How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the Microwave [Quick & Easy]

How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the MicrowaveIt’s pretty sensitive to defrost frozen fish fillets in the microwave. It requires close monitoring, or your fillets might not cook evenly, forming sacks of soggy or tough meat.

Nonetheless, microwaving is quick and is a low-temperature cooking approach. Due to this, it’s best at retaining nutrients than other cooking styles.

Essentially, most studies have proven that microwaving fish is good at retaining its beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Let’s look at how to cook frozen fish fillets in the microwave.

Spread the fish fillets on a microwavable plate and cover using a lid. Tune the timer to five minutes and 50% heat, then put the bowl in the microwave and turn it on. Keep checking to ensure it doesn’t overcook, and keep turning after every two minutes. Frozen seafood can burst in the microwave because of instant heat variance and excessive moisture quantity of the fish.

How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the Microwave [Step-By-Step]

How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the MicrowaveThe ideal way of thawing frozen fish fillets is by allowing the fish to unfreeze in the refrigerator, which retains the meat’s texture. The process might take longer and may not be practical if you have fish that you want to cook immediately.

If you don’t handle your defrosting process carefully, your fillet might cook unevenly while forming soggy and hard meat pockets. Moving your fillets in different positions in the microwave usually allows them to defrost consistently.

Step 1: Arrange the fillets in one layer in a microwavable dish.

Step 2: Insert the dish into the microwave, adjust the heat to 50%, and time it for five minutes. Switch on the microwave, turning the fillets at two-minute intervals.

Step 3: Check which parts are still frozen and bang any chunky parts holding to the fish with a fork to detach the frozen parts.

Step 4: Return the fish to the microwave for four additional minutes if some areas are still frozen.

Step 5: Add your preferred flavors and vegies to the fish container. Cover using a plastic wrapper and stab at the top using a fork. You will create tiny holes that will allow steam to escape.

Step 6: Microwave on high heat for six more minutes to ensure the fillets cook evenly. If the fish does not chip easily, add three more minutes.

Can you microwave Frozen Fish?

Yes, you can microwave frozen fish fillets, though the best method is to thaw them and cook. Lay the fish on a microwave-friendly plate, cover using a lid and cook it for five minutes. Keep checking to prevent the fish from overcooking.

If you’d like to include more ingredients to your diet like green beans, peas, or asparagus, you’ll have to cook them separately till soft, then add them to your fish.

Can you Cook Frozen Fish

To avoid the thawing process, the recommendable ways for cooking frozen fish are poaching, baking, and steaming. Pan-frying isn’t advisable since the fish might discharge plenty of water, or the flesh may not cook evenly. You can add some minutes to guarantee the frozen food cooks perfectly if you’re using a recipe.

How to Defrost Frozen Fish Fillets in the Microwave

How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the MicrowaveTo defrost frozen fish fillets, spread the fillets in a microwavable container and heat them in the defrost mode for two minutes. Turn the fish and keep defrosting for one extra minute.

If preparing frozen fish, ensure you check it continuously at 30-second intervals on 30% heat or set the microwave at defrost. It’s obligatory to do this to avoid explosion, breakages, or cooking the fish unintentionally.

How Long to Microwave Fish Fillets in Microwave

Denser fillets like cod or salmon can take roughly four to five minutes to cook in a 1,000-watt microwave. Alternatively, thin fillets like tilapia will take approximately three minutes to cook. If your cook time is over and your fish is not entirely opaque, continue cooking, adding 30 seconds intervals until cooked.

Faqs on How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the Microwave 

Can you Put Fish Fillets in the Microwave?

You can put fish fillets in the microwave to cook perfectly. Just wrap the fillets with plastic wrap and some seasonings like pepper, salt, and lemon, then set the timer at two minutes on high heat. You may not believe that the microwave can make something crispy like a potato chip, but it will with fish fillets.

Can I Cook Fish Fillets From Frozen?

Yes, you can cook frozen fish. You can ignore the thawing process and cook your frozen fish fillets direct from the freezer. However, you may need to add a couple of minutes to your expected cook time to compensate for skipping thawing. The methods to cook frozen fish fillets from the freezer include; steaming, poaching, grilling, baking, and broiling.

