How to Microwave Hot Dogs-(In 5 Easy Steps)

How to Microwave Hot DogsIt’s their pink color that brings confusion! However, most hot dogs are ready cooked and ready to eat straight from the package.

Therefore, boiling them for long in the microwave or grill may be pointless and may absorb the flavors from your hot dogs. But for better taste, you may decide to microwave them.

But one may want to know how to microwave hot dogs?

To microwave hot dogs, poke the franks using a fork or a small knife to allow the juice out and prevent the case from exploding. Give it time to cook, depending on the number of hot dogs. Then cover with a wet paper towel or place in a microwavable plate and cover using a wet paper towel.

The simplest and fastest way to cook hot dogs is by microwaving them. With the correct procedure, you can prevent burning, exploding and drying out since it requires more than a touch of the button when microwaving.

If you want to prepare a perfect hot dog using the microwave, it only needs a few steps. Here’s how to do it.

Here’s How To Microwave Hot Dogs

Step 1: Cover your hot dogs using a paper towel

You can choose to cook your hot dogs on the microwave grilles. Alternatively, you can use a microwave-safe plate or a paper plate for the hot dogs. However, always note that juices from the hot dog may turn into a mess and force you to clean up once you’re done cooking.

If you choose the paper towel, carefully wrap the hot dog in it. For the plate, spread a piece of paper towel on top of the franks.

Step 2: Space the Hot Dogs Apart

Are you planning to cook two or more hot dogs at a time? You can cook them both using the same paper towel but pace them far from each other.

Step 3: Microwave in 30 to 40-second Bursts

You understand your microwave perfectly; you can therefore decide the amount of time to dedicate for your hot dog to cook completely. The typical time a hot dog needs to cook is between 30 and 40 seconds, but other people prefer to wait until 50 seconds. If your microwave is very powerful, this time may be excess.

Step 4: Microwave for 30 more seconds if necessary

After your microwave peeps, check if your hot dog is ready. Allow the cooking time you choose to lapse. If you notice some parts still cold, return them to the microwave and cook for another 30 seconds. Sometimes you may be required to do this for the third time if your microwave is not very powerful.

Step 5: Carefully remove the dogs from the microwave as you avoid steam

Immediately your hot dogs are cooked, slowly remove them from the microwave. Allow them to cool a little, then take off the paper towel. Because the paper towel absorbed most steam, after the steam discharges, it might burn you.

You can then proceed and serve your hot dogs.

How Can you Tell if your Hot Dog is Fully Cooked?

How to Microwave Hot DogsThere’s a famous rumor that a fully cooked hot dog will float in a water container. It is not true, and definitely not the right way to tell if your hot dog is cooked. Franks float irrespective of whether they’re cooked or not.

Instead, what you need to do to identify if your hot dog is fully cooked is to look at it the first time you remove it from the microwave. If you notice that the hot dog’s skin has some wrinkles, mostly at the edges, know that it is perfectly cooked.

On the other hand, you can look at the color of its outer skin. Initially, the color will be pink, and then it will turn into a dark brown color. However, never let it turn black, as that shows that it’s overcooked.

Tips for a Perfect Microwave Hot Dog

1. Choose quality hot dog

To make your hot dog enjoyable, consider using quality meat. Select hot dogs with fewer fillings and less synthetic flavors. Best selections include Hillshire Farm’s Beef Hot Links or Oscar Meyer’s uncured hot dogs.

2. Cook in intervals

Whenever you’re using the microwave for cooking hot dogs, cook in intervals. Check it regularly to avoid overheating and danger of explosion.

3. Adjust depending on the microwave

Set less time if your microwave is more powerful and more time if you’re using the weak tabletop varieties.

4. Adjust depending on size

Standard hot dogs take less time than jumbo sizes.

5. Prepare burns separately

Always get your buns ready earlier to ensure you serve your hot dogs while still hot from the microwave. Warm them up using the microwave or toast them in the oven, grill or skillet.

