Are Corelle Dishes Microwave Safe?

Are Corelle Dishes Microwave SafeCorelle dishes are made of a three-layered laminated glass known as Vitrelle. The dishes could be lightweight but the three layers used in their manufacturing make them heat and fire-resistant.

Besides Corelle’s strength, Corelle dishes are known for their ability to serve for years as long as proper care is always considered. They are also designed for whatever occasion they are taken to.

But, are Corelle dishes microwave safe?

Yes, Corelle dishes are solid and stable enough to be microwaved. This is because an oxygen gas flame was used to seal the dishes’ three layers, making them stronger and microwave resistant.

You can place Corelle dishes in the microwave and reheat your food for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius). However, before microwaving any Corelle dish, ensure the dish has a microwave-safe symbol.

This article responds to whether Corelle dishes are microwave safe. A clear response has been provided, followed by subheadings such as helpful tips when microwaving them, whether Corelle dishes get hot in the microwave, how safe it is to microwave Corelle dishes, how to identify a microwave-safe Corelle dish, whether all the Corelle dishes are microwave safe among other relevant topics.

Helpful Tips when Microwaving Corelle Dishes

When placing Corelle dishes in the microwave, there are some helpful tips you could use to prevent the dishes from cracking or shattering. The tips are listed below.

  • Avoid Microwaving Very little food

Very little food on a huge Corelle plate might cause the plate to become too hot and later on shatter or break. To be safe, ensure the food being microwaved is not so little compared to the plate being used.

  • Ensure the Corelle Dish has a Microwave Safe Symbol

Avoid microwaving Corelle dishes without checking for the safe microwave symbol. The fact that they are said to be safe does not mean you shouldn’t bother looking for a safe symbol.

  • Rotate the Corelle Dish while Microwaving

Uneven heat distribution while microwaving your food on a Corelle dish can lead to the breakage and shattering of the dish. Rotate the dish in the microwave so that heat can evenly reach all its inches.

  • Do not overcrowd the Corelle Dish

Do not put so much weight on the plate in the name of microwaving so many food items at once. The weight and the uneven heat distribution will also contribute to the breakage and shattering of the dish.

  • Always Regulate the Microwave Heat

Microwaving Corelle dishes at extremely high temperatures causes them to break. Consider microwaving at medium or low temperatures.

  • Do not Microwave Corelle Dishes Immediately after they are removed from the Fridge

Suppose you had stored your leftover meal in a Corelle dish in the fridge and would like to reheat it in the microwave; consider allowing the dish to stay at room temperature for a few minutes before microwaving. When you place it microwave immediately, the corelle dish could shatter or break. Corelle dishes do not react so well to abrupt temperature changes.

  • Follow the Manufacturers Guidelines

The Corelle package has specific usage and storage guidelines; ensure to read and follow the guidelines for proper maintenance of the Corelle dishes. Ignorance is what leads to improper maintenance and untimely breakage of these utensils.

Do Corelle Dishes get Hot while Being Microwaved

Are Corelle Dishes Microwave SafeCorelle dishes get mildly hot in the microwave. The mild heat is because of its ability to handle microwave heat.

However, there are occasions when Corelle dishes are too hot when microwaved. Such circumstances are listed below.

Circumstances When Corelle Dishes Get Too Hot

  • When Microwaving Empty Corelle Dishes

Do not microwave empty Corelle dishes; they become too hot and might cause severe burns on your skin.

  • When Microwaving too Little Food

If you want to microwave some food on a Corelle plate, ensure to put a proportion equivalent to the plate. Microwaving too little food will cause your plate to be too hot. It is advisable always to use smaller plates when microwaving appetizers, desserts, or small meals.

Suppose you notice the dish seams so hot when microwaved; probably, it is not meant to be microwaved. It would help to look for the microwave-safe symbol before placing the Corelle dish in the microwave.

How Safe is it to Microwave Corelle Dishes

Are Corelle Dishes Microwave SafeIt is safe to microwave Corelle dishes, as long as the dish is microwave safe. Their safety also depends on how you use them correctly. For instance, do not microwave Corelle dishes with small amounts of food.

Ensure the food is equal to the plate used. Secondly, do not microwave empty Corelle dishes as they become too hot, which could burn your skin. Direct exposition to a microwave can also cause the plate to crack or break.

Different manufacturers of Corelle dishes make their products with different materials. The materials used determine just how safe it is to microwave them. It is therefore advisable to check for the microwave-safe symbol on the Corelle dishes or contact the manufacturing company to be sure.

Besides being safe in the microwave, Corelle dishes can also be used in an oven. If they can handle the tough microwaves, they can also handle the harsh heat environment in an oven. However, specific guidelines should be considered before placing them in an oven.

Those possessing older Corelle dishes may have some safety concerns due to the use of lead in designing and decorating the cookware. However, the manufacturing companies claim that the amount of lead used does not exceed the safety line.

