How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave? [Easy]

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?Most frozen dishes need slow thawing, which can be annoying, especially when starving. However, if you’re starving and want your pizza instantly, you can use the microwave. Microwaves are handy gadgets, and you can use them to warm food and cook fresh meals.

Furthermore, you can use them to defrost and cook frozen foods. Among the foods that you can cook in the microwave include frozen pizza.

Here is how to cook frozen pizza in the microwave.

Remove your pizza from the freezer and unwrap all the packaging, and put it on a microwavable dish or plate before inserting it into the microwave. Close the microwave door and set the timer. The total time your pizza will take to cook is subject to your pizza’s size and the density of its crust.

How To Cook Frozen Pizza In The Microwave: Step By Step

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?When buying frozen pizza, it’s recommendable to purchase microwavable ones. That will enable you to toss it inside the microwave and watch it as it cooks.

It might not be very safe to cook typical frozen pizza though you’re guaranteed to get enjoyable pizza by following these guidelines.

What you’ll need

  • Microwave-safe dish
  • Microwave crisper pans or any frying pan
  • Parchment paper

Directions on Cooking Frozen Pizza 

Step 1: Place your pizza in a microwave-safe dish

Step 2: Spread the parchment paper on the plate and put your pizza on top. The paper will help the moisture escape and ensure that the base of the pizza doesn’t become soggy.

Step 3: Set your microwave on high heat or at 1100 wattage.

Step 4: Heat for some minutes until you realize the cheese has started to melt.

Step 5: Turn the pizza into a frying pan or a crisper pan. If you’re using a crisper pan, lay the pizza in it and let it stay there for some minutes before removing it. If you’re using a frying pan, place the pizza in it and warm it over a stove.

Step 6: Repeat the methods until your pizza becomes crispy and crunchy.

Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza?

It’s easy to microwave frozen pizza, and most people fancy heating it that way. But it’s not the best way to heat frozen pizza. The reason is that when you use a microwave for cooking a frozen pizza, its outer coating might become mushy, rigid, elastic, or dry.

Again, the cheese inside may not melt well, making it soggy. But, there are methods that you can implement to prevent this and ensure your pizza heats properly. Among the ways is to follow the instructions indicated in the pizza package, if there are any.

How to Prepare Frozen Pizza before Microwaving

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?Microwaving frozen pizza doesn’t require exceptional preparation in advance. You’re only required to remove the pizza from the freezer and put it on your kitchen counter. Then unpack it and put it on a microwave-safe plate.


  • Frozen Pizza
  • Microwavable plate


  • Putting the pizza in the microwave: After placing the pizza on a microwavable plate, place it inside the microwave and switch it on.
  • Adjusting the microwave setting: Set the microwave on high heat and adjust the timer. Miniature pizza requires three to five minutes, whereas ten-inch pizza requires five to seven minutes to cook.
  • Regular pizza, which is eight to nine inches, needs approximately six to ten minutes to cook. Set seven to eleven minutes for twelve-inch pizza. The other types of pizzas, like the sub pizzas or the French bread pizzas require about seven to eight minutes to thaw thoroughly.
  • Checking in between the process: If perhaps you’re cooking a regular pizza, you should start by heating it for four minutes straight. Then remove the plate to see whether the pizza is perfectly cooked and whether all the frozen parts are tender or not. If not, return it to the microwave for 30 more seconds.
  • Repeat the process: Microwave the pizza after the first four minutes are over. Check if there are any hard sections in the pizza. If yes, return it and microwave it at 30-second intervals.

How Long To microwave Frozen Pizza?

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?The main benefit of cooking frozen pizza using the microwave is that it saves time. You need to implement the suggested cooking instructions in the frozen pizza package. How long would you microwave frozen pizza if there weren’t any instructions available?

Recommended microwave-cooking times for frozen pizza:

  • Seven to eleven minutes for eleven to twelve-inch pizza
  • Five to seven minutes for ten to eleven-inch pizza
  • Four to six minutes for eight to nine-inch pizza
  • Seven to eight minutes for French Bread Pizza
  • Three to five minutes for a Mini Pizza Pack and
  • One to two minutes for a slice of pizza.

