Can You Microwave Massage Oil?

Can You Microwave Massage Oil?Nothing is as relaxing for me as a nice long massage on a Sunday afternoon with warm lavender-scented massage oil.

Warming the massage oil in the microwave just makes my work easier and faster and gives me more time to enjoy my massage session.

Can you microwave massage oil?

Yes, you can microwave massage oil; however, it needs to be indicated that it is safe to microwave that particular massage oil. Massage oils that are microwavable have clear microwaving instructions on the bottle. Ensure to read and follow the microwaving and usage instructions for better results.

Therefore it is important to figure out if massage oil is safe to be microwaved. Not all massage oils need to be warmed to be used; others are already designed to be used the way they are. While others may begin to form smoke or even explode when microwaved. However, most massage oils can be microwaved, including almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil.

This article talks about microwaving massage oils. The discussed topics include How to microwave massage oil, whether it is Safe to Microwave Massage Oil, the Benefits of Microwaving Massage Oil, and How Long Should you Microwave Massage Oils, among others.

How to microwave massage oil

Can You Microwave Massage Oil?Pour a specific amount of your massage oil into a microwavable container; microwave the oil in smaller 10 seconds intervals as you check its temperature.

Below are the requirements and a detailed procedure for microwaving a massage oil.


  • Your choice of massage oil
  • Microwavable bowl.
  • Stirrer


1. Pour the massage oil into a microwavable bowl

Only pour the massage oil you intend to use into the microwavable bowl. It is not advisable to microwave massage oils more than once. Also, ensure the bowl being used is microwave safe; the bowl should have a microwave safe symbol or made of ceramic or glass.

Oil heats up too fast and can b extremely hot; using a bowl that is not fit to be microwaved may cause the bowl to melt in the process.

2. Microwave the massage oil

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat the massage oil at high power for 10 to 30 seconds. Stop the microwave every 10 seconds to stir through the oil for equal heat distribution and to check whether the temperature is appropriate.

3. Make use of the massage oils immediately

Since it is not advisable to microwave massage oils more than once, you are advised to use the massage oil immediately after you remove it from the microwave. The oil tends to go back to its cold state very fast.

Is It Safe to Microwave Massage Oil?

Can You Microwave Massage Oil?Whether a massage oil is safe to be microwaved depends on whether the oil is microwavable or not. Microwavable massage oils have a clear statement on their bottles, giving their users the go-ahead to place them in the microwave.

Suppose your massage oil has no such statements, do not assume you can microwave it. The duration used to microwave your massage oil will also determine whether the oil will be harmful or safe for your skin.

The massage oil should be microwaved in small 10 seconds intervals; suppose you do not microwave the oils in smaller intervals; applying the oil on your hands straight from the microwave may cause serious skin burning. The small intervals allow you to check the warmth of the oils and distribute heat evenly through stirring.

Thirdly, it is safe to microwave massage oils in a dry microwavable bowl. It could be dangerous if the bowl has some traces of water. The water will cause the massage oils to explode in the microwave.

Benefits of Microwaving Massage Oil

Microwaved massage oil is perfect for relaxing muscles. When the oil is heated, the heat from the oil will efficiently deal with sore muscles by loosening the tight ones and giving you relief on those that are painful.

Warm Massage oils are also perfect for providing relief to a tension headache by improving blood circulation into the brain and the rest of your body. Improved blood flow becomes efficient due to the massage oils’ heat. Your body becomes rejuvenated, and your mood will also be improved.

Therefore microwaving massage oils will bring relief to your tight muscles, improve blood flow in your veins and leave you feeling fresh, relaxed, and in a good mood.

How Long Should you Microwave Massage Oils

Massage oil should be microwaved for 20 to 30 seconds. The time may vary depending on the quantity of massage oil you want to microwave, and the type of microwave used.

Suppose you would like a full body massage; you may require to microwave a lot more massage oil. The type of massage you want determines the quantity of oil to be microwaved.

For a full body massage, you will also require a large bowl that will easily accommodate all the required oil, and you may be required to microwave the oil for longer than 30 seconds. However, do not forget to stir the massage oil every 10 seconds so that heat can evenly be spread through it and also to avoid overheating the oil.

Secondly, the type of microwave and its wattage level can alter the microwaving time. A microwave with higher wattage levels will heat up your massage oils in fewer seconds. This is why it is important to microwave massage oils in small intervals so that you can monitor their warmth at every end of an interval.

Will Massage Oils Explode in the Microwave

Can You Microwave Massage Oil?Massage oils will not explode in the microwave if heated appropriately. Make sure to read the usage instructions on the bottle. Each massage oil has its microwaving instructions that should be followed efficiently.  

However, certain things may still cause them to explode. These include microwaving the massage oils for longer or microwaving the oils in a wet container.

Suppose you heat the massage oils for longer than the time on the user manual; the oil may begin to explode in the microwave. Also, pouring massage oils on a container with some water traces will also cause the oil to explode.

Alternative Heating of Massage Oils

Apart from microwaving, you may use your hands, hot water, a candle, an oil warmer, or a double boiler to warm massage oils. The following is how you do it.

Drop some massage oil on your hands and rub them together for about 15 to 20 seconds; the heat from your hands will warm the oil. Fill a bowl with hot water and immerse the container containing the massage oil in the water. If not, you may consider using a double boiler; fill the bottom pot with water, then pour the massage oil on the top pot.

Thirdly you could place a burning cuddle under the bowl containing massage oil. However, ensure the bowl is heat resistant. You could also invest in an oil warmer from any health store.

Final thoughts

It is possible to microwave massage oils. However, each massage oil has got a usage manual that either allows it to be microwaved or not. Before microwaving a massage oil, consider looking at the instructions so that you don’t microwave an oil that does not need microwaving. Finally, ensure to microwave massage oils on a dry container and in small intervals.

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