Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?Canned cranberry is an indispensable addition, specifically common during holiday mealtimes, from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Though there’s always a preference to prepare cranberry sauce by yourself, most individuals prefer using their energy on other time-consuming accompaniments and opt to buy the already prepared canned cranberry sauces instead.

So, if you have pre-made canned sauce, can you microwave canned cranberry sauce for meals?

It is safe to microwave canned cranberry sauce, though it’s not safe to microwave the main can. It’s better to transfer the content to a microwave-friendly container to avoid spoiling the sauce or your microwave by heating the canister.

Also, cover the container with a tight-fitting lid or a plastic wrap, then heat for 30 seconds while stirring. It ensures that heat is evenly contributed, so keep microwaving for 30-second breaks until your sauce is completely heated.

Can you microwave canned cranberry sauce and is it safe?

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?Microwaving canned cranberry sauce is quick and easy though it can be taken cold or at room temperature. Though it’s acceptable to microwave canned cranberry, is it not safe to heat in its original can container.

Therefore, it is advisable to transfer the sauce into a microwave-friendly container to prevent spoiling the sauce or damaging the microwave when heating the cranberry sauce in its can, which is metallic.

Canned cranberry is ideal for topping dishes like turkey slices and meatloaf, which comprise sweet and sour tastes to enrich the meat flavors significantly.

Best Way To Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?Always use a microwave-safe container with a lid to control the cranberry sauce and prevent it from splashing.

Heat it for roughly 30 seconds on maximum power since this is the duration it takes to warm canned cranberry sauce to the required hotness.

It takes time if the sauce is at room temperature and not in the refrigerator.

Never heat it first if you’d like to use canned cranberry sauce for topping meat or poultry dishes. Heating it will extremely liquefy the sauce, and because it will become runny, it will be challenging to serve with meals.

Cover it tightly using a microwavable plastic wrapper if the microwave-safe dish you’re using doesn’t have a lid. Covering it is recommendable to enable the moisture locked inside to fasten the heating process.

Finally, always keep stirring halfway during each interval to ensure your sauce heats evenly without overcooking. The sauce will become runny upon overheating as the jellied corn syrup will highly liquefy.

Tips To Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?Heating ready-made cranberry sauce is a quick way of preparing a dish using leftovers from roasted turkey meals. According to your preference, you can serve this lovely and tasty sauce, either hot or cold.

Always be cautious not to overcook canned cranberry sauce when microwaving it to not interfere with the flavor and quality.

Here are some tips to enable you to microwave canned cranberry sauce effectively:

  • Use a microwavable container when using the microwave to reheat cranberry sauce. A ceramic or glass container will work perfectly.
  • Avoid leaving the sauce in the microwave for long as it might fire up and burn. Stir the sauce at 30-second intervals before you continue heating to enable it to heat evenly.
  • Cover the container with a plastic wrapper or a microwave-safe lid. Once the cranberry sauce starts bubbling or boiling, remove it from the fridge immediately and put it on a kitchen cloth to prevent moisture from escaping.
  • Don’t forget to check the cranberry sauce’s expiry date to ensure you have the best quality. The fresher the sauce, the greater it tastes.
  • Never use a cranberry sauce with a dented or rusted can or a broken seal.
  • Never microwave using the original cranberry sauce can. The can might cause a fire, explosion, destroy the microwave, or poison the food.

The Health Benefits of Cranberry Sauce

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?Canned cranberry sauce contains more calories than fresh cranberries and still encompasses numerous nutrients ideal for general health and protects us from health issues.

You can choose the pre-made canned cranberry sauce or prepare yours from fresh berries. Whichever way you consume it, cranberry sauce provides numerous health benefits.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C nutrient helps ensure your immune system is functioning effectively and prevents you from getting sick.

It also promotes quick wound healing and protects your gums and teeth from diseases. Half a cup of cranberry sauce provides four percent of your everyday vitamin C requirements.


You’ll get one gram of fiber by consuming half a cup of cranberry sauce. Taking plenty of fiber helps alleviate constipation and problems of disturbing bowel disorders.

Taking foods containing fiber improves cholesterol levels, which helps minimize the dangers of cardiovascular diseases. Women should target 21 to 25 grams of fiber daily, whereas men require 30 to 38 grams.


Cranberries contain high amounts of antioxidants, the vegetable compounds ideal for shielding you from free radical damage that comes after exposure to atmospheric toxins.

