How To Defrost Lobster Tails In Microwave Quickly

How To Defrost Lobster Tails In MicrowaveThere’s no more prevalent food in the entire world than seafood. Seafood remains the most in-demand cuisine in classic hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, people enjoy taking seafood throughout the year.

Those who reside close to the sea get fresh seafood straight from the sea. However, frozen seafood is the best option if you don’t have a sea body in your surroundings.

Lobsters are among the delicacies from the sea. And since most people can only access it frozen, one may want to know how to defrost lobster tails in microwave?

Remove the lobster tails from the plastic bag or any packaging and put them in a microwavable container. Cover the container with a plastic wrapper, wax, or parchment paper. Microwave on defrost mode for three minutes in each half a pound tail. Don’t forget to flip the tail when halfway done.

How to Defrost Lobster Tails In Microwave : Step By Step Process

How To Defrost Lobster Tails In MicrowaveMicrowaving is the best option for defrosting lobster tails fast though you should be very cautious.

Microwaves can cook food, and even by choosing the defrost option, there’s a high chance that you may accidentally end up cooking the lobster tails if you microwave them for long.

Here are the steps to follow when microwaving lobster in the microwave.

Step 1: Get the frozen lobster tails and put them in a microwavable container or dish.

Step 2: Nuke for five to eight minutes on defrost mode or low heat, typically 30% power setting.

Step 3: Check whether the lobster tails are thoroughly thawed. If not done, microwave for three extra minutes till completely thawed. Be frequently checking to ascertain that the lobster tails have not started cooking.

Step 4: Cook them immediately after defrosting.

Cooking Frozen Lobster Tails in the Microwave


  1. Put the lobster tails in a microwave-safe baking dish or container.
  2. Seal with a plastic wrapper.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Put the microwave-safe baking container in the microwave oven and cook on defrost setting for four to five minutes.
  2. Let the lobsters rest for five minutes until the lobster tails are fully thawed. Cautiously cut the shell from the middle downwards and use your fingers to open it.
  3. Hold the meat by the edge to remove a piece and keep it above the shell.
  4. Melt butter using a glass custard cup on the roast setting for two minutes.
  5. Add garlic and shallots, then nuke on high setting for roughly one minute and add lemon juice.
  6. Place the lobster tails in a baking dish and flavor it with the butter combination.
  7. Cover and microwave on high setting for approximately two minutes until ready.
  8. Let the mixture stay for some minutes until it thoroughly cooks, awaiting serving. Overcooking can affect the lobster’s taste.
  9. Drain the butter.


  • The frozen lobster tails are best served with butter.

Alternative Ways to Cook Frozen Lobster Tails


Broiling brings out the greatest and tastiest from any plain food, and the same goes for lobster tails. Start by spreading the lobster tails if they are already thawed. Then arrange the tails on a wire rack layered with a cooking sheet.

Sprinkle olive oil or melted butter on the tails and add salt on top. Proceed to broil the lobster tails until the shells turn bright red, and the inner meat is opaque.

If frozen, cook the meat for a while, smear butter, dust with some salt, and keep cooking.

Serve when ready.


How To Defrost Lobster Tails In MicrowaveGrilling is ideal if you want to cook numerous lobster tails.

In grilling, use the same process as broiling for already frosted tails but here, put the tails with the meat side facing up on a pre-heated grill. Use medium-high heat and cook till the inner temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit or the shells become bright red.


Poaching is a pretty sensitive cooking style, but it provides incredible results after cooking. Poach the shell-free lobster tail in melting butter and let it simmer until thoroughly cooked. Serve as you like. Apparently, this is only achievable with defrosted lobster.


Use defrosted tails and follow the same process as broiling, except here you should bake using a 350 degrees Fahrenheit oven and ensure the inner temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Does It Take To Defrost Lobster Tail?

Let the lobster tails stay in the refrigerator untouched for 24 hours if you plan to use them. Frozen lobster tails will become hard and gummy if you cook them when not completely defrosted.

Faqs on How to Defrost Lobster Tails

Should I Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails?

