heat for between two to four minutes or until you can no longer hear the popping sound.

Can You Safely Microwave Popcorn Without Using a Bag?

Yes, it is absolutely secure to microwave popcorn without using a bag. Moreover, avoiding these packaging bags prevents numerous microwave popcorn risks.

Most industrial microwave popcorn bags comprise PFOA (perfluorooctanoic) acid in their inner coating. Therefore, the amount of PFOA acid should worry you because a study in 2006 realized that it might be oncogenic to human beings. MRE can also be made in the microwave.

EPA’s Science Advisory Board gave the verdict after assessing perfluorooctanoic acid. If you microwave popcorn using packaged bags, these substances can make you prone to testicular and kidney cancer.

Additionally, excessive salt and butter are associated with different health issues, minimizing the flavorings and taking a healthy snack.

Steps to Microwave Popcorn Without a Bag

Microwaving kernels by eliminating packaging bags stands among the healthiest techniques to make a quick snack.

Avoiding the direct popcorn bags that already contain seasoning is the key step towards making a healthy snack within a short time.

Step 1: Pour The Popcorn Kernels Into a Bowl

Choose a microwave-safe bowl, like a Pyrex bowl. Pour a one-quarter cup of kernels and cover using a microwavable lid or plate, and ensure it covers the entire open surface.

Step 2: Put in The Microwave to Cook

Heat on maximum temperature for two to four minutes. Be standby and remove the kernels from the gear once the popping stops and you notice pauses between pops. The kernels won’t get burnt though there will be one or two spoons of unpopped kernels. The container may burn, so you should be cautious and hold it using a kitchen cloth, so you don’t burn your fingers.

Step 3: Remove From The Microwave

Empty the freshly made popcorns in a big serving container, season using salt, and have fun.

Step 4: Return The Uncooked Batch

It’s critical to separate the exploded from the unexploded grains. Return the unexploded popcorns to the microwavable container and cover them.

Step 5: Repeat as Above

Replicate the procedure and nuke the remaining popcorns that remained below the bowl. Because they are already subjected to heat, they won’t take much time to pop and may only need 45 minutes to be ready.

How Long Does it Take to Pop Microwave Popcorn Without a Bag?

How to Microwave Popcorn Without a BagWhen preparing popcorn in the microwave without a bag, it usually takes two to four minutes. The duration depends on microwave wattage and the quantity of popcorns you intend to make.

Cook the popcorns in the microwave at a high temperature for four minutes maximum. Continue heating until you start noticing two-second breaks during pops.

Next, remove the container from the microwave cautiously, noting that it’s pretty hot and might burn your hands or face when the steam is escaping.

During the heating process, avoid leaving it unattended as it pops. Stay standby and be attentive because you wouldn’t want your popcorn burning making it bitter and unpleasant.

Tips to Microwave Popcorn Without a Bag

When preparing popcorns in the microwave minus a bag, be watchful of the time it takes you to cook them and what apparatus you’re using. Here are some tips that will enable you to prepare delicious popcorns without using a bag:

1. Shun prolonged heating

Though the objective is to pop as many popcorns as possible, the time depends on different aspects:

  • Water content
  • Amount of kernel
  • Age of popcorns
  • Climate and
  • Microwave voltage

As you microwave popcorns, some may remain unexploded. Turn the bowl over in a cooling rack, remove the unpopped corns, and heat them in a different container until they pop. They will all pop if you heat for much longer, but some may start burning.

2. Stay nearby when microwaving your kernel

The grains will start popping fast, and once you notice a two-second pause during the process, they’re done. Proceed and remove the bowl from the microwave and serve immediately.

3. Avoid using paper bags

Use a Pyrex bowl and cover it with a microwave-safe plate to prevent the kernels from spilling over.

NB: Three tablespoons of popcorn should give seven and a half cups of popcorn.

Types of Microwave Popcorn

There are numerous varieties and makes of microwave kernel that encompasses different oil and seasoning quantities. Here are some of the most known microwave popcorn varieties:


The Orville popcorn variety is the top popcorn brand that uses real butter to make its products. They market their popcorns free from artificial flavors, preservatives, GMOs, or dyes. Orville is the best variety to purchase due to the natural ingredients and great flavor. Though it’s made to be microwaved, this popcorn will also be perfect if cooked using any method.


Pop secret popcorns boast because their product doesn’t contain any preservatives or GMOs.

Act II

Act II popcorn is a popcorn variety designed to taste and resemble movie theater popcorn.

Jolly Time

Jolly Time is full-grain popcorn that contains genuine butter, and you can find it in every state in the U.S.

Skinny Pop

Unlike its name, skinny pop is not a very healthy popcorn brand. Skinny pop describes skinny as using the least, easiest and hygienic components possible.

Making Your Popcorn Tastier with Additives

How to Microwave Popcorn Without a BagTo make your popcorn tasty, you can add butter, salt, and some drops of oil at the bottom of the container before adding your kernels. Alternatively, you can find grains with different flavors in the stores. Some flavors you may find include cheese, butter, and barbecue.

