Can you Microwave Kimchi? [Mistakes to Avoid]

Would you like to know whether it is possible to microwave Kimchi? Kimchi is a fermented dish with cabbage, chilli peppers, garlic, ginger, sugar, salt, and onions as ingredients.

Traditionally Kimchi can be eaten raw and cold, on its own or alongside other dishes. The fermented nature of this Korean fermented dish gives it a very strong scent when exposed to heat.

Can you Microwave Kimchi


But, can you microwave kimchi?

Yes, you can microwave Kimchi. To microwave Kimchi, scoop a portion of it and place it in a microwavable bowl. Use a microwavable lid to cover; set the bowl in the microwave and adjust the microwaving power to medium or low.

Microwave the Kimchi for 20 seconds. You may heat it again if it is not as warm as it should. Allow the Kimchi to sit in the microwave under a closed door for 1 minute for efficient heat distribution before serving.

This article is a response whether you can microwave Kimchi. A procedure on how to microwave Kimchi, helpful tips, and a discussion on whether a microwave can interfere with kimchi health benefits have been provided. Finally, some frequently asked questions about microwaving Kimchi are answered at the end of the article.

How to Microwave Kimchi

Discussed below is a simple detailed procedure you can use when microwaving Kimchi.


  • A microwavable bowl
  • Lid
  • A portion of Kimchi


Below is a step-to-step procedure

Step one: Scoop the Required Amount of Kimchi

Transfer only the required amount of Kimchi from the fermentation pot to a microwavable bowl. Remember, it is not advisable to re-microwave the Kimchi; you will either eat the leftover cold or throw away the remaining potion.

Step two: Use a Lid on the Bowl

Place a microwavable lid on the bowl to prevent losing too much moisture when heating the Kimchi in the microwave. The lid will also minimize the spread of the strong scent of the fermented Kimchi that is highly released into the air when exposed to heat.

Step three: Adjust the Settings of the Microwave

Kimchi does not require too much heat. For better results, reduce the heating power to medium or low.

Step four: Hit the START Button

Set a 20 seconds heating time and hit the START button. Check the temperature of the Kimchi to see whether it is warm enough for you. If not, repeat the heating process under the same power settings. Once the Kimchi is warm enough for your liking, let it stay in the microwave for 1 minute so that heat distributes evenly.

Step five: Serve the Kimchi

Remove the Kimchi from the microwave and serve. You can eat or serve it alongside other dishes like rice, fries, Hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Helpful Tips when Microwaving Kimchi

Always Remember to Adjust Microwaving Power

Reduce the heating power to low or medium. Kimchi only requires minimal heat to warm up. Too much will only damage the taste and texture.

Use a Microwavable Bowl

Do not just use any container or bowl to microwave the Kimchi. Assuming that since the power of the microwave will be low or medium, any container is capable of doing the work is wrong.

Always ensure that whatever container, plate, or mug you use in the microwave is safe and can handle the microwave radiation without turning your meal into a harmful one.

Only Microwave the Quantity Required

Can you Microwave KimchiWhen microwaving Kimchi, do not carry the whole of it in the microwave, assuming you can always microwave and use it when needed. Only the required amount should be microwaved; if the microwaved one is not fully consumed, it should never be re-microwaved.

Store it in the fridge for not more than two days and eat it without heating. If this is not favorable for you, throw it away.

Try to Deal with Kimchi’s strong aroma

Since Kimchi is fermented, it spreads a very strong aroma when microwaved. You can consider using a lid to minimize the aroma.

The lid will lock the aroma inside the container holding it. You can also consider microwaving it in small quantities for the scent not to go too far from where you are heating it.

Do not Microwave Kimchi in the Presence of People

Avoid microwaving Kimchi in the presence of people who are new to you, for instance, in an office space. The strong aroma of the fermented Kimchi might not be so settling for some people. You might end up causing discomfort in the office due to Kimchi’s strong aroma.

