How to Get Roaches Out of Microwave [Secret Hacks]

How to Get Roaches Out of MicrowaveCockroaches are a nightmare once they invade your microwave. These stubborn creatures can endure extreme heat, and as opposed to our knowledge that temperature in the microwave can burn roaches, the reality is that they can still live under extreme heat.

Therefore, these tiny insects can invade your food, and most importantly, they can hide in places you don’t expect. Eradicating cockroaches from your microwave and home involves a multi-step tactic.

Start by cleaning your microwave comprehensively. Then capitalize in some harmless poison or traps. You should cover any inlet where cockroaches might be coming through to avoid further invasion. If the problem endures, you might have to seek professional pest control services for total eradication.

How to Get Roaches Out of Microwave in 5 Steps

How to Get Roaches Out of MicrowaveYou may have to take action immediately to stop cockroaches from invading your microwave. With the correct procedures, you can effortlessly eradicate all the roaches roaming in your microwave.

Here are the steps to follow to eliminate cockroaches from your microwave:

Step 1: Disassemble the Microwave

First, start by disassembling all detachable parts of the microwave. Ensure you remove the parts that are not chemical-friendly and keep them in a safe place.

Confirm that you have unplugged the microwave before continuing to dismantle the parts.

Step 2: Spray Bleach Disinfectant

Use a cleaning product containing a whitener and spray it inside the microwave. You can decide to use a water solution with two tablespoons of white vinegar.

Spray it throughout the microwave and allow the mixture to rest for five to ten minutes. Then close the microwave door for some minutes, and that will help in trapping the steam inside and aid in loosening oils and grimes. Use a clean fabric to wipe away the solution and avoid using course detergents.

Step 3: Apply Insect-Killing Solution

Here you need to place your microwave in an open place. If you have a courtyard, take the microwave there.

Spray plenty of the anti-cockroach solution in the microwave and let it stay for one hour. Allow the insecticide to stay inside the microwave to kill the insects hiding inside. Take the microwave and keep it somewhere safe, far from kids.

Don’t perform this activity inside your house at all costs. Usually, typical insecticides comprise chemical elements that are unsafe for humans. Thus pesticides like raid are not ideal for the skin and lungs because it’s incredibly toxic.

Step 4: Remove Dead Cockroaches

You’ll notice dead cockroaches lying inside the microwave. Remove them and respray the cleaning mixture inside the appliance. Allow the cleaning agent to stay inside for thirty minutes.

Step 5: Final Cleaning

You should do this activity outside to prevent your house from smelling home bleach. Use a clean material to wipe the microwave’s inner walls. Finally, spray the cleaning liquid one last time and wipe it using a spotless cloth.

Your microwave should not have any cockroaches left. Due to the final cleaning, any left germs and bacteria from dead roaches are washed off.

How to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Microwave?

How to Get Roaches Out of MicrowaveEradicating cockroaches from the microwave is hard, especially if they’ve already invaded your house. Prevention is effortless, so you should stop these offensive insects from getting in your microwave.

The best approach to stop the roaches from getting into your microwave is by observing simple hygiene. Always ensure that your microwave is sparkling clean. Wipe it properly after use. Again, ensure there are no food particles or scraps left inside. As such, cleaning your microwave thoroughly daily and after every use will avert pest intrusion and keep the interior spotless.

Therefore, use a damp towel to wipe it until you’re sure all the deposits are no more. The steam coming from your food may leave tiny particles all around. Wiping them totally will eliminate food odors that attract pests in your microwave.

Don’t just wipe it off, but ensure to perfectly clean the microwave interior using a strong element like vinegar. Vinegar is a natural liquid that will stop roaches and various insects from getting in your microwave.

You can also try bay leaves and neem to keep roaches away. They are all-natural repellents that will protect your microwave against cockroaches and pests. Arrange them throughout your microwave and let them stay overnight.

Best Practices to Get Rid Of Roaches in Microwave 

After noticing roaches in your microwave, you may want to eliminate them immediately. But the process requires total devotion. If you use the wrong procedure, the probability is that you’ll destroy your microwave, and it may start a fire. Below are the five best methods to eliminate these annoying insects:

1. Dust Trap

After removing food and dirt deposits from the microwave, cockroaches still leaving or that have come back may want to leave to find food. As such, dust traps can also poison roaches that visit them.

Though you can use it as a direct trap on roaches, it’s more effective if you smear it in the surrounding areas. But, you may avoid using the trap inside the microwave; therefore, move the appliance to a secure, private place and surround it with the powdered trap mixture. Ensure you spray the powder near the door to stop the roaches from fleeing.

