Can You Microwave Doritos?

Can You Microwave Doritos?We have all been in that place when we are not sure whether to microwave a snack or not.

That was me a few weeks ago, in the kitchen with a pack of Doritos, wondering whether it is okay to microwave them.

If I could, what would happen to their texture? Will they come out soggy?

Can you microwave doritos?

Yes, you can microwave Doritos. Transfer them into a microwavable bowl, microwave at high power for 30 seconds, carefully remove them from the microwave and try to serve and eat while still warm. The Doritos might not be as crispy as they were while fresh, but their Dorito flavour will still be intact.

This article explains whether you can microwave Doritos, among other topics like How Safe is it to Microwave Doritos, Concerns People Have about Microwaving Doritos, How Long to Microwave Doritos, and Can You Microwave Doritos Twice?

Step to-Step Procedure of Microwaving Doritos

Place the Doritos on a microwavable bowl and microwave at high power for 30 seconds. The mentioned steps have been outlined below. The procedure and the requirements are easy to access and follow through.


  • Microwavable bowl
  • A packet of Doritos


1. Transfer the Doritos into a microwavable bowl

Often, Doritos are stored in a packet made of aluminium foil. Therefore the packet cannot be microwaved. Microwaving the Doritos will cause the packet to react with the microwaves causing it to burst into flames, which is why you need to transfer the Doritos to a microwavable bowl.

Ensure the bowl being used is also microwave safe. It is advisable always to use a microwave-safe container whenever you microwave anything. The container should have a microwave-safe symbol or be made of glass or ceramic material.

2. Spread the Doritos evenly in the bowl

Ensure the Doritos are evenly spread on the microwavable bow. Do not allow overcrowding too, or else the Doritos will be unevenly microwaved. It is better if the Doritos are aligned on a single layer; that way, each piece will get a chance to be heated in the microwave evenly.

3. Microwave the Doritos

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat the Doritos at high power for 30 seconds. Do not let the Doritos heat for too long; the edges may begin to turn black in the process.

Suppose the Doritos have been cooked alongside another dish like a casserole; you might need to add more time to the microwaving duration. Also, you will be required to stop the microwave at least halfway through the cooking time to stir through the Doritos and the casserole. Finally, you will also be required to remove them from the microwave, carefully protecting your hands from burns.

How Safe is it to Microwave Doritos

Can You Microwave Doritos?It is safe to microwave Doritos as long as they are microwaved in a microwavable bowl and for the appropriate amount of time.

For safe microwaving of Doritos, ensure they are not microwaved in their packages. The Doritos packages are made of aluminium foil, a material that does not microwave safe. Placing the package in the microwave will cause it to explode or ignite.

Doritos should be microwaved on high power for 30 seconds. They will heat appropriately and even if they have been evenly spread on the microwaveable plate or bow. It is advisable to arrange the Doritos on a single layer.

Also, microwaving the Doritos for longer will cause their edges to darken, and they may taste burnt. One needs to use a microwavable plate or container to ensure that the Doritos have been microwaved safely. Avoid using plastic plates unless they have been confirmed to be microwave safe. Plastic containers that are not microwavable may release a toxic compound into your Doritos, making them unsafe for you.

Concerns People Have About Microwaving Doritos

Can You Microwave Doritos?Regarding microwaving Doritos, I had my concerns. For instance, I was worried they would not heat evenly and that the microwave may interfere with the Doritos’ taste and flavor.

Below is a detailed explanation of the concerns and how to deal with them.

  • Uneven cooking of the Doritos in the microwave

A microwave is believed not to cook meals evenly. Anyone might be worried about whether the Doritos will be evenly cooked if they use a microwave. Modern microwaves have been enhanced to enable even cooking of meals, and certain features like turntables and sensors have been installed to ensure your food is evenly cooked.

You too can also enable even cooking of the Doritos by spreading them on a microwavable plate. For better results, spread them on a single layer so that each piece will have an equal chance of being microwaved evenly.

  • The microwave may alter the taste of the Doritos

A microwave altering the taste of my Doritos is one big concern I had. However, I later realized that my Doritos changed their taste only when I allowed them to microwave longer than they should or when I microwaved them more than once. The edges began to turn dark and tasted burnt in my mouth.

The microwave will not alter the taste of the Doritos; however, it may alter the texture. The Doritos will not be as crispy as they were while fresh.

How Long to Microwave Doritos

Doritos should be microwaved for 30 seconds at high power. Spread the Doritos on a microwaveable plate evenly. Place them in the microwave and microwave at high power.

The time may vary depending on the quantity of the Doritos and the type of microwave used. Microwaving a large amount of Doritos may need more time. Also, the type of microwave and its wattage level will determine the duration of microwaving Doritos.

You might be required to microwave Doritos for longer than 30 seconds if the Doritos had been cooked with something else like the casserole. Also, you must stir the food to ensure the heat spreads evenly.

Can You Microwave Doritos Twice

It is not advisable to microwave Doritos twice. Suppose you do; the texture and the taste of the Doritos will no longer be the same.

The Doritos will taste differently and may no longer contain their Dorito flavor. The texture will also be too soggy for your liking. Therefore, it is better only to microwave the appropriate amount of Doritos and store the rest appropriately.

Important Factors to Consider When Microwaving Doritos

Among the most important details to focus on when you want to microwave the Doritos is avoiding microwaving them in their packets and microwaving for the appropriate time; microwaving time may vary.

Below is a detailed explanation of why the mentioned factors are extremely important to consider.

  • Avoid placing Doritos bag in the microwave

Dorito bags are made of thin layers of aluminum, polypropylene, or other plastics. Such materials either ignite when microwaved or they could melt. Suppose they explode or ignite in the microwave; they could end up causing damage to your microwave or a serious accident.

If the materials melt in the microwave, they leach their melted materials into the Doritos. The melted materials contain harmful compounds that can lead to serious cancer-related health issues.

  • Doritos microwaving time may vary

The time for microwaving Doritos is 30 seconds for most microwaves. However, other microwaves can heat the Doritos for less or longer than the mentioned one. This happens because of the microwave wattage level. The higher the wattage level, the faster the Doritos will heat.

  • Spread the Doritos evenly

As you transfer the Doritos from their bags to a microwavable plate, ensure the plate is large and with enough space to spread them equally. Even spreading encourages equal cooking of the Doritos. If the Doritos are too many to be spread on a single layer, ensure you stop the microwave halfway through the cooking time to flip them over. That way, those that are yet to be evenly heat will also get a chance to heat.

How to Keep Leftover Doritos Fresh

Can You Microwave Doritos?The only way to ensure that leftover Doritos stay fresh after you have opened their pack is to ensure that air does not get in contact with them. You could transfer them to an airtight container with a lid that has a seal. They have a high chance of surviving for longer in an airtight container than in a bag.

You could also use chip clips that clamp the opening of the Dorito bag together to prevent air from filling the bag. Before using a chip clip on a Dorito bag, ensure you squeeze all the air out of the bag first before installing the chip clip.

Another technique of keeping leftover Doritos fresh is using a bag resealer on their packet. A bag resealer will enable you to open the bag each time you want to take the Doritos and reseal the bag when you are done. However, just like a chip clip, you must squeeze all the air out of the bag to keep the Doritos fresh.

Final thoughts

It is possible to microwave Doritos; however, they shouldn’t microwave for longer than 30 seconds. Also, there is no harm in microwaving the Doritos, as long as they have not been microwaved in their package and you used a microwavable plate.

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