Does Microwaving Kimchi Interfere with its Health Benefits?

Microwaving Kimchi at low or medium power for the appropriate amount of time will not interfere with its health benefits. In fact, heating kimchi enhances its taste and texture. You will still be able to benefit from its nutritional value like:

Maintaining a Healthy Digestive System

Fermented Kimchi contains Lactobacilli bacteria, a probiotic that contributes to the better functioning of the digestive system by reducing unwanted digestive symptoms.

Kimchi Lowers Cholesterol and Inflammation

The ability of Kimchi to lower cholesterol and inflammation in the body makes it the perfect agent to reduce heart diseases.

Kimchi Helps with Weight Loss

Kimchi is low in calories meaning it can be consumed as often as possible without the fear of gaining weight abruptly. It can also be used in place of those meals with too many calories.

Faqs on Microwaving Kimchi

1. Should I heat up my Kimchi?

No, you do not have to heat Kimchi to enjoy it. Some fully enjoy Kimchi just the way it is, raw and cold, served alongside other dishes or on its own.

However, still, there are those that heat it up and enjoy it when warm. Heating enhances the taste and texture for those that prefer heated Kimchi.

2. What happens if you heat Kimchi?

When you heat Kimchi in the microwave, it begins to release a powerful aroma that first circulates in the nearby surroundings. The strong aroma is due to the fermented ingredients used in the preparation of the Kimchi.

Some people do not find this smell pleasing. Therefore you may consider using a lid to trap the aroma inside the container, microwaving very small quantities, or avoiding microwaving the Kimchi in the presence of people.

3. Can Kimchi be eaten raw?

Yes, you can eat raw Kimchi. Traditionally Koreans used to eat Kimchi raw and cold. Microwaving or heating came later as a way to enhance its taste, but there are those who still enjoy it raw.

4. Can Kimchi be cooked?

Can you Microwave KimchiYes, Kimchi can be cooked at moderate heat and for a short duration. When using a microwave ensure the microwave is set at medium or low heat and do not microwave for longer than a minute.

Do not use too much heat if you use a skillet on the stove. Reduce the heat and cook the Kimchi for not more than 5 minutes.

5. Does Kimchi lose its benefits when cooked?

Kimchi will not lose its health benefits when cooked under a regulated medium heat and short time.

However, overcooking the Kimchi under too much heat will not only interfere with its taste and texture, but the Kimchi will also lose its health benefits.

6. Can you eat Kimchi every day?

Yes, you can eat Kimchi every day. Kimchi is low in calories meaning it can be consumed as often as possible without the fear of gaining weight abruptly.

It can also be used in place of those meals with too many calories

7. How long does Kimchi last in the fridge once opened?

Can you Microwave KimchiOnce opened, Kimchi can last for 4 to 6 months in a fridge whose temperature is below 39°F (4°C), after which it continues the fermentation process from where it had stopped while at room temperature.

The same Kimchi, when opened and placed at room temperature, would last for seven days

8. Is Kimchi served hot or cold?

It all depends on the type of Kimchi you enjoy the most. You can serve it while still raw and cold.

At the same time, if you enjoy hot Kimchi, you can heat it up on a stove or microwave and then serve it while still hot.

9. Can you microwave kimchi bowl?

Yes, you can. The most important thing is to find out if the bowl is microwave safe and if you have a microwavable lid that can fit on the bowl perfectly.

You wouldn’t want to use containers that are not safe to be placed in the microwave.

10. What is the best way to eat Kimchi?

The best way to eat Kimchi is to eat it hot. Heat enhances the texture and taste of Kimchi. You can also enjoy it alongside other traditional and modern meals like rice, fries, Hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Final Thoughts

It is correct to say that Kimchi can be microwaved. As long as it is done correctly, Kimchi will retain its nutritional value.

You are guaranteed remarkable results when you follow simple guidelines like adjusting the microwaving power to medium or low, using microwave-safe containers, and microwaving the Kimchi in small intervals.

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