When roaches get out looking for food, they become trapped and poison themselves. It’s a technique that works perfectly on huge swarms. Since there are dead roaches, other roaches eat the dead ones and eventually they will consume the poison, which will kill them.

2. Deep Clean

If you’re not ready to encounter a microwave full of cockroaches, clean it comprehensively to eradicate all the remaining food particles and grease that attract the cockroaches. Due to that, the insects will need to look for food elsewhere.

It’s best to clean the microwaves using ordinary house cleaning detergents. But the lemon-fragrance ones are desirable since most pests, cockroaches included, hate the smell.

Most importantly, avoid using bleach because it can harm the inner plastics and make the gear slightly ineffective.

To clean the interior:

  • Mix one cup of water with white vinegar and lemon slices.
  • Put the cup inside the microwave and switch it on for a few minutes at maximum temperature. The mixture will boil, and the microwave will steam up.
  • Let the appliance cool for five minutes, then remove the container and wipe its interior using a fabric.

Cleaning the glass tray:

  • Take out the microwave tray and put it in a washing bowl containing hot water and detergent.
  • Let it soak for one hour.
  • Brush all the residual grease and dirt, then rinse.
  • Spray it using a grease-cutting spray and wipe it out.
  • Return to the microwave after cleaning the whole equipment.

Cleaning the door:

  • Make water and baking soda solution.
  • Clean the whole door, focusing on the edges, sides, and seals.
  • For the glass, mix a half portion of water and half a portion of vinegar. Use a clean sponge to scrub, then rinse.
  • Finally, spray the whole door using a grease-cutting cleaner.

After the microwave is clean and doesn’t invite roaches, wipe it immediately, you use it to retain it clean without debris.

3. Commercial Disinfectants

Using commercial disinfectants is an efficient way to eradicate roaches from the microwave. But using disinfectants is also not safe. Even by cleaning the area thoroughly, you may leave some chemical drops that can get in your food when using the microwave.

When using a disinfectant, ensure you clean the microwave’s insides carefully after spraying. It’s advisable to move the microwave in an open place so the cockroaches from the microwave won’t hide in your kitchen. You can also use gel baits from stores to trap and kill roaches.

4. Cold Temperatures

If you’re on a budget and notice a few cockroaches, take your microwave to a cold place and entice them out. And if you reside in a cold area, you can bring your microwave to a garage or a cabin. You can put it outside entirely if you provide proper protection from external elements like rain and fog.

For more, follow these instructions:

  • Remove the power plug from your microwave.
  • Cover the appliance using a plastic bag, making sure to firmly close the bag to prevent water and air from penetrating.
  • Ensure the plastic wrapper has ample holes where the roaches can escape.
  • Put the microwave in a cold place like a garage or a cabin.
  • Let the microwave stay there between four to five days to allow the cockroaches to leave.

The right temperature that makes it effective is from 1.6 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. Similarly, any region with a cooler temperature than the above will destroy the cockroaches.

5. Professional Help

There are many eradication methods that you can use by yourself, but if the spread is expansive, you may need professional help. Though you can disassemble the appliance and remove the invasion physically, you will most likely spoil your microwave.

So, it’s advisable to look for a pest control expert. Professionals can assess roach spreads and suggest the most viable solution. You can also get the most uncomplicated and harmless means to operate your electrical apparatus.

Can You Bug Bomb A Microwave?

Bug bombs are also called total release foggers or defoggers and are aerosol releasing pesticides. These aerosol chemicals are for fumigation, and they kill cockroaches. Bug bombs are used in huge spaces to kill cockroaches and other insects swarms. They kill most cockroaches except those that are hiding far.

Furthermore, research by professors at Envista Forensics established that bug bombs contain water particles. Observing a fogging technique, if water particles drop on electronics, they cause:

  • Deterioration
  • Corrosion and unprotected circuit boards
  • Electronic failure

Bug bombs contain:

  • Chloride dioxide
  • Ethylene bromide
  • Methyl bromide

These chemicals cause the microwave’s electronic component to fail. Again, they are combustible; hence they might cause a fire once the gear is switched on and operating.

Likewise, bug bombs might cause cockroaches to hide further inside the appliance, making them more challenging to eliminate.

How Long Can A Cockroach Survive In A Microwave?

Literally, cockroaches can live in the microwave forever. And since they can survive a nuclear explosion, microwave radiation can’t cause them any harm.