Covering with Towel and Microwave Cooking Times

Start by rolling up the paper towels or use another towel to cover the franks. Covering them using another coat absorbs water from them while the microwave rays heat them. You’ll, in turn, have a tender, juicy, and fleshy hot dog once you’re done cooking it.

Next, fold the towel edges to prevent them from opening while your hot dogs continue to cook. At this point, the temperature should be high. Different microwaves have different wattages, but the usual standard wattage for foods is 700 watts.

An average microwave should have between 800 watts to one kilowatt of wattage. Reduce your cooking time if your unit encompasses higher wattage than one kilowatt. At whichever frequency you choose, here are the different cooking durations for a standard microwave:

  • Forty seconds for a hot dog.
  • One minute to one and a quota seconds for two hot dogs.
  • One minute thirty seconds to two minutes, thirty seconds for three to four hotdogs.
  • About three to three minutes thirty seconds for five to six hot dogs.
  • Four to five minutes for seven to eight hot dogs.
  • About six minutes for seven to eight hotdogs.

How to Cook Hot dog in the Oven Using Different Heat Sources

How to Microwave Hot DogsThere are several unique ways to cook hotdogs; hence you shouldn’t limit yourself to only one. Here are some of the special ways for cooking hotdogs.

1. Cooking Hot Dog on the Stove

The stove method is very simple. You only need your hot dogs and a frying pan. You don’t necessarily need to preheat the pan before time, nor do you have to use oil while cooking hot dogs on the stove. Just turn your franks into the frying pan and cook with moderate heat for roughly 45 seconds. Follow by picking up the hot dogs using tongs and turning them over on the opposite side for about 45 more seconds.

Once the hot dog turns brown on each side, it has cooked. However, it doesn’t need to brown much, provided it cooks long to warm up and feel hot when touching, then it’s fairly good.

2. How to Cook Hot Dogs in Oven

If you admire how easy and spotless it is when it comes to microwaving hotdogs, you’ll enjoy baking hot dogs using the oven.

Using this technique requires preheating the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and aligning your baking container with aluminum foil. Then put your hot dogs in the prepared pan and bake for around ten to fifteen minutes.

You’ll know that the hot dogs are fully cooked once you start to hear a sizzling sound. If you have numerous hot dogs cooking simultaneously, they will take more time to cook than if it’s only one or two hot dogs. Bigger, fuller hot dogs need extra cooking time compared to thin franks. Some people prefer their hot dogs to have a brown layer, so if that’s your liking, let them cook much longer in the oven before removing them.

3. Time you need to Cook Hot Dog in a Toaster Oven

If you’re curious about cooking hot dogs in a toaster oven, it requires a different method than cooking them in a traditional oven.

You may want to make tiny cuts in the hot dogs to open them before inserting them in the toaster oven. Ensure to preheat your oven first, then set the heat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the toaster oven heats completely, put the hot dogs on a tray or racks. It only takes ten minutes for the hot dogs to cook in the toaster oven. However, the outcome may vary depending on the thickness of your hotdog, your toaster oven settings and how many you’re cooking. It’s advisable to keep on checking the hot dogs several minutes to the ten-minute mark to ensure you don’t overcook them. Also, turn them halfway during the cooking time to allow them to brown well.

4. How to Cook Hot Dog in Air Fryer

How to Microwave Hot DogsFinally, let’s see how you can cook hot dogs using the air fryer. You can cook foods like hot dogs easily and faster using the air fryer without clogging your arteries with oil.

You may want to start by preheating the air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. Follow by putting the hot dogs into the air fryer basket, letting them cook for three minutes. You don’t have to flip them while cooking since they should cook uniformly on each side.

You can decide to cook your buns together with them. Just put them in the air fryer basket and allow them to cook for two minutes.

And with that, you have numerous ways of cooking your hot dogs. If you want to try a new method, you have different options to choose from.

How do you Cook Hot Dogs in the Microwave with Water?

You can microwave hot dogs using water. Here you boil your hot dogs in the microwave using hot water. The boiling method is not so common, but it has some advantages.