How do you Cook Gorton’s Fish Fillets in the Microwave?

If the fish fillets exceed twelve sticks, using the traditional cooking method is the best. Spread the fish sticks in one layer on a microwavable dish and microwave at a high temperature for one minute.

Can you Quick Thaw Frozen Fish?

To thaw fish faster, put the fish in a concealable plastic bag and remove all the air inside before sealing. If your fish is already in a vacuum-sealed bag, you can leave it there. Always cook the fish immediately after it defrosts.

Should you Thaw Frozen Fish before Cooking?

There are some fish varieties that you can cook even without thawing. Among them are lean fish like cod and tilapia, which you can book directly from the freezer to the frying pan. However, it’s advisable to thaw the fish entirely and then cook.

Can you Microwave Frozen Salmon Fillets?

How to Cook Frozen Fish Fillets in the MicrowaveIt’s okay to microwave frozen salmon fillets without worrying since they will be as tasty as a well-thawed and cooked salmon.

How do you Cook Fish from Frozen?

It’s safe to cook fish from frozen, and it’s much easier to pick a pack of frozen fish than to buy fresh ones. It’s thus advisable to cook fresh fish within 48 hours to retain its quality and flavor. Contrary, frozen fish can retain its flavor and quality until six months in the freezer.

Can You Microwave Mrs. Paul’s Fish Fillets?

Yes, it’s acceptable to microwave fish sticks regardless of if you’re reheating or cooking them. It only needs three minutes to cook, irrespective of the strength of your microwave. But microwaving may alter the fish sticks consistency and crispiness.

How do you Cook Fish in a microwave?

Cover the fish using parchment paper, place it in the microwave, and let it cook on high heat for 90 seconds. Give it a 30-seconds break while still in the microwave and cook it for 90 more seconds on high heat. Allow the fish to rest for two minutes in the microwave, and it’ll be ready to eat.

How do I Get Fish Smell Out of My microwave?

The fastest way to eliminate the fishy smell from the microwave is to start by wiping the microwave. Then mix half a cup of water with white vinegar, microwave it for roughly five minutes at high temperature, and give it five more minutes of rest. Then remove the bowl and clean any fishy residue left in the microwave.

How Long Does Frozen Fish Take to Cook?

You can roast the fish either with skin or without, but the skin side should face down if it has. When baking from the frozen, microwave them for 20 to 25 minutes. Suppose the fish is fresh or thawed; microwave for 15 minutes. You’ll know the fish is ready when it’s finally opaque.

Can you Cook Cod From Frozen?

If you might have cod fillets in your freezer, you don’t have to worry about defrosting them before cooking. Cod can be baked while frozen. Baking them when frozen guarantees they won’t overcook. Just extend the cooking time by ten minutes.

Why Should you Never Thaw Frozen Fish in Its Vacuum-Sealed Packaging?

Clostridium botulinum is an anaerobic bacteria do create spores that enable it to blossom in low-oxygen areas-like that vacuum-sealed packages generate. If the spores find the right environment, they can breed lethal toxins. These toxins cause botulism, a deadly ailment that affects the nervous system.

Can You Defrost in Microwave?

No. Though some risk-lovers may defrost frozen fish in the defrost mode, the microwave’s intermittent heat is not trustworthy. The random temperature fluctuation might shock your fish and interfere with its quality. The waves might even cook the fillet’s sensitive parts.

Are Gorton’s Fish Fillets Pre-cooked?

No, Gorton’s fish fillets are not already cooked. You can cook the fillets directly from the freezer to the oven if you understand how the process works.


Nowadays, fish stands out as a nutritious meal in most homes. Healthy meat contributes to strong muscle development, neurological growth, and heart health.

You can cook frozen fish fillets in the microwave without thawing them. But you may need to add more minutes to your cook time to replace the lack of thawing.

The best methods to microwave nutritious frozen fish fillets are poaching, baking, broiling, steaming, and grilling.

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