Irrespective of how you add flavors to your popcorn, the main objective is to allow kernels to absorb the powder or liquid flavors as they are cooking in the microwave. If you’d like your popcorn to taste extra buttery or saltier like cinema popcorn, you can add “Flavacol” mixed with oil.

You can also cook the remaining unexploded popcorns with tasty liquids and return them in the microwave to pop once more.

Here are some more popcorn topping ideas you may like:

  • Chilli lime seasoning
  • Pumpkin spice
  • Cinnamon and sugar
  • Toasted coconut
  • Apple pie spice
  • Caramel or salted caramel
  • Old bay seasoning
  • Buffalo sauce and butter
  • Melted chocolate and sea salt
  • Bacon grease and crumbled bacon
  • Ranch seasoning
  • Parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast
  • Browned butter, rosemary and lemon peel

Never Cook Microwave Popcorn in:

An air-popper

You may be having a bag of microwave popcorn at home. Well, never attempt to cook it using an air popper. Air poppers can only cook popcorn without oil at all. Therefore, the oil found in popcorns from the bag might interrupt the process, and the popcorn may not turn out as you expected. Additionally, the oil might also destroy the air popper.

You may be able to wash off all the oil from the popcorn kernels and put them in an air fryer, but this might be a very challenging task and not worthwhile.

A normal oven

How to Microwave Popcorn Without a BagCooking popcorn using a standard oven is not recommendable. Numerous things might happen when you attempt to cook microwave popcorn using a normal oven. For example, the popcorns may become dry, the popcorn might burn easily, or it might not cook uniformly. The air inside the oven does not spread heat properly as oil or stove would.

And luckily, there are more straightforward and secure ways to cook popcorn; therefore, avoid using the oven where possible.

Faqs ABout How to Microwave Popcorn without a Bag

How do I Popcorn in the Microwave Without a Bag?

If you want to make popcorn without a bag, utilize a microwave-safe bowl or a microwave popcorn popper in place of a bag. Confirm if you’re using a microwave-safe container since that’s the most critical aspect.

Can you Microwave Popcorn in a Plastic Bowl?

Yes, you can safely microwave popcorn in a bowl, provided it has a microwave-safe label. Pour the content into a microwave-safe bowl and cover with a lid. Then pop for four minutes until the popcorns stop popping.

Can you Air Pop Microwave Popcorn?

Yes, you can air pop microwave popcorn using a unique tool known as an air popper. The air popper transmits hot air throughout the popcorn kernels. Once it heats up, the kernel pop pushes them out from the popping bowl to a storage region.

Can you Microwave Regular Popcorn Kernels?

How to Microwave Popcorn Without a BagYou can cook ordinary popcorn in the microwave. However, you don’t need to add oil to normal microwave kernels. All you require is a microwave-safe bowl and a plate to cover.

Can you Pop Popcorn in Tupperware?

Yes, when microwaving popcorn, you don’t need a bag. Simply use a microwavable bowl and mix popcorn kernel with the optional salt and oil. Place a plate or lid on the top and ensure it covers the entire opening of the bowl.

How do you Microwave Popcorn?

 Take a large microwavable bowl, like a Pyrex bowl. Pour a quarter cup of the kernels and cover using a microwavable lid or plate and ensure it covers the entire top part—heat on high for two to four minutes.

Is Microwave Popcorn Healthy?

Four out of five professionals agree that microwave popcorn is healthy. It contains whole grain, high fiber, low calories, and is nutritious.

How do I Make Microwave Popcorn Better?

Add one tablespoon of yeast and two teaspoons of olive oil or melted butter for better taste. You can also add garlic, pepper, peanut butter, cocoa coconut, chilly garlic-lime, and truffle.

How Long Should I Microwave Popcorn For?

Set the temperature on high for four minutes. Attend to it while popping and listening. Popping times for big bags differ from two to four minutes or one to two minutes for small bags.

How do you Make Popcorn in a Microwave in a Plastic Bag?

How to Microwave Popcorn Without a BagPour about a third cup of popcorn in a bag and fold the top. Secure the bag like pre-boxed items and put it in a Ziploc bag with instructions. You can then microwave it.

How Does a Microwave Popcorn Bowl Work?

A microwave popcorn bowl is a tool used to make healthy popcorn. It is less messy and affordable than microwavable bags, and it expands. It also has fill lines created like a design for guidance.

Does Popcorn Pop in a Bowl?

Yes, popcorn will pop in a bowl when microwaving. Pour some popcorn kernels into a huge bowl, cover using a lid, and then microwave for four minutes until the popping stops.

Why is Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Better?

Orville Redenbacher is best due to its smooth butter taste, spreading over the popcorn.


Popping popcorn kernels without using a bag is simple. Of great importance is to ensure that you’re using a microwave-safe container and cover with a lid that perfectly covers the entire open surface. If you’re worried about toxic chemicals in microwave popcorn, prepare your kernels at home using an air popper or stove.

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