Yes, thaw your frozen lobster tails for roughly 24 hours before using them. Cooking unfrosted tails will make the meat hard. To thaw lobster tails faster, put them in a plastic bag, submerge them in water, and then put them in the refrigerator. After thawing, you can boil, steam, bake, grill, or broil your lobster tails.

How Do You Quickly Thaw Frozen Lobster?

The best way to quickly defrost frozen lobster is by putting it in a plastic bag, immersing the plastic bag in a container filled with water, and placing it in the refrigerator. You can allow the defrosted lobster to stay for 30 minutes before cooking it to get to room temperature to cook evenly.

Can You Cook Lobster Tails From Frozen?

It is okay to cook some kinds of frozen seafood without first defrosting. But you’ll need to defrost lobster tails before cooking, or you’ll end up with hard lobster tails.

Do You Cook Lobster Tails Frozen or Thawed?

It’s better to cook lobster tails when fully thawed to ensure the meat cooks evenly and prevent the lobster from sticking to its shell.

What is The Best Way to Cook Frozen Lobster?

After buying lobster tails, you can opt to boil them, steam them, bake them, broil them, grill them or smoke them. If you’re wondering about the best method to use, boiling is the best method to cook lobster tails as you’re confident you won’t have tails sticking to the shell.

Can You Defrost Lobster Tails at Room Temperature?

How To Defrost Lobster Tails In MicrowaveIt’s crucial always to defrost lobster tails whenever they are frozen. The best way to achieve this is by putting them in the refrigerator for one day before cooking. If it’s urgent, you can defrost them at room temperature for some hours. But if you’d like to use them immediately, run them under cold water to thaw.

Why Was My Lobster Tail Mushy?

Some fish and shellfish varieties like lobster contain exceedingly high quantities of protein-digesting enzymes. Death activates the enzymes, slowing down freezing without activating it. Therefore you’ll have mushy frozen lobster tails.

How Do You Cook Pre-Frozen Lobster Tails?

Remove the outside covering and boil about two to three inches of water in a huge pot. Deep your lobster tails in the boiling water and cover with a fitting lid. Let it steam for roughly ten to twelve minutes, after which it will be ready to serve.

Is It Better to Boil Or Bake Lobster Tails?

Boiling lobster tails is the commonly used method of preparing lobster. Boiling allows heat to penetrate gently into your meat, resulting in a softer lobster tail meat. Boiling will also ensure your meat cooks to the correct doneness.

What Can I Do With Frozen Lobster?

Defrost frozen lobster tails by arranging them in a glass container and put the container in the refrigerator overnight. Prepare your pot to boil your lobster. When cooked, strain the water, take your lobster, then serve.

How Do You Defrost Lobster Tails In the microwave?

If you want to defrost lobster tails fast, insert them into the microwave and set the defrost mode. Microwave the lobster tail for three minutes per half a pound.

How Do You Steam Frozen Lobster Tails?

Boil one inch of water in a huge pot or a deep skillet containing a fitting lid. Insert a steamer basket in the water and put your tails, cut side facing up. Cover and let it steam for five to six minutes till the meat turns opaque and huge. Don’t overcook the tails, or they will start shrinking and dry up.

How Long Does It Take For Frozen Lobsters To Cook?

If you start by thawing it, each pound should cook for seven minutes or until the lobster tail attains 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Do You Cook Lobster Tails?

Gently place the lobster tails in hot water and boil for one minute for one pounce of tail. Four ounces will also take four minutes.

Do You Cut Lobster Tail Before Boiling?

How To Defrost Lobster Tails In MicrowaveTrim the lobster tails from the shell top and the end of the tail towards the center horizontally towards the bottom of the tail. Cautiously put the lobster tails in hot water and boil each ounce of tail for one minute. Therefore four tail ounces should boil for four minutes.


Since lobster tails are pretty delicate, it is crucial to know how to defrost them correctly.

There are different approaches for defrosting lobster tails, but some may boost bacteria growth while others consume plenty of time.

Therefore, microwaving is the quickest and most effective way. It provides you with instant results, not forgetting flavor and freshness.

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