How to Microwave Cup Noodles [2 Methods]

How to Microwave Cup NoodlesCup noodles have become a favorite to many. The fact that the cup noodles are cooked in minutes is also an added advantage.

Almost every household has had a chance to enjoy this wonderful meal, especially our young generation. Clear instructions have been printed on the cup noodles that state that the cup noodles should not be microwaved.

Let’s look at how to microwave cup noodles.

Transfer the cup noodles to a microwave-safe container or bowl. Pour enough water, add the noodle’s flavor and place it in the microwave. However, as for the flavor, you can add it after the noodles are already cooked. Lock the microwave door and set a timer for three minutes.

Let the noodles stay in the microwave for another three minutes to smoothen further and for the bowl to cool a bit. As you remove the bowl, ensure to use kitchen gloves or any other innovative way to protect your skin from burns.

This article contains knowledge on microwaving cup noodles despite the printed strict warning that reminds users, not to microwave. The article talks about why you shouldn’t microwave cup noodles. It illustrates two step-by-step procedures for safely microwaving cup noodles, and it has also answered some of the frequently asked questions concerning microwaving cup noodles.

Can you microwave cup noodles?

How to Microwave Cup NoodlesNo, you cannot microwave cup noodles. As indicated on the cup noodles, it is not safe to microwave. The appropriate way to go about this is to transfer the noodles into a microwave-safe container. Add some water and the flavor.

Microwave for three minutes, and your noodles are good to go. Also, ensure to add enough water to avoid any possibility of the noodles catching fire.

Alternatively, you may decide to boil the water separately, then, later on, pour the hot water and the flavor onto the noodles. Seal the noodle cup airtight for about three minutes for them to cook and become soft.

How long to microwave cup noodles?

It should take you about 3 to 5 minutes. The time might vary depending on the type of microwave you have.

Ensure to stop the microwave halfway through the time to either stir the noodles or flip them. Be careful not to use a metallic spoon or fork to stir. It is advisable to use either chopsticks or wooden spoons.

After the three minutes, you may decide to leave the noodles in the microwave for another three minutes for further softening. However, if you like your noodles a bit firm, you may take them out immediately, and you will enjoy them.

Why can’t you microwave cup noodles?

Below are reasons why you cannot microwave cup noodles.

1. The cups are made of materials that cannot stand too much heat

Cup noodles packages are made of Styrofoam and plastic materials. When these materials are placed in the microwave, they heat and meltdown producing harmful chemical substances that can leach into your noodles.

2. Heating the cup can cause the cup to burst to lead to leaks

Noodle cups are only designed to hold hot water; they cannot stand the microwave heat which may interfere with the cup’s structure. The extreme heat can cause the cup to burst, causing the noodles to start leaking while cooking in the microwave, creating a messy and dangerous cooking environment.

3. Possible health risk

There is a health risk when you have to microwave plastic or Styrofoam containers. As these materials face extreme heat temperatures, they melt and leach into your meals leading to medical conditions that will interfere with your ears and kidney; you may also suffer from fatigue, depression, headache, and cancer.

Step-by-step procedure on cooking cup noodles using a microwave

How to Microwave Cup NoodlesThere are two alternatives to which you can microwave cup noodles. The first alternative involves putting the noodles in the microwave to cook, while the second alternative involves microwaving the water that cooks the noodles.

First Alternative: Microwaving the noodles

This alternative requires

  • The cup noodles
  • One and half a cup of water
  • Microwave safe bowl.


Step 1: Unpack the noodles

Remove the noodles from their cup. You may also decide whether to bash the noodles or leave the noodles as they are.

Step 2: Put the noodles and enough water in a microwave-safe bowl

Step 3: Microwave the noodles

  • Place the bowl in the microwave and ensure the microwave door is closed appropriately.
  • Set a three to four minutes timer and hit the START button. The heating time may vary due to different type’s microwaves.
  • Halfway through the time, stop the microwave and stir the noodles. This is also time to break the noodles into sizeable pieces that can be eaten easily with a spoon. For those that prefer their noodles to remain in their brick form, you may take this opportunity to flip them over.
  • Return the bowl to the microwave and continue to heat.

Step 4: Let your noodles sit for an extra three minutes

If you like your noodles when still a bit farm, you shouldn’t wait for the extra three minutes. The three minutes help in further softening the noodles and letting the bowl cool down before removing it from the microwave. Also, as you remove the bowl from the microwave, be sure to protect your hands by wearing kitchen gloves.

