How to Make Grits in the Microwave [Step By Step]

How to Make Grits in the MicrowaveA well-cooked bowl of grits should be smooth, highly flavorful, and creamy. When cooked correctly, you may not require anything else than a pinch of salt and some butter to top them.

Whereas there are several methods to cook grits, the microwave remains the fastest, cleanest and effortless.

Here is how to make grits in the microwave.

Mix one portion of grit and five portions of water in a microwavable bowl. Microwave the grits on high heat for six minutes. Stir carefully to mix. Put the mixture back in the microwave and keep cooking on high heat until the liquid is fully engrossed.

It takes five to seven minutes, subject to your microwave’s power. Continue stirring the grits, then cover the container and let the grits rest for five minutes.

How to Cook Grits in Microwave 

Breakfast is an important meal in our lives. Still, it’s a meal that occurs at a very demanding time of the day. Due to that, most people usually miss breakfast.

Probably, your morning routine can’t allow you to make breakfast.

Well, now you don’t have any excuses, and because of the microwave, you can easily prepare a grits breakfast where you don’t have to spend time struggling over the stove.

Things you’ll need:

  • ¼ cup grits
  • One small bowl
  • Water or milk

How to Make Grits in the Microwave

  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to Make Grits in the Microwave

  • Butter
  • Spoon

Step 1: Pour ¼ cup of grits into a small microwavable bowl.

Step 2: Add a cup of water to the grits. For smoother grits, use milk in place of water.

Step 3: Add some salt to the container. You can add a little piece of butter if you like.

Step 4: Microwave the grits for two minutes.

Step 5: Take the grits from the microwave and mix.

Step 6: Cook the grits in the microwave for two more minutes.

Step 7: Take the grits from the microwave and let them cool before serving.

Eggs Grits

Step 1: Crack your eggshell and pour the egg into a small bowl.

Step 2: Add two tablespoons of water or milk to the bowl. Though they are not compulsory, milk and eggs make your eggs fluffier and lighter. Add salt and pepper to the bowl if you want your eggs to be tastier.

Step 3: Stir all the ingredients inside the bowl, i.e. (water, egg, seasoning).

Step 4: Insert the bowl into the microwave, and adjust the time. Set 45 seconds if you’re using a 600-watt microwave oven.

Step 5: Take the bowl from the microwave and stir all the ingredients in the bowl. Return the bowl to the microwave for 60 more seconds to complete the process. Seize the container from the microwave and mix the eggs.

Types of Grits

How to Make Grits in the MicrowaveYou can find grits crushed from yellow or white corn, which defines the color of the final meal. Check for grits in the stores close to the oatmeal or cornmeal shelve. Like oatmeal and cornmeal, grits have also become a “food product.”

1. Instant Grits

Like instant oat, instant grits are finely crushed and partially cooked; hence are faster to cook. Instant grits have a very smooth and sticky texture.

2. Quick Grits

Like quick oatmeal, quick grit’s texture is much coarser and less pre-cooked. These are ideal to always have for a gluten-free thickener that acts like flour. Quick grits are easy to find in the grocery stores and are a product that competes with Quaker products.

3. Stone-Ground Grits

Stone-ground grits are rougher, take time to cook, and desired texture, taste, and real food properties. Store stone-ground grits in the freezer or fridge, or they’ll rot faster.

4. Hominy

The white color of hominy grits comes from removing the corn hull and germ. The outer hull is softened by soaking them with lye or lime solution. You can substitute dried hominy for grits while cooking. They are similar, but the difference is how they are made.

Other Alternatives to Cook Grits

1. Stove Top

It’s pretty risky to cook ground grits using a stovetop as they can quickly burn, easily boils over, and requires intense stirring to prevent these two issues.

2. Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is the best cooking method. You don’t have to worry about any risks when using the slow cooker. You can comfortably cook instant grits using the slow cooker.

Two Tricks for Cooking Grits

There are two tricks to cook the easiest, fastest and tastiest grits.

1. Half milk-half water

Grits will be creamier when you cook them in half milk, half water. Note that even the smallest amount of half milk and half water makes a huge difference. Evaporated milk is also good.

2. Microwave Grits

Grits, moreover, stone-ground grits, cook perfectly in the microwave. You don’t require to stir for long if you’re using the microwave.

Faqs on How to Make Grits in the Microwave

Can Grits be Cooked in The Microwave?

How to Make Grits in the MicrowaveMix the grits, water, and salt in a deep microwavable bowl. Place in the microwave and cook at a high temperature until the grits start boiling (time depends on how powerful your microwave is). Keep stirring, then microwave on high heat for three to four extra minutes, pausing the microwave every sixty seconds to stir.

How Do You Cook Stone Ground Grits in the Microwave?

Soak the ground grits by boiling the grits in water. Once soaked, put in the microwave and cook on high until they start boiling. Continue stirring while the microwave is at high heat for four more minutes, stopping every hour to mix. Remove from the microwave after it thickens.

Can You Microwave Old Fashioned Grits?

How to Make Grits in the MicrowavePut cleaned grits in a 2-quart microwave bowl, add five cups of water and half a tablespoon of salt, and mix. Don’t cover the bowl. Insert the bowl into the microwave and cook on high heat.

What is The Ratio of Water to Grits?

The ratio you should use for stone-ground grits is 4:1, i.e., Four cups of liquid to one cup of grits. You can cook with water only or a mixture of water, milk, and stock. Use water alone if you want to feel the corn’s flavor.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Grits in The Microwave?

Add grits, water, and salt to a double cup microwavable bowl and stir. Cook on high heat for three to four minutes, or until it thickens upon stirring.

How Do You Cook Grits and Eggs in The Microwave?

After the grits are thoroughly cooked and thick yet still foamy and watery, you should add egg immediately. Though if you pop the egg approximately four inches up, it will form balls into grits, delightfully settling in and cooking perfectly in no time.

How Do You Cook Quaker Old Fashioned Grits?

Gently mix the grits and salt into vigorously boiling water. Decrease the heat to low and cover. Cook for fifteen to twenty minutes until thick while stirring consistently. Take out of the heat source.


Grits are an old-style southern main meal akin to Italian polenta. The soft porridge is made from crushed cornmeal that is amazingly versatile. You can take it for breakfast, add an egg, or sweeten it with brown sugar or maple syrup.

It’s taken chiefly as dinner with sausage and shrimp as the base. Grits may take longer to cook on the stovetop, about an hour at times, but you can whip some in the microwave for approximately fifteen minutes.

Cooking grits in the microwave is also a brilliant method to cook a one-person’s-meal without using plenty of dishes.

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