Can you Microwave a Starbucks Paper Cup? – [Read this before Microwaving]

Can you Microwave a Starbucks Paper Cup?Starbucks will give you what you want! You feel special at Starbucks because you’ll always have it your way. They sweetly serve quality and variety of coffee at Starbucks.

Starbucks has nearly everything for customizable drink choices, from vanilla latte to mocha. Well, can you microwave a Starbucks paper cup after your hot drink cools down?

You can’t microwave Starbucks paper cups because it’s made using materials that can resist extreme coffee temperatures and not that of live heat. The paper cups are coated using a mixture of wax and plastic that keeps them intact. Once these materials are subjected to extreme temperatures, they might melt and separate, causing danger to the user.

Things to know before microwaving Starbucks paper cups

Can you Microwave a Starbucks Paper Cup?Coffee is best taken hot, except you’re taking iced or blended Frappuccino coffee. However, if you have remaining coffee that you left while the beverage was still hot, you may consider microwaving your Starbucks paper cup to reheat it.

There are various facts you should consider before you microwave Starbucks paper cups. Follow this process to microwave your drink correctly.

  • Pour the beverage into a microwave-friendly cup.
  • Warm your coffee on short 30-second breaks.
  • Stir the drink and check the heat during each time.
  • Observe safety taking out the hot content from the microwave once the beverage is perfectly heated.

If you don’t have an alternative and must microwave using the Starbucks paper cup, then be cautious and follow these easy steps.

  • Uncover the lid from the cup
  • Put the Starbucks paper in the microwave.
  • Switch the temperature level to the average setting.
  • Microwave for one-minute additions
  • Stir the heated drink at each interval
  • Scrutinize the temperature.
  • Remove the hot cup from the microwave cautiously.

Microwave is notorious for irregular heat with huge temperature variances in the same container. Additionally, it’s very hard to identify how the beverage container will be when you go touch it.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Microwave Starbucks Coffee Cups

Can you Microwave a Starbucks Paper Cup?Most likely, you’ve realized that various Starbucks cups have the label, “Do not microwave.” It’s a caution label that you’ll mostly see below on the outer part of the cup. Let’s identify some reasons why it’s not suitable to microwave Starbucks cups from the points below.

1. They Can’t Withstand the Extreme Heat

Heating coffee using the Starbucks paper cup can make the cup form distortion. However, eco products are designers of their paper cups, and they try to explain this concept:

“Hot paper cups and soup cups are created to keep hot food and drinks and not endure extreme microwave temperatures. If overdone, the glue at the joint may slacken, and the cup may begin to seep.”

2. They’re a Fire Risk

Lastly, there’s a prospect that if you place the Starbucks paper cup in the microwave, it might fire up. The producers of paper cups, Eco products, are warning people on their website about this. They say that any paper cup can fire up, and they advise people to use ceramic containers or microwave glass containing the microwave-safe label.

A Twitter search found loads of tweets of individuals searching through a difficult approach to whether Starbucks paper cups are flammable.

3. They Are Prone to Toxic Leaching

The layer inside the Starbucks paper cups is made from wax and plastic. The change plastic for good society describes that the plastic layer is made using Polyethylene, a plastic famous for its heat resistance and resilience.

Though it can resist heat, a 2011 research printed in Environmental Health Perspectives pointed out that there are high chances of plastic leaching in your drink. When the plastic is subjected to pressure such as boiling liquids and microwave emission, it happens.

There’s the likelihood that taking a drink using a Starbucks paper cup that was under microwave may lead to the formation of specific toxins in your body. You may notice the consequences of these toxins inside your body later on, and that’s why you should avoid them.

Can you Microwave a Starbucks Cup?

Can you Microwave a Starbucks Paper Cup?To know whether you can microwave a Starbucks cup, start by assessing which materials are used to make the cup. Below are some microwaving directives that you should observe when using different Starbuck cups to take your favorite drink.

Ceramic mug

Starbucks has revealed several ceramic mug collections featuring cities and holidays worldwide. Subject to the decorative specifications and the finishing appearance of the Starbucks ceramic mug, the glaze can be microwavable.

Assess the bottom-most part of the mug for information about the unique theme design. The mugs might heat up quicker than others, so modify the heat setting fast to microwave your drink.