Step 5: Add the flavor packet contents into your noodles

  • Adding the flavor of the noodles when the noodles are still hot gives it a spectacular taste. Hot noodles also allow even distribution of the flavor.

Second Alternative: Microwave water separately to cook the noodles

This method will also need the same type of requirements. There is only a slight difference in how you cook the noodles. The following steps will guide you.

Step 1: Pour enough hot water into a separate microwavable bowl

The water is to be microwaved separately and then added to the noodles later on. The amount of water in this method should also be determined by the quantity of broth you would like for your noodles.

Step 2: Boil the water in the microwave

Place the water bowl in the microwave and set a three minutes timer. As you boil, you should occasionally stop the microwave and stir to ensure even heat distribution.

Step 3: Pour the hot water over the noodles

  • This is where the microwaved water comes in handy. You pour it over the noodles and ensure that they are entirely submerged.
  • After which, you will use a lid or a paper towel to cover the noodle cup and allow the noodles to cook for three minutes and become temptingly soft.
  • If you have not added your noodle flavor before, you may add some after the noodles are already cooked.

When using either of the two alternative cup noodles microwaving methods, you may notice that the noodles tend to float on the water. That shouldn’t stop you; they will be just fine, go ahead and microwave or tightly cover the noodles and let them cook for three minutes.

You are also advised to use safe or microwavable containers. Avoid using just any container, mainly plastic containers, which are made from Styrofoam materials. When microwaved, such containers have a high chance of exposing you to extreme medical conditions that will interfere with the functioning of your body hence causing you to suffer from fatigue, depression, and headache.

Faqs on How to microwave Cup Noodles

1. Can you microwave ramen noodles in Styrofoam?

How to Microwave Cup NoodlesNo, you cannot. It is not safe to microwave ramen noodles in Styrofoam containers. Despite the fact that they can handle packaging hot meals, it does not mean that they can take the high microwave heat.

When microwaved, such containers have a high chance of exposing you to extreme medical conditions that will interfere with the functioning of your ears and kidney. You may also suffer from fatigue, depression, and headache.

Therefore, it is advisable to transfer your ramen noodles to microwave-safe containers before microwaving.

2. How do you make cup noodles?

To make cup noodles, you will be required to open the cup’s lid. If it is covered with paper, ensure the paper is opened halfway. Pour it into the cup; ensure the water is filled to the indicated part.

Put back the lid and make sure it is tightly closed. You should place something on the paper lid to ensure the lid has been weighed down and that no steam is escaping. Wait for three minutes and stir the noodles.

3. What happens if you microwave noodles without water?

Noodles catch fire when microwaved without water. This is because microwave heat tends to dry noodles at a very fast rate. This only means that when noodles have been microwaved, and there is no more moisture, they can easily catch fire and get burnt.

4. Can you microwave maruchan cup noodles?

How to Microwave Cup NoodlesYes, you can take the noodles and place them in a microwave-safe container, pour some water into the container ensuring the noodles are submerged.

Place the noodles into the microwave and heat for three minutes. Take the noodles out, mix them with the noodle’s flavor, and they are ready to be served.

5. Are plastic cups microwave safe?

Not all plastic cups are safe. Most of them contain BPA and Phthalates, industrial chemicals that cannot stand the heat from the microwave. They tend to meltdown when microwaved, releasing the mentioned industrial chemicals into your food. To be on the safer side, avoid microwaving with plastic containers, and transfer your meals to microwave-safe containers before microwaving. However, plastic containers that can be microwaved have microwave-safe symbols.

6. How do you make cup noodles better?

How to Microwave Cup NoodlesThere are over a dozen ways in which you can make cup noodles even better for you; some of these ways include:

  • Cooling with peanut butter.
  • Cracking an egg on top of tour noodles.
  • Enjoy it with some roasted chicken.
  • Add some mushroom soup.

7. How do you boil water in a microwave for noodles?

Water meant to cook noodles should be microwaved in a microwave-safe container. It should be heated at a high temperature for three minutes.

8. How much water do cup noodles need?

With one to two cups of water, you are good to go. However, to be on the better side, ensure the noodles are completely submerged in the water to cook evenly.


In conclusion, cup noodles cannot be microwaved in their cups since they are not meant to withstand microwave heat. The cups are only designed to package and hold hot noodles.

They are also made of materials that can be harmful to your health when they melt and leach into your meals. However, as discussed above, their other safer ways to go about microwaving cup noodles without causing any harm to your health.

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