The USDA maintains that the remaining pizza is a prospective food threat; hence you should heat it at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips to Remember While Microwaving Pizza

While trying to cook frozen pizza bought from the store or pizza made from home using a microwave, there are some things you should remember for secure and quality heating.

If you follow these pointers rigorously, you’ll get an incredible outcome.

  • Never leave the pizza unattended for long in the microwave for an extended duration, or the sides might burn, and it won’t taste nice.
  • Pizzas heated using the microwave mostly appear uncooked since microwaves don’t contain the browning feature like an oven.
  • Cooking frozen pizza in the microwave doesn’t alter its taste but may affect its texture. It does so because the microwave utilizes radiation and not flames, thus producing a mushy and hard pizza.
  • Every store-purchased pizza contains instructions printed on its package. Rigorously follow the temperature and time indicated there.
  • Don’t use aluminum foil or metal in the microwave, as it encompasses the danger of triggering sparks and spoiling your appliance.
  • Always ensure you follow the preparation instructions indicated in the pizza package.
  • To ensure the exterior doesn’t become soggy, you should put something like a paper towel between the pizza and the microwavable dish. The towel will prevent the heat from escaping beneath and stop the pizza from becoming soggy.
  • Frozen pizza purchased from the stores mostly comes with a unique microwave disk for placing the pizza while cooking. Ensure you use it for best outcome.

How to Make a Frozen Pizza Crispy in the Microwave

  • Use the double procedure requiring both the microwave and the stovetop to make crispy pizza at home. Start by microwaving it for some time, then spreading it on a greased pan over the stovetop to cook for some minutes. Return the pizza to the microwave, then heat it again on the pan.
  • If you desire your frozen pizza to be crispy when reheating, it’s best to use both the stovetop and the microwave to warm it.
  • Take your pizza and spread it on a microwave-safe plate, and insert it in the microwave for some minutes. As this is taking place, take a pan and grease it. Put it over the stovetop and let it start heating. Now remove the pizza from the microwave and place it on the pan.
  • Heat it for some minutes to acquire the crispy crust, then return the pizza to a microwavable plate and heat it in the microwave again.
  • Lastly, remove the pizza from the microwave and heat it again on the pan.

How Do You Defrost Pizza In The Microwave?

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?Frozen pizzas are of different shapes, dimensions, and variations. Each of them requires different microwaving techniques. And it’s pretty easy to defrost pizza with the microwave, which only requires some minutes. Contingent to the magnitude of the coating, it might only take you eight to fifteen minutes to prepare your frozen pizza. But there’s an advantage to microwaving your frozen pizza.

The microwave is created for browning the pizza’s exterior. However, heat from radiation may produce a tender and soggy crust instead of a crispy crust. Though, if you are cautious, you won’t encounter such an issue. When thawing pizza, you should use microwavable ceramic ware to prevent the pizza from becoming soggy. Alternatively, you can use the microwave crisper pans created mainly for this task.

There are no particular methods for defrosting pizza. All you’re required to do is confiscate the packet and the plastic wraps and place the pizza on a microwave-safe plate. Doing this will ensure the steam escapes, and the crust won’t clog up with water.

Tricks to Make Your Frozen Pizza Tastes Better

1. Buy High-Quality Pizza

Most critical is buying the perfect frozen pizza available. A premium pizza is generally slightly expensive but will assure you of a perfect meal from the begging. It might be challenging to perfect a pizza that already had low quality from the start.

2. Add Seasoning

The simplest and most rewarding way to ensure your frozen pizzas taste better is by topping them using fresh ingredients before cooking. Some of the ingredients you can add to uplift your pizza include; chopped peppers, green veggies, pulled pork, coleslaw, barbecue sauce, and pine nuts.

3. Use a Pizza Stone

Another technique to promote your frozen pizza is using a pizza stone for cooking it. Preheat the stone with the oven, and you’ll have a delicious and crispier crust.

If you can’t access a pizza stone, you can use a cast iron pan as an alternative or simply spread the pizza on the oven rack.

4. Cook In High Heat

Though most pizza companies advice preparing their pizza at a particular temperature variation, if you fancy crispier crust, using higher than the indicated temperature can make you accomplish that.

Achieve this by using maximum temperature on your oven and decreasing the cooking time. But ensure you are within to prevent the pizza from burning.