How to Get Roaches Out of MicrowaveMost people with cockroach invasion wonder what the answer to this question might be: Why don’t roaches die in the microwave? The microwave has four to five sections that never heat, even when using it for cooking.

Basically, microwaves produce radiation from a magnetron. It is situated on one part of the microwave. Metals outline the microwave’s inner parts that produce radiation in the middle. Subsequently, the microwave jiggles the water molecules, producing heat and vibration.

The reality is that not every section of the microwave gets hot. Some remain cool, where roaches find refuge. Therefore, they’ll run to the cool parts where it’s safe when you’re using the microwave.

Whereas this is among the ways that cockroaches live in the microwave, they also don’t die since they have fewer water molecules in them. Cockroaches remain unhurt when cooking with the microwave because they don’t have sufficient water in their body to destroy them.

Precautions to Take While Getting Rid of Roaches in Microwave

If you’re using professional services to eradicate roaches, you don’t need to mind the precautions since they understand their job well. Just seek assistance from someone reliable and trust them to do their work.

But if you’re using DIY techniques, you should follow these precautions to clean your microwave:

  1. Ensure you wear all the required safety equipment when cleaning. The gear includes gloves when cleaning using chemicals or scrubbing the microwave.
  2. Wear a mask to prevent you from breathing any gases discharged when cleaning.
  3. Don’t switch the microwave while the power is on. Switch off the power until you’re done cleaning.
  4. Check the chemicals you’re using to clean your gear because they may indirectly affect your food.

Why Is It Important to Eliminate Cockroaches from the Microwave?

How to Get Roaches Out of MicrowaveAccording to World Health Organization, roaches produce discharge from their mouth and some body parts. That makes them transmitters of bacterial and viral ailments that you can acquire by eating.

Furthermore, roaches’ existence is risky to the microwave, and the insect can interfere with wiring and sections of the microwave. Additionally, the feces and eggs from the microwave can affect the microwave’s daily functions.

Cockroaches are always hungry, and if there’s a shortage of constant food supply, they may chew the microwave wires making it prone to sparkling and fires. That may cause severe destruction to your microwave or your kitchen.

If you happen to see a cockroach in your appliance, don’t allow them to be. Instead, take action and start to handle the situation to keep them away!

Faqs on How to Eliminate Roaches in the Microwave

How Do You Get Roaches Out of Microwave?

Spray the microwave interior using a cleaning detergent that contains bleach. Then clean the liquid and spray an insect-killing agent in the microwave. Allow the insect killer agent to rest a bit and clean the microwave’s interior.

Can a Roach Survive a Microwave?

Cockroaches can attack your microwave. Microwaves are notorious insect killers because they have dead zones formed by radiation. Because microwaves make water particles vibrate, causing them to heat up, cockroaches can create a permanent home in the microwave.

Why do Roaches Get in microwaves?

The microwave is not the best place for roaches. So, if you see them in your microwave, it’s possible they entered accidentally and, after realizing the constant food supply, decided to stay. They hide in microwave corners and cracks to pursue protection from the heat.

What kills Roaches Instantly?

Borax is a common laundry product that easily kills roaches. To be effective, mix equal amounts of borax and white sugar. Scatter the combination anywhere that you can see cockroaches roaming. Once the insects ingest the borax, they’ll get dehydrated and die fast.

Do Cockroaches Explode?

Since roaches don’t expel gas, they will shatter and cause a horrific mess. Therefore you’ll have to monitor your home and all hiding avenues where you think they may have died.

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches in my appliances?

Put any cockroach bait gel on a small tin foil or plastic wrapper and put it inside or under your appliances. The gel will attract the roaches, and they’ll eat it, which will help to eliminate them. They’ll, however, die in the device as that won’t stop them from doing so.

Why Do Roaches Come out When I Cook?

Grease is cockroaches’ favorite. What cockroaches enjoy are meat oils and fat from the kitchen that splash everywhere or pour from the stove. While cooking in the kitchen, roaches can easily track a grease source since it loves eating oily foods.

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches Forever?

Boric acid is a very effective cockroach killer if you use it right. It’s unscented, isn’t harmful to pests, and because it doesn’t repel roaches, they’ll not run from it but creep over it consistently until they die.


Cockroaches can be destructive to the microwave and may spread diseases, and they are also disgusting. Awkwardly, cockroaches can even invade spotless kitchens. The best part is that you can deal with the situation if you handle it at the right time.

Implement the steps above to drive those pests away, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your kitchen. Most importantly, ensure your microwave is always clean to minimize cockroaches’ invasion.

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