You’ll get these antioxidants by consuming cranberry sauce. A meal high in antioxidants protects you from acquiring cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

They all provide similar antioxidant properties, whether whole berry or jellied cranberry sauce.

Cranberries are a good source of antioxidants and plant compounds that protect you from free radical damage from exposure to environmental toxins.

You still get these benefits when you eat cranberry sauce. A diet rich in antioxidants protects you from developing cancer and heart disease. Both whole berry and jellied cranberry sauce varieties offer similar antioxidant benefits.

Should Canned Cranberry Sauce Be Warm or Cold?

Warming cranberry sauce depends on individual preferences. You can take cranberry sauce cold or at room temperature, and the taste will only have a slight difference.

That’s why some people will take it hot whereas others like it cold.

Can You Melt Jellied Cranberry Sauce?

You can lightly heat the jellied cranberry sauce over the stove. Take your cranberry sauce can and empty the sauce inside it. Place it at the top counter of a double boiler and melt on low heat.

How Do You Serve Canned Cranberry Sauce?

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?The common way of serving cranberry sauce is to slice the roll into circles and put them on a plate.

You can continue and add garnish like sweetened rosemary or candied ginger. Alternatively, you can decide to cook it with orange extract and zest for a citrusy flavor for the upcoming holiday.

How Do You Raise Canned Cranberry Sauce?

Mix one or more of these additives to a can of whole or jellied cranberry sauce:

  • Half a tablespoon of cinnamon
  • Half a cup of pineapple
  • Half a cup of mandarin oranges
  • Half a cup of toasted pecans
  • Half a cup of chopped dried apricots
  • Two tablespoons of Zinfandel Wine
  • Two tablespoons of orange juice and a tablespoon of finely crushed orange peel.

Faqs on Can you Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce

Do You Heat Canned Cranberry Sauce?

Cranberry sauce is typically served cold or at room temperature. And microwaving them is quick and effortless. It’s acceptable to heat canned cranberry sauce, though it’s unsafe to heat the original tin in the microwave.

Are You Supposed To Heat Up Cranberry Sauce?

The first and the most critical step is to know how to reheat cranberry sauce. It’s okay to serve cranberry sauce straight from the can, whether jelled or whole. But some people prefer heating their sauce because it improves its flavor and it’s also attractive to behold.

Is Canned Cranberry Sauce Good For You?

The antioxidants in the sauce are vital components for better health and long life, with the ability to protect you from cancerous cells. According to the national cancer institute, the elements available in cranberry sauce can help protect you from free radical rays that can cause cancer growth.

How Do You Eat Cranberry Sauce For Thanksgiving?

We understand that cranberry sauce combines well with turkey, though it also combines well with pork, chicken, and beef. Try smearing it with cranberry sauce five minutes to cook time for a perfectly caramelized crust when you bake pork chops or chicken breasts.

Why Is Canned Cranberry Sauce Upside Down?

The cranberry label is upside down to provide a smooth serving experience. The cans are stocked and branded upside down, with the cylindrical edge at the top and the sharp can-looking side facing down to ensure the jelly remains fresh.

How Long Does Canned Cranberry Sauce Last?

Appropriately stored and unwrapped cranberry sauce will literally stay fresh for approximately 18 to 24 months, though it is usually safe to consume much longer than that.

What Is Canned Cranberry Sauce?

Can You Microwave Canned Cranberry Sauce?Behind the cranberry sauce can, there’s a list of ingredients, usually cranberries, corn syrup which can be ordinary or high fructose, citric acid, and water.

How Do You Melt Cranberries?

Put 12 ounces of fresh or defrosted cranberries in a saucepan on medium to high heat.

Pour ¾ cup of sugar and the same amount of orange juice, then stir to mix the combination.

Heat for four to six minutes or until the sugar is thoroughly mixed and starts to melt, and the cranberries start to burst due to heat.


Canned cranberry sauce is best taken chilled or at room temperature. However, you can microwave cranberry sauce to accompany other dishes, specifically after leftover Thanksgiving Day.

When heating cranberry sauce, don’t microwave the sauce for more than 30 seconds each time for the best outcome. Start by using high power with short intervals to prevent this sugary sauce from scorching and burning.

Finally, never microwave the original can as it might start a fire and explode while reheating. Alternatively, it’s best to use a rather deep microwavable container that can handle the sauce without dripping.

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