How to Melt Almond Bark in Microwave

How to Melt Almond Bark in MicrowaveWe’ve all been there. You have a recipe that calls for melted chocolate, but you’re too exhausted to turn on the oven or stove. Worse, you don’t have any chocolate chips in your pantry.

What do you do?

Well, if you have some almond bark lying around, there’s no need to fret. This sweet treat is just as delicious as chocolate and melts nicely in your microwave.

Here’s how to melt almond bark in microwave.

Put your diced almond bark into a sizeable microwave-safe bowl. Nuke it for 30 seconds, remove it from your microwave and stir well. Return it to your microwave and continue heating it in 15 seconds bursts until all of is melted. Make sure you keep stirring between each burst to ensure that it doesn’t burn.

In this post, we’ll walk you through these steps and give you some tips on making your almond bark as smooth as possible. We’ll also address some common questions about melting chocolate in your microwave.

So read on for more.

Can You Melt Almond Bark in Microwave

How to Melt Almond Bark in Microwave

Yes, you can melt almond bark in the microwave as long as you follow simple rules.

One of the main ingredients in almond bark is sugar, which melts at high temperatures. This means that if you try to melt your candy bar in a microwave, it will burn and turn into an inedible mess.

But there are ways around it.

Although microwaves have a reputation for heating food quickly and unevenly, you can use them to melt your almond bark without burning it.

First, break your almond bark into smaller pieces before putting it in your microwave. This allows it to heat more evenly and reduces the risk of burning. Second, melt your almond bark in short bursts, stirring after each. Third, stir your candy every time you remove it from the microwave to ensure even heating.

Importantly, ensure no traces of moisture in your microwave or on your candy. Moisture causes almond bark to seize up and become unusable. Make sure to dry off any water droplets with a paper towel before you begin heating.

Once you take these precautions, melting your almond bark should be relatively easy. Just make sure not to leave it unattended.

How Long Does It Take Almond Bark To Melt In Microwave?

Generally, it will take about 30-90 seconds to melt one or two pounds of almond bark. However, this time can vary based on your microwave’s wattage, the thickness of almond bark, and how much you are melting at once.

Due to these factors, it’s best to heat your almond bark in short bursts of 15-25 seconds. This will give you control over the process and allow you to adjust accordingly if things start to go awry.

And since microwaves heat food unevenly, you will want to rotate or stir your almond bark after each burst. This ensures that it heats evenly, prevents burning, and ultimately speeds up melting time.

Tips to Melt Almond Bark in Microwave

How to Melt Almond Bark in MicrowaveAlmond bark is a popular choice for decorating cookies, cakes, and other baked treats. However, the melting process can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect consistency:


  • The best way to melt almond bark in the microwave is to use a heatproof bowl. Make sure that it’s microwavable. You’ll want to avoid plastic bowls and containers because they can warp or melt when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Choose a microwave-safe container that’s large enough to accommodate the amount of bark you’re melting. This way, you’ll have plenty of room to stir and mix.
  • Almond bark comes in large chunks and, if heated as is, will burn or melt unevenly. Therefore, you’ll need to break it down into smaller bits before melting. This will also speed up melting time and make stirring easier.
  • Do not overfill your container with almond bark. If you do, it will be difficult to stir and mix without spilling or splashing hot chocolate all over your microwave. Also, make sure that there’s enough room between each piece of bark so that they can melt evenly.
  • If you find your almond bark too thick, add small amounts of vegetable oil or shortening. This will help thin it out and make it easier to melt. However, make sure you only use enough to reach your desired consistency.
  • Many recipes call for water, but when it comes to melting almond bark, you’ll want to avoid adding any at all cost. Make sure your almond bark is completely free of moisture before melting. Otherwise, it will seize and turn lumpy instead of smooth and creamy.
  • Like any other type of chocolate, almond bark is sensitive to heat. If you microwave it for too long, it will burn and seize, leaving you with a clumpy mess that’s difficult to work with. It is recommended that you heat your almond bark in short intervals and stir thoroughly between each one.
  • Stop stirring as soon as your almond bark is smooth and creamy. Over-stirring can cause it to seize, become grainy, and lumpy again. So don’t go overboard.

How to Melt Almond Bark in Microwave


How to Melt Almond Bark in MicrowaveThe process for melting almond bark in the microwave is relatively simple. Below are step-by-step instructions to ensure that you get it right every time.


Step 1: Dice Your Almond Bark into Small Cubes

The size of your pieces will determine how long it takes for them to melt. Smaller pieces will take less time than larger ones.

Step 2: Place Your Diced Almond Bark into a Microwave-Safe Bowl

Make sure not to fill it more than halfway, as you don’t want any of it to spill over during melting.

Step 3: Put Your Bowl of Almond Bark into Your Microwave

Set your microwave on high for 30 seconds first, then check on it and stir. If it’s not melted, put it back in and nuke in 15-seconds bursts until it melts fully. Make sure to stir after each burst so that you don’t burn any pieces.

Step 4: Pour Your Melted Almond Bark into Your Desired Mold

Once your almond bark is smooth and silky, remove it from your microwave and let it cool for a few minutes. This will ensure that you don’t burn yourself when you handle it later. Do not leave it too long, or else it might harden again.

Then pour it into your desired container or mold. You can also use an ice cube tray if you don’t have any molds on hand.

Faqs On How to Melt Almond Bark in Microwave

1. Does almond bark melt easily?

Yes, it does. Like all chocolate, avoid heating almond bark over direct heat as it can burn quickly. If you are melting almond bark, do so in short bursts to prevent overheating. Also, stir frequently during these bursts to ensure even melting.

2. How do you thin almond bark for dipping?

If the texture of your almond bark is too thick for dipping, thin it out. To do so, add small amounts of shortening or any fat on hand (such as vegetable oil) until you reach your desired consistency. Stir well after each addition until the desired thickness is achieved.

3. How do you melt almond bark smooth?

How to Melt Almond Bark in MicrowaveIf you want your almond bark smooth, add a splash of shortening or fat. While your almond bark is warming up, add small amounts of shortening and stir it into your melted chocolate until there are no more lumps.


4. Can you use almond bark instead of candy melts?

The short answer is yes; you can substitute almond bark for candy melts. Almond bark melts easily and has a similar consistency to candy melts. It also doesn’t require tempering, making it easier to work with than other chocolate products.

5. Can you melt almond bark and chocolate chips together?

You can melt almond bark and chocolate chips to make delectable treats. However, for the best results, melt each separately before blending them. This ensures that your final product is smooth and free of chunks of unmelted chocolate.

6. How long does it take for almond bark to harden?

It will take 2- 3 hours for almond bark to harden at room temperature. If you plan to use it as an edible topping, you can speed up that process by placing it in your refrigerator.

However, the time frame may vary depending on the thickness of your almond bark and the kitchen temperature.

7. Can I mix almond bark with chocolate chips?

How to Melt Almond Bark in MicrowaveYou can make your candy by blending almond bark and chocolate chips. However, for best results, melt both types of chocolate separately and then mix them at the end.

This ensures that each type melts evenly, without clumping or burning.


Final Thoughts

Almond bark is an excellent alternative to traditional chocolate coatings when baking cookies. However, melting it can be tricky as you must ensure that it does not burn or stick to your microwave.

The best way to melt almond bark is by microwaving in short increments and stirring often. Also, avoid exposing your delectable treats to the moisture of any kind, as this can cause them to seize and burn.

Overall, almond bark is easy to melt and has many flavor combinations. Just be careful when melting it so that you don’t ruin it.

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