Glass bottles

The Starbucks Frappuccino chilled coffee glass bottles are easy to take and go, and you can buy them in any local store. Though lately there has been a trend concerning the instant freeze technique, you may have to rethink since water expands upon freezing, and the bottle may explode if forgotten in the freezer.

Besides, the Starbucks glass bottle is not microwavable. Therefore if you might want to take the drink as a hot cappuccino, just transfer it into a microwave-friendly cup for safe reheating.

Paper cup

Paper cups are created for holding hot drinks but not designed for reheating. It is not advisable to microwave paper cups. Paper cups are joined together using glues then coated using wax and plastic liner.

That makes Starbucks paper cups unsafe for microwaving. The bottom of the cup might burn, melt glue or harm the cup lining. In turn, the leached chemicals might affect the coffee’s taste or cause the hot drink to start seeping.

Plastic Cup

Generally, plastics are not microwave safe. Check your cup by filling it with half-full water, then microwave it for thirty seconds. If the cup gets hotter than the fluid inside, then the cup is not microwave-friendly.

Light, one-way use Starbuck plastic cups are suitable for takeaway services or refilling at the stores, though they are not created to resist the microwave oven’s high heat. You can enjoy cold drinks using plastic cups but don’t microwave them.

Reusable cup

The Starbucks plastic reusable cup is made using polypropylene type 5, perfect for cold drinks, but is viewed as microwavable. The reusable cups can be used more than 30 times with the right care and cleaning.

You should microwave at medium temperature, with 30 seconds addition. Mix the drink between each interval until it attains the required temperature. Don’t overheat the plastic mug to sustain safe heating behaviors.

If you like microwaving your beverages hot several times daily, use a ceramic mug or glass with a lid to ensure the hot beverage retains heat for longer.


Most refillable tumblers are made using double-layer protected walls to keep your drink either cold or hot for longer. Regrettably, dual-walled tumblers are not microwave safe because extreme heat can harm the protected layer.

Predominantly made using acrylic plastic or stainless steel, Starbucks tumblers are not ideal for microwave use. They keep drink temperatures for a longer duration, unlike other cups, though neither variety is microwave safe.

Faqs About Microwaving Starbucks Paper Cups

Can you put Starbucks reusable cups in the microwave?

Can you Microwave a Starbucks Paper Cup?Starbucks refillable cups have a microwave-safe label though it demands attentiveness. The approved procedure is to heat at medium temperature in 30-second intervals. There are numerous likely health dangers if heating plastics at extreme temperatures, and you should avoid it if possible.

Is it bad to Microwave Coffee Cups?

Coffee cups are made from glue which holds the pieces intact, and they also contain a plastic and wax lining in them. The cups are created to keep hot drinks, though they may begin to melt and disfigure if exposed to abrupt high temperatures, which may possibly leach chemicals into the drink.

Can a Starbucks Cup be Microwaved?

Starbuck cups are prepared using various materials and give different outcomes when microwaving. If you want to warm coffee using a Starbucks cup, you should know which one is best to use for a better outcome.

Why Can’t I Microwave my ceramic Starbucks Cup?

Regular ceramic mugs minus the double walls are fine for microwave use, provided they don’t have foil or metallic stickers on them. Always check the bottom of the cup has a ‘microwave safe’ label.

Does Starbucks have Microwaves?

Starbucks doesn’t use the normal known oven. Theirs is the convection microwave ovens, and the brand they prefer is turbo chef. Turbo chef is the most expensive among all. Most professional chefs endorse it due to its exceptional features.

Are Starbucks red cups Microwave Safe?

Yes, the Starbucks red cups are BPA-free; hence microwave and dishwasher safe.

Can you Reheat Starbucks Coffee?

You can conveniently heat Starbucks coffee without spoiling it, even if it has stayed overnight. You can heat it using a microwave or stove provided it hasn’t stayed at room temperature for long, and the milk is in a perfect state. However, never heat it to boiling point.


Starbucks paper cups contain the ‘Do Not Microwave’ label published at the bottom, and it’s critical to follow the advice. It is because the paper cups contain a plastic layer that might leach toxins in your coffee when heating using the microwave.

If you’ve successfully managed to microwave Starbucks paper cups, then you shouldn’t be anxious about anything. However, if you’re contemplating the security of microwaving a paper cup henceforth, it is advisable to deliberate using glass or ceramic cups that are branded microwave safe.

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