How to Store Leftover Pizzas

Storing leftover pizzas after you are full is not only about throwing the whole piece in the refrigerator. Rather, put the slices on a plate but place a paper towel between each piece. Then cover the pieces using plastic wrap and finalize by storing them in the refrigerator.

FDA recommends that you store pizza for between two to three days only. It is best for consumption during this time, or it might become stale and result in food poisoning.

Faqs on How to Cook Frozen Pizza in the Microwave

Is it Possible to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?

You can cook pizza in the microwave as it is a fast and straightforward way to prepare pizza in minutes. Whereas six to ten minutes might feel like a long time to cook anything using the microwave, it might take much longer to prepare the pizza from a frozen state in the oven.

How Do You Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave Without Getting Soggy?

All you should do is put water in a microwavable glass inside the microwave next to your pizza. Cook it for 45 seconds, and you’re done! Your pizza will appear and taste like what you order from the store.

How Long Should You Microwave Pizza?

Tossing pizza in the microwave is typical for heating pizza. Using the microwave is the quickest and most effective method to heat pizza. For heating pizza, keep the slice on a microwavable plate and place it in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds.

In Which Mode Pizza is Baked in The microwave?

The best mode to microwave pizza in the microwave is the convection mode. After the pizza has completed rolling, transfer it to an oiled baking dish.

How Do You Cook Frozen Pizza Without an Oven?

If you don’t have an oven, you can use a microwave for cooking your pizza. Put your pizza in a crisper pan and put it on the microwave plate to heat, or in the absence of a crisper pan, spread it in a stove pan and let it cook until the base is crispy and the cheese begins to melt.

Is It Safe To Microwave Pizza?

Microwaving pizza is harmless, provided the pizza is still in good condition for consumption. You can reheat your pizza by microwaving it. Also, reheating your pizza helps in destroying bacteria found in the pizza. Therefore, it is safe to use a microwave, a skillet, an oven, or a pan to reheat your pizza.

Can Pizza Be Made in The Microwave Without Convection?

It’s possible to make delicious homemade pizza even without a convection or microwave oven. All you require to do this is a wide non-stick pan and some innovation.

Can You Microwave Frozen Food?

It’s okay to microwave some frozen foods but follow the packaging instructions carefully. Knowing the microwave’s wattage before cooking frozen food is also critical.

Can I microwave Totino’s Pizza?

Yes and no is the answer. One thing about frozen pizzas is that they work well with the oven to thaw and cook slowly. Microwaves have a different way of heating food, and your pizza will likely be soggy but edible.

Can I Cook Frozen Pizza in a Convection microwave?

Yes, lay the frozen pizza on a huge pizza pan, pizza stone, or pizza screen. Place the frozen pizza in the oven on the middle rack and bake for twelve to eighteen minutes. Allow the pizza to cool for five minutes, then serve.

Can You Microwave a Frozen DiGiorno Pizza?

How to Cook Frozen Pizza in The Microwave?Yes, and it’s best to cook DiGiorno Pizza in a microwave oven with a spinning carousel dish. Using this method will ensure that the cheese spreads evenly and the crust remains even. DiGiorno pizza only takes five minutes to cook in the microwave.

What is a Microwave Browning Plate?

A browning plate simulates a frying pan or skillet and enables you to prepare foods like hamburgers, steaks, chops, and French toast. Browning plates are made from pyro ceramic material with metal inserted in it. They are best when reheated in the microwave to allow the metal to overheat the surface and form the grill effect.

How Does Microwave Crisper Work?

Start by preheating an empty crisper plate each time you want to use it. Insert the crisper plate and lid inside the microwave and heat in advance for two and a half minutes in a 900 watts microwave. If your microwave’s wattage is lower than 900 watts, make it three minutes. Eject from the microwave using protective gloves.


Pizzas are now a common food item in most households. And due to frozen pizzas, you can now store this delightful delicacy in your freezer and consume it any time you feel like it. But to retain the pizza’s taste, you should defrost it first.

Though it’s not advisable to microwave pizza, some people don’t own ovens. But not using the correct method to microwave pizza can affect the crust and the cheese’s quality. Now you know how to correctly cook frozen pizza using the microwave and enjoy it without losing its delightful taste.

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