Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?

Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?Apart from beauty enamel mugs are easy to use and very comfortable.

I prefer enamel mugs to others due to their ability to hold and serve hot drinks efficiently.

Can you microwave Enamel mugs?

No, you should not microwave enamel mugs. The mugs are made of layers from different materials, including heavy steel and other metallic properties, which makes them similar to metal mugs. According to experts, metals should not be placed in the microwave. The enamel mug could crack or even end up damaging your microwave.

Enamel mugs hold and serve drinks, especially tea and coffee. The mugs are globally appreciated since they are durable, easy to use, and clean. Often, enamel mugs are made of cast iron or steel, dipped into enamel liquid, and fired under extreme temperatures. It is the enamel coating that gives the mugs their shiny finishing

The different layers of the materials used to make the enamel mugs slow down the penetration of rays of the microwave into the mug’s content, making it impossible to microwave your beverage in the mug. Despite not being able to be microwaved, the enamel mugs can be used in the oven, fire, or freezer.

This article explains the possibility of microwaving enamel mugs. Other discussed related subheadings are Reasons why you Should Avoid Microwaving Enamel Mugs, How to Safely Heat Enamel Mugs, Can Enamel Mugs Hold Boiling Water, The Best Way To Clean Enamel Mug, and What Makes Enamel Mugs The Most Preferred Mugs Compared to Other Types of Mugs.

Reasons why you Should Avoid Microwaving Enamel Mugs

Enamel mugs are made of materials that should not be microwaved; the mugs could crack, there will be high power consumption, and your microwave could be damaged in the process.

Below is a detailed explanation of the reasons mentioned.

  • Enamel mugs are made of materials that should not be microwaved

As stated earlier, enamel mugs are cast iron or steel dipped into enamel liquid. Metals should not be placed in the microwave. Metals cause an arcing reaction, an explosion, and bring about an accident or the cracking of the mug.

  • The enamel mugs could crack in the microwave

Despite the fact that the enamel mugs can survive oven and open fire heat, they cannot handle microwave heat. The heat from the microwave becomes unbearable for them, leading to cracks and making leakage cracks in the mug.

  • The microwaving process will be slowed down

The different layers of the materials used to make the enamel mugs and the shiny enamel coating slows down the penetration of rays of the microwave into the mug’s content. The mug’s surface begins to react by deflecting the microwaves, making it impossible for the beverage in the mug to get heated as quickly as it should.

  • Increased power consumption

Since enamel-coated mugs slow down the microwaving process, more power and time will be required for the microwaves to penetrate the mug’s outer surface and get to your beverage. Suppose you microwave the beverage without putting a lid on the mug; the beverage will be heated unevenly.

Heat will only get full access through the top opening part of the mug while the rays struggle to penetrate the rest of the parts.

  • Microwaving enamel mugs may damage your microwave

Suppose you place an enamel mug in the microwave, and due to high heat, the mug cracks and begins to leak. The beverage may flow and begin to spread into delicate parts of a microwave that you can hardly reach even if you decide to clean your microwave thoroughly. The liquid may cause serious damage to your microwave after getting in contact with these electric parts.

How to Safely Heat Enamel Mugs

Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?You could heat an enamel mug on an open fire or a stove. Since placing an enamel mug in the microwave seems to be the wrong move, other alternative methods are safer and wouldn’t cause any damage. The alternatives are listed below

Fill your enamel mug with the beverage of your choice. Ensure the beverage is not filled to the brim so that it does not pour when it reaches its boiling point. Place the enamel mug with the beverage over an open flame like a fire or o stove. Keep checking the beverage every 15 to 20 seconds since the enamel mug is known to get heated faster.

The mug may get sooty, primarily if you use it on an open flame. However, the soot should not be something to worry about; the enamel coating in the mug has made the cleaning process easier.

An enamel mug is a perfect companion for outdoor activities with your family. You can always use it to warm a cup of coffee on the campfire without worrying about damaging the mug.

Can Enamel Mugs Hold Boiling Water

Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?Yes, enamel mugs can hold boiling water. The materials used in manufacturing the mug ensure it is durable and capable of handling high heat temperatures. Only microwave heat has proven to be too much for the enamel mug.

Apart from boiling water, you could actually make tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in an enamel mug as long as it is on an open flame or stove and not in the microwave. To make tea in an enamel mug, pour some water into the mug and place it on a stove. Heat the water to its boiling point and add tea leaves or coffee. There is actually no need for a kettle with enamel in hand.

The Best Way to Clean Enamel Mug

One large lemon, baking soda and warm water are perfect cleaning agents for an enamel mug.

After an enamel mug has been used for a while, it begins to get discolored. Sometimes after you have used it on a stove or an open flame, there is the formation of soot on the outer surface. Suppose this happens to your enamel mug; the procedure below will help you keep your enamel mug clean and sparkling.


  • One lemon
  • Four tablespoons of baking soda
  • Dry clean kitchen towel
  • Warm water
  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • Mixing bowl


  • Prepare the cleaning agents

Chop the lemon into two halves, and remove the seeds. Squeeze the lemon juice in the mixing bowl. Add the four tablespoons of the baking soda into the bowl and mix thoroughly.

  • Apply the mixture to the mug

Ensure the mug is equally applied to all sections of the enamel mug, especially those parts with discoloration or soot. Allow the paste to stay on the mug for 10 to 15 minutes to soften the stains for easier scrubbing.

  • Scrub the mug

Use your clean kitchen towel to gently scrub off the soot and the discoloration stains for about 5 minutes.

  • Rinse the mug

Use warm water to rinse the lemon and baking soda paste from the mug thoroughly. Allow the mug to rest and dry after the thorough rinsing.

What Makes Enamel Mugs the Most Preferred Mugs Compared to Other Types of Mugs

Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?Enamel mugs are among the most preferred globally since they are durable, light, easy to use, clean, carry around, and perfect for outdoor activities and holding and reheating beverages, soups, and cooking.

Below is how an enamel mug is used in the ways mentioned above.

  • Enamel mugs are durable

Enamel mugs are made with several layers of heavy steel and other metallic properties that make them hard to break even when they fall on a hard surface. As long as you do not place an enamel mug in the microwave, it will hardly crack and may end up serving you for long.

  • Enamel mugs are easy to use and clean

The material used in manufacturing the enamel mug has enabled its usage to be uncomplicated. There are no complicated formulae on how to use the mug.

  • Enamel mugs are perfect for outdoor activities

With an enamel mug you can easily make a cup of tea or coffee on the camping fire. If not, you could use it to cook a meal or heat soup. When going for outdoor activities like camping, an enamel mug should be on the list of what you intend to carry.

Final thoughts

You cannot microwave an enamel mug due to the materials used in making the mug. However, that does not mean you cannot make tea or coffee in the mug using other heating methods. The microwave heat could crack your enamel mug; the same cannot be said about the stove or open flame heat.

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