Step 1: Put your hot dog inside a microwave-safe bowl and submerge it with water.

Step 2: Insert the bowl into the microwave and cook on high heat for a minute and thirty seconds.

Step 3: use tongs to get hot dogs from the water and examine the temperature. If it’s warm enough for your liking, then it’s ready.

Step 4: If the hot dog is not well heated, return it to the bowl of water and continue heating for another 45 seconds.

Replicate steps three and four until your hot dog is perfectly heated.

If you’re using this method, you should be very cautious since the bowl of water is usually very hot. When getting the bowl out of the microwave, use oven mitts and be alert to avoid burning yourself.

Faqs How to Microwave Hot Dogs

How Long do you microwave a Hot Dog for?

If you’d like to cook one hot dog, you need less than a minute for it to cook fully, but if you’re cooking more than one, you may need extra seconds.

Can you microwave Hot Dogs Without Water?

Generally, if you use water for cooking hot dogs in the microwave, it may take longer. It will take two minutes to cook a hot dog using water but only 45 seconds without water.

Is it Better to Boil or Microwave Hot Dogs?

Though it depends on individual preferences, the answer is that microwaved hot dogs taste better than boiled ones. Boiled hot dogs are not as flavorful as microwaved franks.

What Happens When you Put a Hot Dog in the Microwave For Two Minutes?

Your hot dog will be ready within 40 seconds if your microwave is powerful. If you cook them for two minutes, your hot dogs may burn, especially if your unit is powerful.

Can you Microwave Nathan Hot Dogs?

Yes, Nathan’s hot dog only requires fifteen minutes to cook in the microwave. Once they’re done, they’ll start browning curl a little.

What is the Best Way to Cook Hot Dogs?

How to Microwave Hot DogsFill a container with water and bring it to a boil. Add your hot dog and boil it for four to five minutes uncovered. Let it plump up and remove it using tongs, then drain using a lined paper towel.

Are Hot Dogs Pre-cooked?

Yes, hot dogs come pre-cooked and are very safe to consume straight from the package. However, they taste better if you cook them first.

Can you Eat Raw Hot Dogs?

Yes, raw hot dogs are edible. The hot dogs that you buy from the store come pre-cooked. You can avoid heating them and eat them straight from the package. However, ensure you read the pack for safety purposes.

How do I Cook Frankfurts in the Microwave?

Put the Frankfurts in a microwavable bowl full of cold water and cover. Cook on high of 800 watts for three minutes until well cooked.

How do you Microwave Hebrew National Hot Dogs?

Heat two microwaves on high using a covered bowl with a half cup of warm water for three to three and a half minutes. If grilling, heat for six to seven minutes in medium heat. The heat should be 165 Fahrenheit.

How do you Cook Nathan’s Hot Dogs?

How to Microwave Hot DogsMicrowave at high temperature for about 60 to 90 seconds until the hot dog’s temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Let it remain in the microwave for a minute, then remove and serve.

How Long do you Microwave Hot Dogs in Water?

Put your hot dogs in a microwavable container. Add water to the bowl, and leave almost an inch at the top. Place the bowl in the microwave and cook the franks between two and three minutes.

Why do Hot Dogs Burn in the Microwave?

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, “arcing” occurs in foods with high mineral volumes, like magnesium, iron, and selenium. Because these minerals resemble tiny pieces of metal, microwaves bounce from them as they would with a fork, causing a sparkle.

How do you Keep Hot Dogs From Cracking in the Microwave?

Stab the hot dog’s exterior using a knife or fork before inserting it in the microwave. It will allow the sweet juices to flow and prevent the steam from stacking inside, causing an explosion. Use a wet paper towel to ensure the hotdog remains moist and soft.


It’s very effortless and simple to cook hot dogs using the microwave, particularly for one or two servings. It will only take a minute to satisfy your anger with delicious and fleshy franks in each bite. If properly done, microwaving hot dogs doesn’t affect their taste or texture. However, check them frequently to ensure they don’t overcook.

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