Corelle dishes are also food safe. Their material does not allow food to be absorbed or get stark in them, encouraging the production and survival of bacteria over time. The material used to make them are also friendly to the surrounding environment. Corelle dishes are also safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

How to identify a Microwave Safe Corelle Dish

Are Corelle Dishes Microwave SafeAs discussed earlier, microwaving any meal requires the meal to be placed in a microwave-safe container. However, how would you know if that container is fit to be microwaved? There are three ways of knowing whether a Corelle dish is microwave-safe.

First, microwave-safe Corelle dishes have a microwave-safe symbol on them. The symbol is a go-ahead sign that allows you to put the Corelle dish in the microwave. Such dishes are designed to handle harsh heat environments like in the microwave.

You can give the Corelle dish a test run in the microwave. Microwave them for 5 to 10 seconds and feel how hot the dish is. If the dish is too hot to touch with your bare hands, then that particular Corelle dish is not microwave-safe.

Thirdly, you can clear your doubts by calling the manufacturing company. Corelle dishes may look microwave-safe from the outside but have no microwave-safe symbol. Such a situation can be confusing. At this point, consider calling the manufacturer to confirm things for yourself.

Can you Microwave Corelle Dishes Straight from the Fridge?

Are Corelle Dishes Microwave SafeCorelle dishes that had stored some leftover food in the fridge should not be microwaved immediately. Corelle dishes are not designed to handle extreme temperature changes.

The Corelle dishes might shatter or crack when you transfer them from the fridge and heat them in the microwave. How then do you microwave refrigerated Corelle dishes?

Remove the Corelle dish from the fridge, and allow it to sit at the kitchen counter for a few minutes or until the dish is no longer too cold to touch. Then microwave your meal. If you are in a hurry, it is better to transfer your food to a microwave-safe plate and microwave than microwave your frozen Corelle dish, risking the possibility of shattering it.

However, there are types of Corelle dishes that are made from Pyrex material. Pyrex material is believed to be more resistant to any extreme temperature. Unless your Corelle dish is made from Pyrex material, you cannot microwave it immediately after it is removed from the fridge.

Can you Microwave Vintage Corelle Dishes

Yes, you can microwave vintage Corelle dishes. Since 1970,’s Corelle dishes have been made from the same material. Vintage Corelle dishes are 40 and above years of age.

They have always been strong enough to handle heat and microwaves. The only recent change in their products is using lead in painting and decorating.

Many are concerned about whether such Corelle dishes can be microwaved, especially since they have been decorated and designed with paint containing lead. When lead is exposed to too much heat in the presence of humidity, it tends to leach.

Corelle cookware companies claim that the amount of lead used to paint and decorate them is very little and cannot cause harm. However, those still concerned about the lead used can avoid using the Corelle dishes for food purposes.

Are all Corelle Dishes Microwave Safe?

As much as it is agreed that Corelle dishes are microwave safe, it is incorrect to assume that all Corelle dishes are safe to be microwaved.

Just like any other container placed in the microwave, ensure you are keen on first identifying the microwave safe symbol before microwaving.

A microwave safe symbol is the quickest way to find out if any container is safe to be microwaved. Suppose your Corelle dish has no microwave symbol, and it seems fit to be microwaved.

Consider calling the manufacturing company for clarification. If not, give it a test run for 10 to 15 seconds. If it comes out of the microwave too hot to be touched, it is not meant to be microwaved.

What Makes Some Corelle Dishes Appear Burnt After Being Microwaved?

If you notice a dark residue on your Corelle dish after placing it in the microwave, it shouldn’t be something to worry about. The possible reason you might see this change of colour is probably that you allowed your food to be microwaved for longer than it should, and therefore it ended up getting burnt.

The best way to get rid of the dark colour is to soak your Corelle dish in a basin of warm water and some detergent for about 30 to 40 minutes, then gently scrub it off with a soft cloth.

If not, you can place them inside a dishwasher. Ensure you do not overload the dishwasher.

There are occasions when Corelle dishes with broken tips tend to turn brown on the broken edges. The browning is not usually because the food you microwaved got burnt. Such brown colour is because of the chemical reaction between the iron in the water and the Corelle material.

Is there a Difference between Vintage Corelle and Corelle Dishes?

There is not much difference between vintage Corelle and Corelle. The slight difference is that the vintage Corelle is an older version of the Corelle. The vintage Corelle was bulky and much heavier.

However, to make things easier for the lovers of Corelle dishes, the manufacturers still used the same material to make the current Corelle lighter but still serve the same purpose.

Today’s Corelle is modern-like and decorated with the most recent designs. The material is designed to handle a tough heat environment in the microwave and oven. If you went to the market today, vintage Corelle would be more expensive than modern Corelle dishes.

According to Corelle dishes manufacturers, both can be microwaved since they are made from the same material despite the age difference.

Final Thoughts

Corelle dishes are microwave safe. However, it is always safer to look for the microwave safe symbol first before placing the dish in the microwave. Some of the most important things to remember before microwaving Corelle dishes is to avoid microwaving them straight from the fridge, when they are empty or with very little food on them.

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